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Everyone around them was watching in disbelief. Subsequently, they cast envious glances at Old Zhang and his family.

They knew that Old Zhang's family had achieved a place in the sun.

Even the influential Du Qingshan had to fawn upon him with respect, and gave him $300,000 cash as a monetary gift. From now on, who, in the entire county, would dare to offend Old Zhang and his family?

Not to mention the Song Family, who was more powerful than Du Qingshan.

"Everyone, please proceed to the function room. We'll begin our banquet soon." After w.a.n.g Xian and Xiao Yu told Song Family, they walked towards Sister Li.

Uncle Zhang was following beside them in a daze. But he was more happy and proud than ever.

"Let's go. Xiao Xian and Xiao Yu are awesome. Both of them turned into powerful people."

"That's right. Both of them just walked over and said a few words. The other party apologized immediately. The big shot they invited even struck out immediately!"

"Old Zhang, you really hit the jackpot to have such nephew and niece!"

"Old Zhang, don't forget us when you strike a fortune!" said the crowd to w.a.n.g Xian, Xiao Yu, and Uncle Zhang pleasingly.

The jealousy in them had long since disappeared. What they had were envy and fawning for Uncle Zhang.

Uncle Zhang looked at the friends and relatives around him and appeared to be standing up with his head high.

All this was because of his nephew and niece.

At the same time, the banquet struck a blow to his relatives and friends.

Most people felt regretful. If they had shown slight care and concern for the w.a.n.g siblings back then, they would be rewarded for it now.

Even if it was a small reward from the w.a.n.g siblings, they could hold their heads up in the Feng Lake County.


"Oh, Aunt Zhang and Sister Li, aren't you rus.h.i.+ng down to Rivertown today?" asked Xiao Yu with curiosity. The banquet ended at about 2 pm, and Xiao Yu was driving w.a.n.g Xian, Aunt Zhang, and Sister Li back home.

"Sigh, we'll be going tomorrow instead of today. Your Uncle Zhang is going to rent a wedding car. Since they're not coming to fetch us, we'll have to send Xiao Li over."

Aunt Zhang shook her head slowly. "Even though we settled the young guy today, it also irritated your Uncle Zhang. He could not take this lying down. So he decided we should send her over ourselves," Aunt Zhang said, looking at her daughter. "Xiao Li, if Xiao Wei's family bullies you after you marry over, you can always come back. Don't endure them."

"Don't worry, Mom. Xiao Wei has been good to me. He's just too obedient to his parents!"

Sister Li pouted. Obviously, she was not very pleased with her boyfriend this time.

"Sister Li, what's the name of the future brother-in-law and his father? What kind of businesses are they into?"

Upon hearing their conversation, w.a.n.g Xian turned over and asked Sister Li.

"Your future brother-in-law is called Wei Zhiwen. His family is in the medical equipment business. His father is Wei Qingguo, who has some reputation in Rivertown," Sister Li replied. Out of curiosity, she asked, "Why, Xiao Xian? Do you know them?"

After learning of w.a.n.g Xian and Xiao Yu's strength today, Sister Li was also taken by surprise.

Compared to how they were acting in the afternoon, her husband's family might not have such a daunting influence.

w.a.n.g Xian shook his head. He took out his phone. "I'll settle the wedding car. On top of that, I'll also settle some other things for you, Sister Li."

As he spoke, he called Uncle Zhang and asked him not to rent any car. He would settle this matter.

Sister Li stared at w.a.n.g Xian with a stunned face. She hesitated before she decided to swallow her words.

Aunt Zhang quickly thanked him.

After talking to Uncle Zhang, he continued to call the head of Ren Family.

Ren Family had shares in most of the car dealers in Rivertown. Getting their help in finding a wedding car should be an effortless task for them.

When the head of Ren Family received w.a.n.g Xian's call, he was thrilled on the phone. He patted his chest and promised to prepare the wedding car.

The car reached the home of Aunt Zhang. w.a.n.g Xian and Xiao Yu went to their house and sat for a while.

In the evening, after having dinner at Uncle Zhang's place, they chit-chatted with Uncle Zhang for half an hour in front of the door.

After w.a.n.g Xian and Xiao Yu went home, w.a.n.g Xian dialed Old Qin's number with hesitation.

"h.e.l.lo, w.a.n.g Xian? What's the matter?" Old Qin's voice was heard.

"Old Qin, I need to ask you something. Do you know Wei Qingguo, who deals with pharmaceutical equipment in Rivertown?" w.a.n.g Xian asked Old Qin directly.

"Wei Qingguo? Are you talking about the Wei Qingguo from the Ling Medical Equipment Group?" Old Qin asked with doubt.

"I guess so. He has some reputation in Rivertown." w.a.n.g Xian nodded. "Old Qin, does Wei Qingguo have any immediate superior in the Rivertown? Or does he need to answer to any leaders or any organizations?"

"Yes, two in the healthcare industry, and another one is Miao Zhiyong, who is cooperating with Duan Family. Wei Qingguo also needs to curry favor with the rest of the hospital directors too," Old Qin answered.

"Can you help me contact them tomorrow. I need their help!" w.a.n.g Xian said with a smile on his face.

"Haha, sure. w.a.n.g Xian, these are trivial matters. If they know you are the one who asked for their help, they will rush over here no matter how busy they are!"

Old Qin laughed out loud as he spoke. He knew about what had happened in the Yan Family. After he heard Old Xue's account, he remained shocked for a long time.

At the same time, he was glad that Qin Family was on good terms with w.a.n.g Xian.

Currently, who in Rivertown dared to defy w.a.n.g Xian?

He may not have proclaimed himself to be the king, but everyone took him as the king without saying.

w.a.n.g Xian chuckled. "Thanks, Old Qin. You can pa.s.s them my number later and get them to call me."

"This time, I will make sure Uncle Zhang is completely out of worry so that he can enjoy his life from now on!"

After hanging up the phone, a faint smile surfaced on his face. After he settled Sister Li's matter, he would not have anything to worry about in his hometown. In the future, they could always come back to visit Uncle Zhang and Aunt Zhang once a year.

In less than five minutes, a phone call came in.

"h.e.l.lo, Young Master w.a.n.g. I'm Miao Zhiyong. How may I help you?"

Back in a luxurious villa near a mountain, a middle-aged man was holding a phone with a beaming face as he asked respectfully.

"h.e.l.lo, Director Miao. It's not something difficult. Are you free tomorrow?"

"Yes, speak your mind, Young Master w.a.n.g. Your matter is the most important thing now!"

"Tomorrow, my sister is marrying someone from the Wei Qingguo's family in Rivertown. I need your attendance!"

"Sure, Young Master w.a.n.g. Just send me the address, and I'll go over tomorrow."

"Mm!" w.a.n.g Xian nodded and smiled.

"Hubby, tomorrow is our 25th wedding anniversary. Where are you going?" a wealthy lady next to Miao Zhiyong asked immediately when she heard his call.

"I can't make it tomorrow. I have to accompany a big shot to do something." Miao Zhiyong shook his head with a solemn face. At the same time, his eyes were filled with surprise.

"Old Qin?" asked the wealthy lady sternly.

"Someone even more powerful than the Qin Family!"

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System 161 Wedding Car Lineup 1

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