Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 21 - The Drama in Canteen

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Chapter 21: The Drama in Canteen

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Qin Zheng was confused about the relations.h.i.+p between Chu Peihan and Gu Ning. They didn’t seem like friends, because Chu Peihan always talked to Gu Ning in an unfriendly way.

However, she stood up for Gu Ning.

Qin Zheng wasn’t sure whether Chu Peihan was helping Gu Ning, or merely hated him.

If Chu Peihan hated him, he honestly had no idea why she would do that.

On the other side, Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao didn’t know what had happened this morning. They believed Chu Peihan was here to laugh at Gu Ning too.

In Gu Xiaoxiao’s and Chen Ziyao’s eyes, Gu Ning was a joke herself who was meant to be bullied.

They never thought about the possibility that Chu Peihan and Gu Ning were friends. It was impossible from their perspectives.


They didn’t believe Chu Peihan, a girl from a powerful family, would make a friend with Gu Ning, who was from a poor family.

Actually, they weren’t clear about Chu Peihan’s background. They only knew she had support from the

Everyone, Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao included, believed Chu Peihan was here to make fun of Gu Ning, except Qin Zheng who looked doubtful.

Yu Mixi was nervous now, but didn’t dare to say anything.

“I know. They’re all jealous of my beauty,” Gu Ning joked, like her beauty was really a burden to her.

Zhang Yiming immediately laughed out loud.

He looked at Gu Ning with disdain, “Gu Ning, how dare you to say that? I don’t see your beauty at all, but your poverty is quite obvious.”

“Exactly, n.o.body will be jealous of you! You poor girl!”

Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao agreed at once. Though they did bully Gu Ning because she was prettier than them, they would never admit it.

No one knew the real reason why Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao enjoyed bullying Gu Ning, but it was a common acknowledgment that Gu Ning was more beautiful than Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao.

Thus, Gu Ning’s reply didn’t raise much dislike.

Gu Ning wasn’t mad at all, “Then why won’t you leave me alone? I don’t think I’ve ever hurt them. If they’re not being jealous of my beauty, then what?”

While Gu Ning was saying, she unconsciously wear a cute face. Everyone, Qin Zheng included, was attracted by her at once.

Gu Ning was a beauty indeed. Before Tang Aining was reborn to her body , she had always been quiet, self-abased. Even though she was beautiful, n.o.body appreciated her beauty.

But now, Gu Ning was full of confidence and power. It was hard to ignore her.

Now, more and more students around them believed Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao bullied Gu Ning only because Gu Ning was prettier than them.

After a while, Gu Ning added. “And, Chen Ziyao just said I’m bullied because of my poverty. Actually, I don’t understand why my poverty somehow becomes the reason that she should bully me.”

Gu Ning said in a calm and slow way, without anger or hatred, like she wasn’t the one who had been bullied.

Hearing this, everyone’s opinion of Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao became very low. Some even felt anger and unfairness for Gu Ning.

What Gu Ning had said was the plain truth, which everyone had seen and heard.

At short notice, Gu Ning won most students’ support.

“Exactly, what’s wrong with being poor? They’re bullies!”

“No one would stand still and wait to be hit. Idiot!”

“She has even humiliated the girl’s family. She’s such a bad person!”

The crowd of onlookers started to blame Chen Ziyao.

“You…” Chen Ziyao was so irritated that she didn’t know how to argue back.

Gu Xiaoxiao was speechless too.

While Qin Zheng, Zhang Yiming and Fu Mingliang stayed away from the drama.

They noticed Chen Ziyao lost everyone’s support, and wasn’t willing to be involved.

The boys didn’t want to ruin their fame as well.

“Gu Ning, what have you done the last lifetime? Your poverty now becomes a problem in others’ eyes.” Chu Peihan rolled her eyes at Gu Ning with dislike.

“Well, in that case, I must be super rich one day.” Gu Ning responded.

She would sooner or later.

Gu Xiaoxiao immediately mocked, “Gee! Live in your dream, Gu Ning.”

She wouldn’t believe Gu Ning could be rich throughout her life.

“I think it’s possible,” Chu Peihan suddenly said.

Chu Peihan had the feeling that Gu Ning wasn’t an ordinary girl.

Gu Xiaoxiao was surprised that Chu Peihan helped Gu Ning. Wasn’t she supposed to laugh at Gu Ning as well?

“Gu Xiaoxiao, let’s go and see! I’m poor now but it doesn’t mean I’ll be poor forever!” Gu Ning replied with determination and confidence.

Before Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao could argue back, Gu Ning opened her mouth again.

“Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao, I advise you both to stay away from me from now on, or you’ll regret for sure.” Gu Xiaoxiao warned them with a cold look.

Gu Ning actually didn’t care about whether Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao would listen to her. She had made her mind to stand up for herself against them.

Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao were certainly displeased by Gu Ning’s warning, “Gu Ning, what do you think you are? You…”

Right at that moment, Qin Zheng interrupted, “Enough!”

Gu Xiaoxiao was his girlfriend, and he ought to protect her.

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 21 - The Drama in Canteen

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