Nano Machine 296 Yongho Family 3

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In the deep forest, about 10 miles away from the Sword Creek. Men who hid their faces under bamboo hats were running through the forest. They all had dark clothing, but they had striking blue sashes on their waists that stood out. And as they ran, the one in front suddenly stopped.

"Master, what is it?"

With the man stopping, over 30 men that followed came to a stop and one of them asked the man at the front.

"I smell blood in the area."


They couldn't smell anything. The man then began to walk toward some direction and as they walked in further into the bush, they found something hidden beneath.


There was a trace of a big fight within the bushes and trees. It was hidden, but the fight seemed to be too severe that not all of it was disposed. There were over tens of trees that were cut down from the fight also.

'…It's a fight between superior master level warriors.'

Traces of energy left by superior master level warriors lingered for a long time. The energy that was left within these traces was evidence of the huge fight.

"Dig up that place."

"Yes, master."

There was a certain part of the ground that looked like its dirt had been stacked artificially. As the men went on to dig it up, they saw a pair of arms and legs within the dirt.

"Huh? T…These are a monk's clothes."

Arms and legs had pieces of its clothes still intact, and they were a part of monk robes. There weren't any other body parts, so it was likely that the body was either thrown elsewhere or taken away. The only monk they knew who could fight was one person. One of the Strong Nine, and the elder of the Mudan clan. Hing Wunja.

'There must be a problem.'

The man who was called master was certain that something happened. As he thought he should go to Sword Creek quickly, another man called out to him.

"Master! There is a sign here!"


The man was standing by certain large tree. About 4 meters up, there was writing that was carved out by a sword. It was a secret sign for them. The man knew this sign as they were from the same Blue Sky Brotherhood that symbolized this sign.

One of the men quickly climbed up the tree as they found something hidden by the tree branch. It was a book that was created with unique slick paper.

"We have found this up on the tree."

"What is this?"

First half of the book seemed to be ripped apart, and only the latter half was intact. The first page had the drawing of a human body. This was the treasure that G.o.dly Doctor searched for, and Hing Wunja hid it.

The Yulin three power division was maintained for over hundreds of years. Yulin clan of the forces of justice, Alliance of the forces of evil, and the Demonic Cult. These three groups divided the region of Yulin into three. West was the home of the forces of evil, whereas the north was occupied by the Yulin clan, and the Demonic Cult stayed behind in the south. And when these three warring factions fought each other, there was one place that was usually kept quiet. It was the city of Meking. It was a location where three regions met, where no forces took over. This was a neutral place, but not for the purpose of peace. It was only kept neutral because of the power balance that maintained between those three.

"L…Look at those people! I think they are from the forces of evil! Look at that scar! Whoa!"

Hu Bong spoke erratically as Bakgi shook his head. It was normal to see many warriors from the forces of evil, as they were at the border of the three factions. Hu Bong pointed out was people with many scars. Bakgi also had a scar over his eyes, but it looked like a scratch compared to them.

"Be quiet… stop trying to gain attention."


Hu Bong became depressed by Bakgi's words. It was understandable that Hu Bong would get excited for coming into such big city for the first time, but he still talked too much. If Mun Ku was here also, Bakgi would have gone mad from two of them talking endlessly. At least Mun Ku wasn't with them.

"Master, this way please."

They were being led by Fourth Elder Yang Danwa. Only four of them came down to the city of Meking. Chun Yeowun, Hu Bong, Bakgi and Yang Danwa. Yeowun figured their destination could be more dangerous, so Yeowun ordered women to escort the G.o.dly Doctor to the outpost of the Demonic Cult located at northwestern side of Honam castle.

'The 18 River Families keep changing their base, so it will take time for us to find the Yongho family ourselves. It's better we ask those who will know.'

The reason why they came down to Meking city was because it was city located near the Yellow River. They also had heard a rumor about pirates of the 18 River Families often visit this city.

'Back alley?'

Yang Danwa, however, was moving into the back alley of Meking city. The further they moved in, the darker and creepier the city looked.

"Hey! We have a fresh liquor today! Come have a drink!"

"Oh, Mister. Don't you wanna join me on a night of pleasure?"

There were lot of prost.i.tutes and liquor sellers calling out on the street. Most of the customers that roamed the streets looked like bandits or ruffians.

"D-did you see that? Look at that woman… I can see her breast-"

"Hu Bong, please!"

"Bah. Don't pretend you're not interested."

Bakgi shook his head with frustration. But thanks to Bakgi, Hu Bong couldn't speak more than a few words each time.

'Ah… I miss Mun Ku and Ko w.a.n.ghur.'

They would have gladly talked things through with Hu Bong. But Yang Danwa was happy to have Bakgi with him, as it helped to quiet Hu Bong down. After walking along the alleyway for a bit, Yang Danwa pointed at a four-story building bright with lights at a distance.

"It's that place, master."

House of Osang.

It was a place that sold liquor and hosted prost.i.tution. There were women outside the building who wore racy dresses, trying to lure people in. It was curious if that was really a information selling place, but they decided to go in. As they got to the entrance, prost.i.tutes got up to them with a red silk dress and tried to put their arms around Yeowun's people.

"Oh, hey. Are you here to rest?"

"Look at this handsome! I like his arm!"


Bakgi became surprised and embarra.s.sed when he felt big b.r.e.a.s.t.s of the prost.i.tute touching his arm. Hu Bong cackled.

'Haha! See! You like it too!'

"Oh, this short-haired man is with me!"


But Hu Bong too became embarra.s.sed when a prost.i.tute got to him. It felt even dizzy to be surrounded with this many women. That's when Yang Danwa spoke to them.

"We want a spot with three teacups."

Nano Machine 296 Yongho Family 3

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