Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 61 - Boss Mo’s Black Card

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Chapter 61: Boss Mo’s Black Card

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She never thought that she would see him here. The last time she had caught a glance of him was at Xia Tian’s hospital while she was in a rush.

He most likely did not notice her. Ji Nuan moved her gaze away, turning around to leave the bar.


Ji Nuan sat by the window in a nearby cafe. While drinking coffee with a light splash of milk, she watched the show unfold.

The media had arrived at the scene five minutes before the police. In that short period, they successfully captured the Han Corporation’s young master’s, Han Tianyuan’s, ugly side, and even captured the small idol’s drug scandal. It also made the incident of Han Tianyuan taking drugs and having s.e.xual relations in a bar a reality.

As he was brought out of the bar, Han Tianyuan appeared improperly clothed, dazed, and battered. That expression of his was really beyond disgusting.

After watching everything, Ji Nuan’s coffee turned cold.

Right now, it was already half-past six.

Han Tianyuan was previously pathetically hiding away in the bar. He did not have a single bodyguard with him. Although the way everything had smoothly proceeded made her slightly suspicious, she had heard that the Han family’s stocks encountered some trouble today. She suspected that they definitely could not send many people out to follow him. Therefore, it was not surprising that he had no one keeping watch outside the bar.

The Hai Cheng’s night scene was not particularly safe, especially in a place like the east of the city center. Ji Nuan saw there were still a couple of police cars nearby and left.

She had initially thought to call a cab when suddenly the standardized iPhone’s ringtone rang.

Seeing that it was Mo Jingshen’s call, she raised her hands to tuck her hair on both sides behind her ear before answering.


“Where are you?” The man’s voice came from the phone. It was deep, steady, and clear.

Ji Nuan glanced toward the police cars nearby. After confirming that she was very safe, she honestly replied, “I’m on the east side of the city. Earlier on… en… I settled some things…”

Mo Jingshen’s car was parked around 200 meters away from where Ji Nuan stood.

This little woman’s gaze was fixed on the nearby police cars from start to finish, and so she never paid attention there.

She even knew to take advantage of the police to call a cab while they were still nearby. It could be seen that Ji Nuan’s ability to take care of herself was not bad.

Mo Jingshen’s voice was low. His tone was also very indifferent. “Your new phone has GPS. Send your location to me.”

Nan Heng sat by the side. He rolled his ice-cold and indifferent eyes.

My G.o.d.

He was clearly only 200 meters away, yet he still had her send her location.

The way Mo Jingshen was acting now…

Even if he casually told anyone what happened today, no one would believe him!

Not only would no one would believe him, even Qin Siting and he—who had known Mo Jingshen for more than ten years—could not believe this man coaxing Ji Nuan to send her location was actually Mo Jingshen.

Ji Nuan was astonished. “Are you coming to pick me up? I can drive myself back…”

Her words had yet to finish when he had already hung up the phone.

Ji Nuan: “…”

The Mo Corporation was a little far from this place. She hesitated for a moment, unsure if Mo Jingshen knew about what she had done today. Although there was nothing much to hide, she glanced around for a while, and after seeing no available cabs were pa.s.sing by, she sent her location over.

He saw that Ji Nuan had left the bar earlier with a vengeful and fierce look. Yet, after being coaxed by Mo Jingshen, she did not pay attention to the car over here and obediently sent her location.

Nan Heng snorted. If not because Mo Jingshen was right by his side, he would have said the word “stupid” aloud.

Behind her, loud noises rang from the bar entrance accompanied by the police’s stern voices. Various men and women were crying and shouting.

Ji Nuan stood by the roadside and did not look back at the noise. However, she could still hear how chaotic the scene tonight was.

In just a few minutes, a black Ghost stopped in front of her.

The car window rolled down. Inside was Mo Jingshen’s indifferent and collected face. The man had the att.i.tude of a cool breeze. He casually placed one hand on the steering wheel, and the car was empty aside from him.

Ji Nuan was slightly surprised. “So fast?”

“Was nearby earlier. Came back along the way to pick you up.” Mo Jingshen did not explain more.

Along the way?

This side of the city was considered the less prosperous part of Hai Cheng. The number of people living here was not high. Mo Jingshen also rarely visited this area. How could it be so coincidentally along the way…


On the way back, Ji Nuan was slightly drowsy. In the first place, being in Mo Jingshen’s car made her instinctually become less wary. A sense of security surrounded her, and she became extremely sleepy.

Last night, she almost did not sleep at all. Under his body, things did not end as she expected. Her energy was almost completely used up. Over and over again, regardless of how many times she begged, it was useless. It was nearly daylight by the time he let her off.

She did not rest much in the day either. Although she had already prepared herself in the bar earlier, her heart was still somewhat wary, fearful of committing any mistake.

Now that all of her feelings and wariness had finally relaxed, she closed her eyes and nearly fell asleep.

However, she was still somewhat hungry. She fought the drowsiness by looking outside the window and saw that the car had already returned near Ao Lan International.

“Didn’t eat tonight?” Mo Jingshen asked.

In the afternoon, the two had casually eaten at the business district. Right now, it was already 9:00 p.m. If she said she was not hungry, she would be lying.

Ji Nuan nodded and then glanced at him with wide eyes.

Seeing her expression as though she had something to say, Mo Jingshen gave her a look before driving the car to Ao Lan International’s parking lot. After stopping the car, he calmly asked, “There are restaurants nearby. What do you want to eat?”

Ji Nuan unbuckled her seat belt. “Since we’re already at Ao Lan International, let’s go home and eat.”

Mo Jingshen looked at her. It was as though his eyes held a deep and boundless ocean as he said calmly, “Go back? To eat what?”

Ji Nuan giggled. “I’ll eat whatever you make.”

Mo Jingshen: “…”

After a few seconds, his lips curved in a slight smile as he lightly asked, “Since when did I take on the responsibility for your dinner as well?”

Ji Nuan held onto her stomach that was quite hungry, glancing anxiously at him. “It’s already so late. We’ll be sleeping soon after we eat. If we eat the food from a restaurant, it won’t be easy to digest. Why don’t we eat something like noodles? Let’s go home and cook some noodles.”

“I’ll cook noodles?” Mo Jingshen’s charming brows rose slightly.

“That’s right.”

Ji Nuan’s eye appeared to say that she really wanted to eat it.

After all, this morning was the first time she had had Mo Jingshen’s homemade breakfast. She had been thinking about it all day and felt that asking for a bowl of noodles was not too much.

Seeing her expression, Mo Jingshen chuckled softly. “Get off the car.”

“En… en?” Ji Nuan agreed before glancing up at him once more. “You’re agreeing?”

Mo Jingshen said nothing; he had already stepped out of the vehicle. Ji Nuan rushed to open the door and follow.

Near Ao Lan International, there was a small supermarket. It was very down-to-earth and warm. Ji Nuan followed Mo Jingshen in and watched CEO Mo buy a few seasoning sauces and noodles. She then saw CEO Mo—who did not carry cash—hand a black card to the lady boss of the supermarket.

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 61 - Boss Mo’s Black Card

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