Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 404 - Artificial Raw Materials

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Chapter 404 Artificial Raw Materials

The young girl then looked to Gu Ning and said, “Thank you so much for saving my life.”

Gu Ning replied lightly and remained quiet.

The ambulance arrived later, and the girl was sent to the hospital.

When Gu Ning left the airport, she sensed that someone was looking at her the entire time. However, the moment she turned around, Tang Yunfan walked away too, so Gu Ning only saw his back. Gu Ning didn’t think about it any further and left too.

“Boss, what’s wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?” Secretary Yan Weilun asked.

“Nothing, let’s go!” Tang Yunfan said and walked straight to the gate.

Gu Ning didn’t take a taxi at once when she was outside of the airport, because she had no idea where the ancient grave was. Besides, City B was so big with so many nearby villages, so she couldn’t know which one the one she wanted to go to was. She could only turn to K for help. Gu Ning asked K whether he could hack someone’s phone and get its location. K gave her an affirmative answer. As long as the phone was on, it was easy for him to get its location.

No matter what, it was worth trying, so Gu Ning told K to hack Su Anya’s older brother, Su Anjun’s phone and get its location. However, Gu Ning didn’t know Su Anjun’s phone number. She could only tell K some basic information about Su Anjun and let K do the job himself.

As for the tasks a.s.signed by Gu Ning, K never asked why, as long as it wouldn’t hurt national interests. A few minutes later, K told Gu Ning that Su Anjun’s phone’s signal wasn’t good so he couldn’t get its location for now.

In that case, Gu Ning couldn’t go to find the ancient grave now, but she told K to keep an eye on Su Anjun. Once K found out where he was, K would tell Gu Ning. Gu Ning decided to visit the antique street in City B.

City B was an important munic.i.p.ality, which was the center of this country’s economy, transportation, technology, finance, and trade.

While Gu Ning went to the antique street, what had happened at the airport went viral on the Internet, and Lin Xiaowei received as many compliments as she did criticisms.

Some thought that Lin Xiaowei was kind because she offered to pay the injured girl’s medical fee and mental damage compensation. She had even taken the injured girl to the hospital in person. However, others believed that Lin Xiaowei was only protecting her own reputation, and it was merely a show.

Luckily, more people felt for Lin Xiaowei, because they all knew that fans could sometimes be crazy, and the accident wasn’t something that Lin Xiaowei wanted to see. Meanwhile, many people were also surprised by Gu Ning’s brave behavior.

“Jesus! This girl is so awesome! She’s able to knock so many people away!”

“Exactly! She’s strong and fast, which makes me think of a kung fu master! I bet she is one.”

“You’ve watched too many TV shows, but I have to admit that this girl is quite skillful.”

“When she says ‘Call the ambulance now’, she looks so powerful, my body trembled in shock.”

“And her sharp look was very terrifying! She’s pretty though!”

Gu Ning, on the other hand, wasn’t aware of and didn’t care about those discussions. It took her more than an hour to get to the antique street with a car even though there were no traffic jams along the way. When she finally arrived, she went to dine in a nearby restaurant before she walked in.

The antique street in City B was as big and full of activity as the capital. Once Gu Ning ambled on the antique street, she used her Jade Eyes to scan through the objects laid on the stands at the sides of this street. Most of them were undoubtedly fake. However, by the time she had walked to the end, she still bought three valuable antiques. Within half an hour, Gu Ning finished her tour at the antique street, so she headed to the stone gambling street to have some fun afterward.

When Gu Ning had just entered the stone gambling street, she noticed a group of people were in an animated discussion in front of a raw material shop. Gu Ning walked over, the shop was super crowded, but all the people inside were staring at the area where a worker was cutting raw materials. There was a big raw material that weighed around 200 pounds waiting to be cut out. This raw material already had a window that showed green, and it was highly possible that there was jade in it. However the quality of the green was medium, so the price of this raw material wasn’t high either. It had only cost eight million yuan for that size.

A middle-aged man was the buyer of this big raw material, and he fixed his eyes on it while his body was trembling with anxiety. This was his last hope. If he couldn’t cut out jade anymore, his jewelry store would have to be closed.

“Hey, do you think that there is jade inside?”

Onlookers started to discuss. Although it was more likely to cut out jade from a raw material with a window that showed green, it was hard to tell the result.


“If not, Mr. Zhang is doomed, and his jewelry store will have to close.”

“Indeed! Because his son annoyed an important figure’s son, all his sources of jade were cut off. Even though there is jade on the market, someone will always bid a higher price than him for it, and now he has to play stone gambling.”

“Exactly! However, Mr. Zhang has already spent almost twenty million yuan on stone gambling without getting any jade.”

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see the inside of the big raw material. Unfortunately, there was no jade, but just a stone in it.

However, right when Gu Ning was about to draw her gaze back, she saw that there was something wrong with the raw material. When she had a closer look, she found the reason. This big raw material was an artificial one!

The jade which showed from the window was real, but it was just a thin piece. And its quality wasn’t high, so it was only worth several hundred thousand yuan.

Through the thin jade piece, Gu Ning saw the tin foil or hard white paper inside, as well as the glue layer. The main part of this big raw material clearly consisted of granite and other rocks. As for the outer layer of this big raw material, it was also fake.

It wasn’t uncommon to see artificial raw materials in the stone gambling industry, which was a trick used by cunning businessmen to deceive customers. Normally, it was hard for ordinary people to distinguish the fake ones from a real one unless with the help of a professional appraisal inst.i.tution because they were skillfully made.

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 404 - Artificial Raw Materials

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