Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 113 - The Game Concept of PVP (Player-Versus-Player)

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Chapter 113: The Game Concept of PVP (Player-Versus-Player)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

With the large number of Second Beta Gamers, there was unavoidable chaos which was within tolerable limits.

The main point was that the First Beta Gamers were self-sacrificing in contributing to the development of the Dungeon.

The First Beta Gamers were highly respected on the discussion forum as they contributed Strategy Guides, maps, and game information.

They were like heroes to the Second Beta Gamers.

The Second Beta Gamers were meticulously selected by Bru. They were s.h.i.+pped the gaming capsules and given Beta Tester status within a short period of time.

After which, the Second Beta Test took place.

“As such, there was a subjugation of the new gamers to the veteran gamers on the first day. However, the situation may not last long,” Bru said to Sherlock.

“As the adoration for the heroes diminishes, and with the highly ambitious and rich Second Beta Gamers forming their clans and creating Guilds, conflicts with the First Beta Gamers are unavoidable. There will even be conflict among the 2,000 new gamers. If we don’t mediate appropriately and let nature take its course, n.o.body will carry bricks. The first thing that they will do when they get online is kill one another. There may even be other obnoxious behaviors that are not conducive for an entertaining gaming experience. Some gamers will purposely sabotage the experience of other gamers, and they won’t be a minority. I feel that it’s necessary to stop them from attacking each other and viewing each other as enemies in order to ensure the continued development of the Dungeon.”

“Killing each other is their favorite method of gameplay in the otherworld. No matter how meticulous we are, we can’t avoid that,” Bru said earnestly to Sherlock.

“For Lord Sherlock, the most important thing is to create a discipline mechanism to prevent the gamers from stealing Lord Sherlock’s property and to encourage them to carry bricks diligently.”

Sherlock was reading a promotional leaflet, and he waited for Bru to finish speaking before he lifted his head and said, “What you’ve said is logical, but what you’ve considered is a bit bias, Bru.”

“Eh? Lord Sherlock, what do you mean?” Bru was taken aback.

“Conflict causes chaos, but it also causes wealth,” Sherlock said.

“If the gamers carry bricks daily, they’ll get sick even if there are new areas for them to explore. Currently, we only have a few areas for their entertainment. There’s only one Instance Dungeon, and Specter College can only accommodate 65 teams. It’s not possible for them to raid the Ancient Ruins for a lifetime either.

“If they feel restless and quit the game, then I won’t have free labor. Then there’s no meaning in me recruiting 2,000 gamers. If they concentrate on killing each other, there’ll be no one to carry bricks, and they’ll eat up my precious resources. So, I’ve thought of a plan that doesn’t cost money. They’ll carry bricks diligently too. They may even help me earn money. It’s a new type of gameplay!”

Bru replied, “A new type of gameplay? Aren’t we making use of the short amount of time to create a discipline system? Lord Sherlock, you have to have a sense of urgency.”

“If we use violence to punish them and tell them what they should and shouldn’t do, they’ll lose interest in the game.” Sherlock raised the promotional leaflet in his hand.

“Northern Underground World Gladiator Tournament invites you to partic.i.p.ate! Thinking of marrying a rich, beautiful lady? Thinking of reaching the pinnacle of your life? Thinking of becoming the respected Lord Overseer of millions of creatures? Register with us immediately!”

“Don’t you think that PVP is a good solution?”

Sherlock placed the promotional leaflet on the table and tapped the tabletop before saying, “Previously, I had always thought of sending the gamers to the arena and letting them fight with strong opponents. Then, they would use their weak physiques to overcome the odds and earn large amounts of prize money!”

“After observing their evil and disorderly behavior and predicting future large-scale bloodshed, I discover that my previous thinking was flawed! The more I think about this issue, the more I discover that the gamers have a limit, so…”

“So Lord Sherlock doesn’t treat them as creatures?” Bru was shocked.

“What are you talking about? Why did you ask me such a strange question?” Sherlock was puzzled and said, “So I intend to let them become gladiators and partic.i.p.ate in the Gladiator Tournament!”

“Lord Sherlock, you are saying?”

“If both sides of the gladiators are my servants, no matter who wins or loses, I’ll make money. They won’t need to go through long periods of training. They only need to register for the tournament and then partic.i.p.ate in the next round of Gladiator Tournament! I’ll just count the Magic Stones.”

Sherlock stood up and said, “It will be a hundred Goblins battle or a thousand Goblins battle. That’s a good promotional gimmick. There will be more spectators, and I’ll earn even more. In this way, they can vent their aggressiveness and increase their fun at the same time. There are no monsters or BOSSES to fight, and there is limited s.p.a.ce in the Instance Dungeon. Isn’t it more fun for them to hack each other?”

“They will need Reputation Points and coins to exchange for the tournament’s application form. If there are two Guilds or organizations that have a conflict, they can apply with me for a battle at the Gladiator Arena. I’ll disguise them as Gladiators and send them to the arena to kill each other. To have the chance for a savage battle, they’ll carry bricks diligently to earn Reputation Points and coins…”

Sherlock inhaled deeply and exhaled in comfort.

“A perfect plan. What do you think of ten Magic Stones for each Goblin who will be sold to the Gladiator Arena? Though there haven’t been any Goblin Gladiators before, the rarity will be an eye-catcher. Is ten Magic Stones too expensive?”

“No, it’s not about the price…” Bru hesitated and said ruefully, “Lord Sherlock, you’re a genius game producer. I was thinking of how to restrain the daily behavior of the gamers, but you’ve thought of using them to make money. As your a.s.sistant, I’m feeling ashamed for not considering things from your viewpoint. A plan that is unable to reap benefits from the gamers is a failed plan! I have one last question, Lord Sherlock…”

Bru said excitedly, “When do we start the PVP functionality?”

Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 113 - The Game Concept of PVP (Player-Versus-Player)

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