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"Have you calmed down now, Auntie Claire?" Arion asked. For the whole ten minutes, Claire spouted how much she regretted letting Mary be with a guy like Arion. And she said that she really wants to choke her husband and Arion to death for hiding the truth from them.

"Yes, I've calmed down." After saying that, Claire sat down, and her eyes stared at Arion, waiting for him to speak the whole truth to her. 

Getting the hint Claire is giving him, Arion smiled softly, then faces the man who brought Claire at this place. "Sit down, Leo, it's going to be a long story to tell."


[Years ago, Anna at the age of 6]

"Princess, you can't have more than one, okay?" Arion said to the little girl who he is carrying.

"B-but daddy, I want more! Why can't I have more?!" The little girl slur in her words and Arion find it very cute.

"Anna, stop acting cute. You're gonna make daddy have a heart attack." Arion acted as if he is in pain, and that made the little Anna's eyes teary. That teary eyes shocked Arion, he didn't expect for his daughter to cry, and he did not understand why she is crying.

Anna extended her little arms and caressed her father's face gently, "Daddy, Anna is sorry. Anna promises not to do it again." The little Anna doesn't understand what her father meant, but she feels guilty for hurting her father.

"Daddy! Why did make my sister cry!" The little Aaron who just saw his sister's crying face punches his daddy's leg. In little Aaron's perspective, his daddy made his sister cry, and anger is clear in his eyes. He dislikes people who hurt his sister and mother.

Knowing that it is his fault for making his daughter cry, Arion felt guilty for making that comment. He scratched his head and bent down to level his son's height. "Aaron, I didn't mean to make your sister cry. I'm sorry."

"No! Daddy, don't say sorry. You didn't do anything wrong. It's Anna's fault." Anna wailed and Arion panicked.

His children rarely cry, and whenever they cry, Arion has no idea what to do. He would always go to his wife's side and ask her for help. And as Arion is thinking about his wife, his wife appeared behind him.

"Seriously, Arion? It's not even five minutes since I left the twins under your care, and one of them is crying already." Mary left Arion and the twins to take some business call,and she specifically told her husband to look after the twins, and now that her business call ended, she sees her daughter crying and her son angrily look at his father.

"I didn't mean it!" Arion told his wife everything that happened, however, Mary only looks at him, expressing that she doesn't believe him.

Mary took Anna from Arion's arms and shooed him away. As long as he is on sight, it will become more chaotic than it is right now. With a sad heart, Arion walks away and sat down to the bench that is not so far away from his family.

Currently, Arion took a day off from his work and went out with his family. This month has been very hectic for him that his time with his family decreased. So he pestered his father to temporarily replace him for one day.

Apparently, Arion did have his one day off from work, however, he never expected to be shooed away by his wife. 'How am I gonna spend time with you guys.'

As Arion is watching his family from his current position, someone sat down beside him. Arion pays no attention to that person, but when that person spoke, Arion's face turned into a shocking expression.

He looks at the person next to him and stared at him. "What did you just say?"

"Do I really need to repeat myself, Arion?"

Seeing the face of the person next to him, Arion immediately turns his head around and said, "Oh, G.o.d. I'm seeing things. Haha. This must be karma for making my daughter cry." Suddenly, Arion felt a horrifying chill down to his spine. 

The person next to him frowns when he heard what Arion just said. "Arion..."

"I'm hearing things. I'm hearing things." Arion kept repeating those same words over and over again, and it seems that the person next to him got to the point that he has reached his limit of listening to Arion whims.

"You idiotic, moron!" He said, then smack Arion's head real hard. "What on earth has gotten into you?!" Seeing Arion acting like a scared person, he knew right away what Arion is thinking. 'I can't believe Mary married this idiot.' 

"I-I feel pain?" Arion said slowly.

"Of course you feel pain. Do you really think that I'm a ghost? Goodness, Arion." The Arion that most people knew is bold and fearless, but for some whole reason whenever Arion faces him, Arion would avoid being around his presence for at least five minutes. And now, Arion is treating him like a ghost.

After blinking for a few times, he expressed a sigh of relief, then face the person next to him. "How could I not think of you as a ghost when all these years, I thought you were dead." In Arion's point of view, he thinks that most people will the same way as him. "No. Let me rephrase that, how are you alive?"

At the moment, Arion would rather believe that this man is a ghost because, after that incident, everyone who was present on that day is convinced that he is gone and will never come back. Seeing him alive and well in front of him, Arion is on the verge of getting angry.

If he has been alive all these years, then why did he decided to show up now, and it seems that Arion is the first one to know that he is alive.

"How am I alive? That's another story to tell, for now, I have to tell you something very important. It concerns Mary." The said in a serious manner.

"It concerns my wife? Tell exactly why my wife is involved, uncle Harrison."

REBORN: Revenge 278 Revenge 279: Where It Began I

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