Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System 131 Choice

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"w.a.n.g Xian, do you want to go into hiding for the time being?" Old Qin suggested in the medical hall as he was worried when he saw w.a.n.g Xian deep in thought.


w.a.n.g Xian was back from his daze. He shook his head and grinned. "Just a Yan Family. Since they are announcing the return of the King, I'll check them out the day after tomorrow to see how the King returns."

As he spoke, he widened a suggestive smile on his face.

Old Qin was startled, while Old Xue was looking at w.a.n.g Xian, stunned.

"Okay, after a morning of eventful happenings, it's noon now. I'll treat everyone to the First-grade Restaurant for lunch. Anyone who needs treatment can queue up in the afternoon!"

w.a.n.g Xian changed the subject and beamed at everyone.

"Miracle Doctor w.a.n.g, we should be the ones who buy you lunch."

"Yes, we should. Let's go. We can have our lunch first and wait to get treated. It's not urgent now!"

The surrounding Martial Artists answered readily.

All of them suffered from internal injuries. Since they'd finally met such a skillful doctor, they must show their respect and enthusiasm.

Given that they were not some powerful Martial Artists, it would be extremely difficult to invite doctors from the Sacred Followers Guild or Medical Saint Sect to treat them.

They might not have many doctors, but each of them had a strong network.

They would ignore those who did not have a background or could not afford their medical fees.

Even for Old Duan, he could not invite the Sacred Followers Guild or the Medical Saint Sect to treat his injuries.

This was also their proud capital.

"It's okay. I own the restaurant next door. I'll buy everyone lunch to thank you all in advance for referring business to me in the future."

w.a.n.g Xian chuckled and brought them to the First-grade Restaurant for a delicious treat.

A total of five Martial Artists required treatment in the afternoon.

Among them, Old Duan had the most severe injury. Hence, w.a.n.g Xian consumed much of his Dragon Energy. The other four were treated easily.

"Thanks, w.a.n.g Xian. Thank you. Let me know if you need any help in the future!"

After Old Duan recovered from his injury, he was full of grat.i.tude.

"You're welcome. I was paid. No need to thank me."

w.a.n.g Xian waved him off.

"But sometimes, money cannot necessarily cure my injury. I still have to thank you!" Old Duan bowed and said with grat.i.tude.

"You can come back to me again if you need any help," said w.a.n.g Xian as he lifted Old Duan up.

"Then, I shall not disturb you further."

Old Duan nodded and left after a few polite remarks.

w.a.n.g Xian was grinning as he looked at the medical hall after everyone left.

"The medical hall makes the most profitable business!" w.a.n.g Xian exclaimed. He had received a total of 35 million for his medical fees after treating five people.

Out of that, twenty million came from Old Duan, as he consumed much more Dragon Energy.

Those who were treated, including Old Duan, wanted to befriend w.a.n.g Xian after they had seen his formidable skills.

This allowed w.a.n.g Xian to realize the benefits of being a skillful doctor.

"The Sacred Followers Guild is so prideful and arrogant because they have a powerful network. Just Fang Huazi alone can get Yan Family to strike for strong can the entire Sacred Followers Guild be?"

When w.a.n.g Xian thought of the vicious look on Fang Huazi's face, he knew he had completely fallen out with him and the Sacred Followers Guild.

"Regardless of Sacred Followers Guild and the Yan Family, so long as you provoke me..."

Radiance flickered in w.a.n.g Xian's eyes. He had made a decision. First, he would get rid of the Yan Family.

"A week is over. I should be back in school."

w.a.n.g Xian was sitting down, pondering over some thoughts. When he looked at the time, it was already five o'clock. He stood up slowly and went back to school.

His one-week leave was up after spending three days in the sea and four days in the medical hall.

But still, w.a.n.g Xian could not attend school because he would have to stay in the medical hall.

When he was back in school, surrounded by students with hands full of books, w.a.n.g Xian suddenly felt that he was not of the same world as these people.



At this time, w.a.n.g Xian's phone rang. He took it out and froze after looking at it.

Two messages from two people.

One was Guan Shuqing, and the other was Lan Qingyue.

The messages had similar content, asking if he was in school and if he wanted to have dinner together.

w.a.n.g Xian hesitated as he was unsure of how to reply to their messages.

He could not possibly go out with the two of them. Should he reject both?

In that case, he would feel apologetic to the two girls.

"Hey, isn't that w.a.n.g Xian? The guy who was fancied by the two G.o.ddesses, Guan Shuqing and Lan Qingyue?"

"Yes, how lucky he is to have earned the hearts of the two beautiful G.o.ddesses. I wonder who he will choose."

"Should be Lan Qingyue. After all, she had an influential family background. If he marries Lan Qingyue, he can enjoy the rest of his life."

"That's true. Guan Shuqing pales in her family background. Otherwise, she's not a bad choice!"

"There's a post on the school forum about who w.a.n.g Xian will pick in the end. Guan Shuqing had more than one thousand supporters, while Lan Qingyue had over five thousand supporters. After all, Lan Qingyue has a better family background."

Suddenly, w.a.n.g Xian overheard the two girls whispering next to him.

w.a.n.g Xian was stunned.

"The school forum's post!"

He frowned deeply as he fished out his phone.

Indeed, there was a post regarding his choice between Guan Shuqing and Lan Qingyue.

When he saw the post, he was not feeling prideful at all. Instead, a dreadful look surfaced on his face.

He had not felt the way he did now when the people in the school forum called him a sc.u.mbag.

That was because he did not care about his own reputation. But now, two girls were involved.

Getting all the finger-pointing would upset the two girls.

In particular, Guan Shuqing. After all, he and Guan Shuqing shared a long history.


w.a.n.g Xian took a deep breath. He fancied Guan Shuqing. Lan Qingyue, too...

Forget it. Not many people were infatuated. w.a.n.g Xian was not one of them either.

But he knew that he had to make a choice.

w.a.n.g Xian took out his phone. He hesitated before he replied to Guan Shuqing. [Sure, where are you? I'll look for you.]

Then he looked at Lan Qingyue's message and replied, [Hey, I'm having dinner with Guan Shuqing tonight. Sorry!]

A choice. A tough decision.

But this was a choice he needed to make. If not, what else could he do? Make both of them his girlfriends?

Would they agree?

Date both of them together? Wouldn't they mind? Heartbroken?

Apparently, it was not easy to date both girls!

If he did not make the decision when he needed to, he would suffer the consequences.

So he chose Guan Shuqing, whom he was very fond of and had been together with him for a longer time!

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System 131 Choice

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