Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 298 - Flight Accident II

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Chapter 298: Flight Accident II

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Facing such an emergency, Gu Ning had no solution, but she trusted that Leng Shaoting would handle it well.

There were two pilots, a pilot-in-command as well as a co-pilot, and an observer in the cab. However, the pilot-in-command had hit his head and he had fainted during the second turbulence. The observer was pulling the captain out of his chair and the co-pilot was flying the plane.

Hearing that the door was being pushed open, the observer turned around and noticed a flight attendant guiding a stranger inside. He snapped at once, “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know that pa.s.sengers can’t enter the cab?”

Before the flight attendant could explain, Leng Shaoting directly showed him his flight license and military officer certificate. “I can help.”

Seeing Leng Shaoting’s flight license and military officer certificate, the observer was amazed but closed his mouth.

The plane would still suddenly shake and, but it was obviously lighter than before. However, it didn’t eliminate the pa.s.sengers’ fear, and some were still scared and screaming.

All of a sudden, a person raised her voice, “Jesus! Someone just hit his head and is bleeding!”

Hearing that, Gu Ning immediately unfastened her seat belt and strode to the injured man.

“Is there any doctors on this plane?” a flight attendant asked loudly.

The injured man was around 20-years-old and there was blood coming out of the left side of his head.

Gu Ning took out the small medicine box from her backpack at once, and said to the flight attendant, “Let me through. I can help him.” Gu Ning sounded determined.

“You? Stop kidding. You’re just a teenager.” The flight attendant doubted her ability.

“I can take the responsibility if anything bad happens to him,” Gu Ning added.

“How can you be responsible for the result?” the flight attendant replied with disdain.

Other pa.s.sengers around them also didn’t believe Gu Ning, but they were busy looking after themselves in such a dangerous situation.

Time was precious, and Gu Ning stopped arguing with the flight attendant. She moved the flight attendant’s arms and gave her a cold glance. The flight attendant lost her breath at once and was struck dumb, standing still.

Gu Ning then checked the man’s wound. The wound wasn’t new and the man must have been hurt in the same place a short time before. It was sutured, but it hadn’t completely healed yet. So after the knock during the turbulence, the wound suddenly broke open.

Gu Ning took out a cotton swab and hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound, and then used gauze to wrap it up. While doing that, Gu Ning secretly put her power into the wound to stop it from bleeding and relieve his pain. However, in order to not reveal her secret, Gu Ning didn’t directly heal his wound, but only prevented the wounds from deteriorating..

Before long, the man regained consciousness. Although he was dizzy because of the pain just then, he clearly knew what was happening, so he thanked Gu Ning at once, “Thank you so much!”

Seeing that the man was awake, people began to believe in Gu Ning’s ability.

“Oh! Someone is having a heart attack!”

However, just after Gu Ning finished wrapping the man’s wound, another pa.s.senger was in danger. Under the violent b.u.mps and turbulence, it was easy to cause diseases such as heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Without further ado, Gu Ning went to the person who was having the heat attack. This time, n.o.body dared to stop her, or doubt her ability.

The man who was having a heart attack was around 50-years-old and Gu Ning recognized his face. He was Lu Zhan, a famous domestic director, and many of his films had won accolades domestically and abroad. However, he had annoyed an important figure of power two years ago, so he had been forbidden to shoot films till now.

Gu Ning squatted before him, and pressed on his chest with her hands in a regular pattern. Of course, she used the movement to disguise the fact that she was secretly putting her power into his chest. Like what had happened to Tang Haifeng before, once the power flew into his chest, Lu Zhan gradually caught his breath and went back to normal.

Pa.s.sengers around them were all amazed by the scene. However, before Gu Ning was able to remove her hands, another person in the plane fainted as well.

When the plane had encountered the flying birds, which caused violent b.u.mps and shaking, the pilot had already contacted the airport tower and sent out an emergency help signal.

And now, the plane’s accident was announced at the capital airport.

The latest news: a plane flying to the capital encountered a flock of birds in the air. The plane has encountered severe turbulence multiple times. The pilot-in-command pa.s.sed out by accidentally knocking his head and the co-pilot is controlling the plane. Currently the plane is still in danger, and there are 267 pa.s.sengers and 12 staff members in the plane.

Meanwhile, there was a list of pa.s.sengers’ names shown on the LED screen in the hall.

The minute the news was released, everyone was shocked. Although the plane hadn’t crashed, it was still in danger. Besides, what if some pa.s.sengers suddenly had a heart attack or some other urgent disease during the turbulence? Everyone was worried about the safety of the people in the plane, especially the pa.s.sengers’ families and friends who came to pick them up.

Xu Jinchen’s cousin, Xu Qinyin, came to the airport to pick up her best friend who just flew back from abroad, and heard the terrible news. She read the list of pa.s.sengers’ names at the same time. The Xu Family and the Leng Family had known each other for generations, so Xu Qinyin was familiar with Leng Shaoting too. She was shocked when she saw Leng Shaoting’s name on the LED screen. Without delay, Xu Qinyin called Xu Jinchen. Because of the anxiety, she was trembling and her phone almost fell.

Xu Jinchen was watching TV in his home when his phone suddenly rang. Seeing that the caller was Xu Qinyin, there was a gentle smile on Xu Jinchen’s lips. However, before he could say a word when he answered the call, Xu Qinyin said in a trembling voice, “Jinchen, Shaoting is on a plane from City Teng to the capital now, but the plane encountered a flock of flying birds. It also encountered severe turbulence, and is still in danger now!”

“What?” Xu Jinchen jumped up from his sofa horrified.

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 298 - Flight Accident II

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