REBORN: Revenge Chapter 255 - Revenge 256: Try And Try Until You Do

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"What? Mary, is there something wrong with your brain? You should be glad that she did not saw us or else we're busted!" Layla said in an exaggerated tone. She would rather not be caught by Anna because she knows that Anna will most likely not tell Kyle.

"You're right, but I trained my daughter to be able to notice suspicious people."

When Layla heard that, she looks at Mary as if Mary is a weird alien. "Mary, are you implying that we are suspicious people?" From Layla's understanding, Mary is somehow implying that they are being suspicious. She doesn't like it when she is being called suspicious because she is not being suspicious, she is only observing how her son makes his move towards a girl.

Is it wrong of her to do that?

"I'm not saying that we're one of those suspicious people, but still..." Mary was not able to finish her words since she does not know how to verbally say what she is thinking.

As the one who taught her daughter most of the things that are needed to survive in the underworld, she wanted her daughter to at least be more observant of her surroundings.

Observe if there is a person who has been keeping an eye on you for a long time, those are the things she has been telling her daughter.

"Mary, you are expecting too much from your young daughter." Claire started. "You are an expert at hiding, blending with others. From what I see, your daughter had just started. It would be very impossible for her to notice her expert mother spying on her."

Sometimes, Claire can't understand why Mary acts like her husband. Although they are clearly not blood-related, they are in total sync if they set their minds to it. The only reason she could come up with is that Mary and her husband had been together for a long time, and it understandable if they are alike.

"Stop with this! We need to follow them, Mary!" Layla asked as she pulls Mary by her side. Before they could take another step, Layla turns around and say, "Auntie, it is so nice to see you again, but we have to go now. Next time, I will visit you again."

Not giving Mary a chance to say her words towards Claire, Layla pulled her out and went on their way to follow Kyle and Anna.

After minutes of driving, Kyle and Anna finally arrived at their destination, the Coleman mansion.

They are currently in front of the gates, and Anna was about to get off when Kyle held her hand, stopping her from getting off his car.

With a confused look on her face, Anna faces Kyle. "Is there something else?" Before wanting to get off the car, Anna already bid her thanks to Kyle and she thinks that there is nothing else for her to say and do.

Kyle stayed silent, thinking that if he should say what he wanted to say for a long time now. He is tired of waiting. He had done what he needs to get Marcus Coleman's permission. Isn't time for him to make his move?

Like what his sister said to him not too long ago: if he waits longer than what is needed, Anna will be taken away from someone. If he does not want that to happen, he has to make his move

As he is holding Anna's hand tightly, Kyle looks at her eyes with clear sincerity. "Anna." He called out her name.

For some reason, Anna is feeling nervous about what Kyle is about to say. She just sat there and waited for Kyle to speak.

With a gentle smile on his face, Kyle gently caresses the back of Anna's hand and says, "I like you."

When Anna heard that she thought that she missed heard it. She looks at him again, trying to confirm that she heard it wrong. But Kyle just looks at her waiting for her reaction.

Slowly a surprised look appeared on her face, she does not know how to reply back. She never prepared for this to happen, and she has never expected that the other party will be the one confessing and not her.

She feels so happy and shocked at the same time.

Anna was about to say that she feels the same way too, but Kyle hushed her. "Before you say anything about my confession, please let me court you, and if you still don't like me back, then I will still try and try until you do."

Anna was somehow speechless by what Kyle just said.

He will try and try until she likes him back? But she already likes him, there is no need for him to do any of that.

However, Anna suddenly remembered what Nathalia said to her a few months ago. Nathalia told her that if someone were to confess to her, she should let them chase after her. See if they truly like her. Seeing the effort of the other party is a way to know if the other party is being truthful or not.

After remembering that, Anna also remembered that in her past life, she is the one chasing after Juan. She never once experienced being courted by someone. Can she be a little bit selfish for once and let Kyle court her?

In the end, Anna decided to hold onto her feelings for the time being. She knows that there is a risk of someone s.n.a.t.c.hing Kyle away from her for not confessing her real feelings towards him. But just like everyone in her family, she is just too stubborn.

Anna smiles sweetly at Kyle as if she is saying that she is letting Kyle court her. With that, Kyle felt happiness overflowing him that he hugged Anna tightly. Anna did not expect that kind of reaction from Kyle, but she does not mind it.

"You just saw what I saw right?" Layla excitedly asked Mary who is watching her daughter being hugged tightly by Kyle.

"Yes. I obviously saw it." Mary can't help but be sarcastic towards Layla. She obviously saw it since they both are facing their children. But of course, their distance from Anna and Kyle is safe. Even the guards who are by the gates won't be able to see them at a perfect hiding place.

Ignoring that sarcastic remark from Mary, Layla excitedly say, "Oh, my G.o.d! I wonder what my son said to your daughter?"

Somehow, Layla felt that she is watching some teen drama, and it has been a while since she saw a teen drama. The scene her sone and Anna are making right now is making her heart beats fast in excitement.

She felt like she is being a teenager once again.

REBORN: Revenge Chapter 255 - Revenge 256: Try And Try Until You Do

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