Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 78 - Tearing Down an Innocent Act

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Chapter 78: Tearing Down an Innocent Act

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ji Mengran’s expression stiffened.

All of her meticulously laid plans were instantly placed on the table because of Mo Jingshen’s simple words.

She bit on her tongue, turning to Shen Heru to ask for help. However, Shen Heru did not look at her. She only sat by Ji Hongwen’s side, acting as though it was unrelated to her.

Initially, they had agreed not to involve her. Ji Mengran’s chest felt heavy with anger. She could only tolerate it, choosing to stare at the gift box. After all, the thing was here. No matter what, Ji Nuan could not escape!

“Anyway, let’s just hurry and open the gift box to see!” Ji Mengran was determined.

Ji Nuan smiled, honestly moving her hands forward. Her hands had just touched the box when she met Elder Mo’s gaze.

The Elder clearly saw that Ji Nuan had fallen for a scheme. To prevent her from being unable to explain herself, he was using his gaze to warn her not to open it. If it was really that, not only did it seem like bad luck to him, there were several people here who were all superst.i.tious. If it were as Ji Mengran said, Ji Nuan would not have an out.

Ji Nuan gave the Elder a rea.s.suring smile, gently tugging on one side of the box. The expensive sandalwood box was opened in an instant.

The moment she saw the item placed inside, the gaze of Ji Mengran shook in agitation.

This, how could this be?

She clearly already handed the thing to Ji Nuan, but… it’s actually not…

Seeing the item inside the box, Ji Hongwen instantly sighed in relief. However, in an instant, he frowned again. His eyes coldly ran over Ji Mengran’s frozen figure.

This stupid acting brat! The Ji family’s face is really all thrown away!

“Grandfather, this silly farce, we’ve embarra.s.sed ourselves in front of you,” Ji Nuan sincerely smiled. “When I went gift shopping with Jing Shen, he said that you like ancient chess. This is the chess book left behind by a renowned expert in the late Tang period. It’s been pa.s.sed down from generations and has been treasured by the succeeding dynasties. Its condition is still very good. I hope you’ll like it.”

Elder Mo was shocked for a moment, as though in disbelief. When he returned to himself, he reached out to receive it with a face full of happiness. He opened it to flip through, nodding happily as he looked. “This child, you have been really considerate. This is indeed a book I wanted to collect a few years ago yet could not get no matter what! Who would have thought I would get to hold it while I’m alive!”

Mo Jingshen raised his hand, gently pressing Ji Nuan who had been standing by the table to sit down. He opened his mouth to continue her words. “Ji Nuan especially begged over this chess book for you. She spent a lot of effort into it.”

The Elder happily nodded his head, his gaze unwilling to leave the chess book. He kept flipping through it carefully, clearly treating it as a treasure.

Under the table, Ji Nuan secretly held Mo Jingshen’s hands, whispering, “It was clearly won by you, why did you say I begged for it?”

Mo Jingshen’s voice was faint, yet gentle and clear. “I’m yours. The things I’ve won are naturally yours as well.”

Ji Nuan: “…”

Imperceptibly, she seemed to have been teased again.

Across the table, Ji Mengran’s face had already turned pale. She was fl.u.s.tered and wanted to say that Ji Nuan had clearly taken the chess board. However, she was being watched by many eyes. Also, her father was sending over a warning look. She raised her eyes to look at Ji Nuan. In such a short period, she did not know how to wrap up this whole incident.

What should she do now…

Everyone who sat here was extremely smart. They could all tell that she had intentionally tried to drag Ji Nuan into the water earlier. How could she explain things so that it made sense?

It seemed like… no matter what explanation she used, it would still be useless…

“Meng Ran.” Ji Nuan’s voice suddenly came, carrying some coldness. It called her out in public.

Ji Mengran abruptly raised her eyes.

She was afraid and filled with hatred. She could not hide the fear in her eyes.

Ji Nuan’s words were unhurried and dragged out, yet it carried coldness that could not be ignored. “It seems like there’s some misunderstanding between the two of us. This is also the first time you’ve been to the Mo family home. Why not go to the backyard for a walk with me? Let’s have a chat?”

Ji Mengran’s face turned white.

After so long, she already understood deeply that Ji Nuan would no longer allow her to do as she pleased.

Aside from the Mo and Ji family, everyone who sat there was prominent figures. She had really lost her face!

Ji Mengran lowered her head and did not speak. She did not want to leave with her.

However, Ji Hongwen angrily said, “You’re still not going with your sister? Do you still want to stumble on your excuses here in front of everyone? Your sister is already giving you enough face!”

Elder Mo also added, “Indeed, I think there is some misunderstanding between you sisters. This case of a younger sister falsely accusing her older sister, it’s the first time I’ve seen it in my long life. If there are any words, go to the back and speak.”

Ji Mengran’s gaze became even more fl.u.s.tered. Her eyes s.h.i.+ned. She did not dare to look at them nor look at Ji Nuan.

Ji Nuan originally did not intend on turning things sour between the two of them so quickly. Firstly, it was because there was no suitable occasion, and secondly, because she wanted to understand all of Ji Mengran’s available paths.

However, this situation was extremely suitable. Since Ji Mengran did not want to have any more good days to live, then she could not blame her for not being polite.


Ji Mengran followed Ji Nuan out of the large reception room. Ji Nuan did not speak the entire way. Behind her, Ji Mengran followed along while her heart was beating loudly like a drum.

Arriving at an area in the backyard where there were lesser people, Ji Nuan turned around.

Ji Mengran raised her head to look at her and took the opportunity to say, “Big Sister, I’ll tell you first. I intentionally arranged today’s incident. However, that’s because previously you…”


A resounding slapping sound suddenly shocked the helper that was pa.s.sing by.

Ji Mengran was stunned.

She could not believe that Ji Nuan had actually slapped her.

She could not believe that the one who had slapped her was the one who had always given in to her and doted on her since young!

Ji Mengran raised a hand to hold her face; her facial features had frozen in disbelief.

After a moment, she then shrieked incredulously. “Ji Nuan! You actually hit me-”


Another clear and direct slap was delivered, turning Ji Mengran’s face to one side.

Ji Nuan’s cold voice carried the sharpness of ice. “I hit you! The you who has no face, no skin, and is endlessly looking for death!”

Ji Mengran was angered. She shrieked, “Ji Nuan!”

She had never been hit before!

However, Ji Nuan had actually slapped her! Twice!

Ji Mengran was trembling from head to toe in anger. “Ji Nuan! What I hate is that self-important arrogance you have! What right do you have to stand above me? What right do you have to…”

Ji Nuan coldly smiled, raising her hands to slap her again.

Ji Mengran never thought there would be a third slap. She was struck dumb; her entire face froze with the expression she had when she was shouting.

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 78 - Tearing Down an Innocent Act

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