Ninth In The World Chapter 176 - The Qi Family’s Doom

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Chapter 176: The Qi Family’s Doom

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Another red flare suddenly landed in Qi Qi’s hand. The man frowned.

Given his position and status, no one was allowed to send this kind of flying sword communication slip to him, unless it was something serious. Thus, receiving one after so many years was a big deal. It was simply outrageous that he had obtained two in such a short period of time.

If the news in the first communication slip had not been significant, he would have flared up.

When Qi Qi’s Spiritual Force scanned the flying sword, his expression changed. He suddenly stood up.

“What’s the matter, sir?” Qi Chenxiang could not help but ask.

Both Qi Qi and Qi Chenxiang were Void Spirit Realm Cultivators. However, Qi Qi was steadier than Qi Chenxiang, so he would not get shocked unless this was an extremely big deal.

Killing intent dissipated around Qi Qi, who threw the flying sword at Qi Chenxiang and said, “Di Jiu destroyed the Qi Family’s Commercial Building in the Sky Market City. He left no soul alive. Qi Zhiyi, Qi Fang, Qi Yunhe… They are all dead…”

“What?” Every Qi Family Cultivator in the meeting hall stood up in shock upon hearing this. This news was more shocking than the merger of the Polar Night Continent and the Half-Screen Continent.

“Didn’t Di Jiu die in the Sky Screen? Even if he was still alive, how could his strength be that scary?” asked a mid-stage Essence Soul Realm cultivator incredulously.

“He’s already come to the Thorn Ocean City by using the teleportation array, so he should have arrived at the Qi Family’s Commercial Building by now.” Qi Qi’s voice was filled with killing intent.

Every Essence Soul Realm warrior of the Qi Family was very precious. It did not matter why Di Jiu had killed three of them. If he failed to kill Di Jiu, Qi Qi would be a useless family head.

Boom! Almost as soon as Qi Qi finished speaking, the Qi Family’s Defense Array was shattered and Di Jiu’s arrogant voice said, “You’ve guessed right, old man. Grandfather Di Jiu is here to take revenge.”

“How dare a mere weakling like you say that he came to take revenge on my family. Everyone attack him. Capture him dead or alive!” Qi Qi was the first person to take out his Dharma treasure and attack Di Jiu.

He believed that he would be able to oppress Di Jiu single-handedly, as he thought that Di Jiu was just an Essence Soul Realm cultivator. However, he still let the Qi Family’s experts attack him all at once.

After activating the killing array, Di Jiu rushed into the crowd of Qi Family Essence Soul Realm cultivators without hesitation. He would not allow the cultivators within the commercial building to leave this time. He would be at an extreme disadvantage if he did.

This was the Qi Family’s main branch, so unlike the Sky Market City branch, it was said that there were Void Spirit Realm Cultivators here.

Di Jiu slashed out with the Wind-Rustling Move as he rushed forward. He had gone there to kill, so there was no need to be hesitant.

The violent, surging saber intent transformed into a saber whirlpool and enveloped two first-stage Essence Soul Realm cultivators before killing them instantly.

“Kill him!” Qi Qi was the first person to take out his saber and slash at Di Jiu. His Dharma treasure was also a saber, just like Di Jiu’s.

Qi Chenxiang, who was not overconfident this time, immediately grabbed a ma.s.sive iron mound and threw it at Di Jiu. He cultivated the strength Dao, which emphasized on using strength to oppress one’s opponents. His iron fist could similarly sweep through anything, even if he did not take out his Dharma treasure.

As Qi Qi’s saber intent locked onto Di Jiu, he let out a sigh of relief. So long as his saber intent locked onto him, Di Jiu would die. It would be a comfort if Di Jiu, who was a secret powerful enemy who had killed several Qi Family Essence Soul Realm cultivators, was killed.

If Di Jiu had comprehended the saber intent, he would surely have taken out the Heavenly Aqua, turned around and slashed out. In Di Jiu’s opinion, Qi Qi’s saber intent was full of flaws. As his silhouette moved rapidly within Qi Qi’s saber flares, the Heavenly Aqua had similarly locked onto Qi Chenxiang. Di Jiu punched out.

There were too many people attacking him. Thus, when he attacked, he used the Colossal Kun Body-Tempering Art to its maximum. There was a thin circulating layer of Quintessential Essence outside his body.

He had to kill Qi Chenxiang. This man had exterminated the Galaxy Sect.

“How dare a mere weakling like you…” Qi Chenxiang noticed that Di Jiu had punched in the direction of the Myriad Tremendous Mound and locked onto him by using his saber intent. This fella did not even care about the Void Spirit Realm Cultivator behind him that was targeting him with his saber intent. Several Essence Soul Realm cultivators were also attacking Di Jiu. Di Jiu was too arrogant. Did he think that he was a True Form Realm Cultivator?

Boom! Boom! Boom! The Gathering Peaks Move transformed into multiple fist mountains that collided with Qi Chenxiang’s Myriad Tremendous Mound. The Quintessential Essence that exploded forced the two mid-stage Essence Soul Realm cultivators trying to sneak an attack on Di Jiu to retreat.

“He’s really powerful!” Qi Chenxiang suddenly had a bad premonition. By the time he said this, Di Jiu’s Split-Wave Saber Move had already slashed at him.

“I refuse to believe this!” Qi Chenxiang did not have the time to call back the Myriad Tremendous Mound. Hence, he just punched at Di Jiu’s Heavenly Aqua.

Blood immediately splattered out of Di Jiu’s back. Di Jiu’s body shook slightly as the Heavenly Aqua slashed down with even greater ferocity.

Qi Qi’s heart sank. Although he had managed to leave a nearly 60-centimeters long saber scar, he was not happy.

The moment his saber landed on Di Jiu’s back, his saber intent dispersed completely. The only plausible explanation was that Di Jiu’s saber intent was much more powerful than his. The collision of saber intents resulted in the dispersal of his saber intent, which happened because Di Jiu was not fighting him head-on. If Di Jiu had been facing him alone instead of also targeting Chengxiang, Qi Qi would most likely not even have had the ability to land an attack on Di Jiu.

However, this was not what Qi Qi was most afraid of. He was afraid that his saber had only left a two-centimeter long scar on Di Jiu’s back. Even though his saber intent had dispersed, his saber had slashed at Di Jiu’s body. Considering his current Quintessential Essence and strength, no matter how strong Di Jiu’s defensive Quintessential Essence was, his saber move should have been able to split Di Jiu in two. However, this was not what happened.

Although the saber scar looked really deep and scary, Qi Qi knew very well that it had not fundamentally injured Di Jiu.

There was only one reason why. Besides Di Jiu’s superior understanding of the saber intent, Di Jiu was also a powerful Tempered Body Cultivator. If Qi Qi had been unable to split open Di Jiu with a saber move, Di Jiu had to be at least a Three-Monarch Realm Tempered Body Cultivator.

A Tempered Body Cultivator at the Three-Monarch Realm could have attacked Qi Chenxiang with their full strength despite Qi Qi’s attack. Qi Qi got afraid. He had a bad premonition.

This was the first time he had ever felt like this.

Crack! A clear bone-cracking sound suddenly rang out. Qi Chenxiang’s heart went cold. Even if his fist landed on Qi Qi’s saber blade, it would only receive a white scar. However, his fist now felt frosty.

Bam! A b.l.o.o.d.y mist exploded from his fist. Qi Chenxiang finally saw clearly what the frost on his fist was all about. Di Jiu’s saber had split open his fist and torn his arm into two.

“How dare you!” Qi Chenxiang was filled with a mixture of terror and anger. His fists were the physical manifestation of his strength, as his Dao foundation had essentially been destroyed by Di Jiu’s saber move.

The Split-Wave Saber Move had already landed on Qi Chenxiang and the ripples containing the saber intent had exploded within him. Qi Chenxiang’s four limbs were ripped apart by the saber ripples.

Qi Chenxiang, who had lost all his limbs, fell from the sky. Meanwhile, his Spiritual Sea started to fall apart.

Qi Chenxiang’s heart was cold. He knew why he was still alive. It was because Di Jiu had not killed him instantly.

Qi Qi’s saber engulfed Di Jiu again. He knew very well that this day would determine the Qi Family’s fate. If Di Jiu was not killed, the Qi Family would be doomed.

The Heavenly Aqua in Di Jiu’s hand created saber flares once again, killing two mid-stage Essence Soul Realm cultivators easily. Qi Zhishang started to retreat frantically, ignoring Di Jiu, who turned back and punched out instead.

The fist ripples of the Gathering Peaks and Furious Waves Moves were aimed at Qi Qi. Qi Qi’s saber intent instantly dispersed, while his saber aura could no longer be condensed.

Bam! As Qi Qi was engulfed by these fist ripples, his chest seemed to get smashed by a hammer. Qi Qi was dispirited.

Meanwhile, Di Jiu let out a sigh of relief. He had been worried about the gap in strength between ninth-stage Essence Soul Realm cultivators and Void Spirit Realm Cultivators. He might have been able to oppress Qi Zhiyi easily, but that did not mean that he could kill a first-stage Void Spirit Realm Cultivator just as easily. It actually seemed like he had been overthinking things. The two first-stage Void Spirit Realm Qi Family Cultivators were no match for him.

“Ah!” Qi Zhishang, who had just rushed out, let out a blood-curdling scream as he flew off.

Di Jiu had expected this. Although he had set up a Level-Seven Strangulation Array, his array formation skills would be useless if Qi Zhishang was able to escape.

Before Qi Zhishang could land on the ground, the Heavenly Aqua engulfed him. Qi Zhishang was split into two along with a sixth-stage Essence Soul Realm cultivator.

Di Jiu was able to kill the Qi Family’s Essence Soul Realm cultivators after adapting to his saber intent and combat power as a fourth-stage Essence Soul Realm cultivator.

“Hold on!” Qi Qi knew that this was the end. The Qi Family had condemned itself by provoking the wrath of a terrifying fella like Di Jiu. The thing he had been most worried about had finally happened.

Di Jiu’s face was slightly pale as he stopped attacking. The battle had been very short. Other than the large amounts of Quintessential Essence and Spiritual Force he’d lost, he had only sustained an injury due to Qi Qi’s saber move.

This was because he was a Void Realm Tempered Body Cultivator who also cultivated the Colossal Kun Body-Tempering Art. In any other case, he would not have dared fight in this manner. However, this fighting method was the simplest, most direct method, which was what Di Jiu preferred.

“Daoist Di, the Qi Family’s Commercial Building was truly ignorant to incur your wrath. My family is willing to compensate you in any way you want if you spare the Qi Family’s Commercial Building this time,” said Qi Qi sincerely.

He hated Qi Chenxiang with all his might. Di Jiu had robbed several branches of the Qi Family’s Commercial Buildings, yet other than the Qi Family’s cultivators in the North Ridge City, he had not killed many people. The Qi Family had investigated very thoroughly and discovered that the people in the North Ridge City branch had not been killed by Di Jiu, but by a hunchback expert.

Di Jiu was obviously not a bloodthirsty person. This had only happened because Qi Chenxiang had eliminated the Galaxy Sect and killed anyone who wasn’t able to escape. Hence, Di Jiu had tried to exterminate the Qi Family’s Commercial Building in return.

Qi Chenxiang had long since lost the spark in his eyes. He had never expected that the Qi Family would be reduced to this state and Di Jiu would become so powerful. His death would be meaningless, for the Qi Family would become history as a result of his actions.

Di Jiu ignored Qi Qi as the saber in his hand slashed out again, using the Sky Screen Saber Move.

No matter what Qi Qi said, he was determined to kill everyone in the Qi Family’s Commercial Building that day.

The Sky Screen Saber Move slashed out, resulting in a slanted laceration. The saber intent carried some laws that caused Qi Qi, who had already lost any will to fight, to become even more dispirited.

Ninth In The World Chapter 176 - The Qi Family’s Doom

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