Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 115 - Version 0.16 Update Log

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Chapter 115: Version 0.16 Update Log

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The veteran gamers were leading the novice gamers while they charged around in the Eternal Kingdom Dungeon.

The Spiders’ Lair didn’t escape the fate of being one of the famous tourist attractions.

“This is the location where we battled the leader of the Houndhead Men. He was called Cramer.”

“Awesome, awesome!”

“Cool, cool!”

“Where are the Underground Spiders?”

The invisible Sherlock stood by the entrance of the Spiders’ Lair as he watched the novice gamers who were wearing underpants and climbing down the Beetlemon one by one.

Sherlock chose to ignore the sticky stuff underneath the legs of the Beetlemon.

Two veteran gamers with armor stood at the Spiders’ Lair Entrance and shouted at the novice gamers, “It’s free to watch at the entrance, 50 bronze coins to enter the Spiders’ Lair. I’ll guarantee a full intact corpse if you die. You won’t lose any Reputation Points!”

“Why didn’t I think of such money-making schemes…” Sherlock pinched his chin and pondered.

“Bru, can you arrange for them to pay 100 bronze coins per day for staying in Eternal Kingdom?”

“Lord Sherlock, you can’t do that. There will be dire consequences on the official website,” Bru said.

“The ecosystem of the Spiders’ Lair was badly damaged by the gamers. There aren’t any Spiders at the entrance. When I last visited the entrance, there were a few Spiders,” Sherlock said.

He had walked around inside. Besides the Spider Queen’s territory deep inside the Spiders’ Lair, there were few Spiders left, and the Houndhead Men were extinct after their lair was destroyed.

“The novice gamers will probably provide the Spiders with some fresh meat, but that won’t last long. Isn’t it time for Lord Sherlock to find other suitable areas?” Bru asked.

“Of course. I’ll wait for them to empty the Ancient Ruins before opening up that sector. However, if the Spiders’ Lair is cleared, it would be a pity. In the future, I’ll purchase some Spider Queens to inhabit the area… Now, I’ll set up the new areas. It’s still necessary to make some preparations.”

Behind Sherlock, tens of novice gamers were following a few veterans as they advanced towards the Spiders’ Lair.

“Let’s go back. I’ll publish the announcement for the new game content.”

A fully armed Orc rode on a Beetlemon as it ran in the Underworld tunnel.

A few magical lights were spinning randomly, and they gave off dazzling colors.

The magical lights came from a huge Roman Colosseum-like building.

Even from the location of the Orc, one could faintly hear the rowdiness in the building ahead.

There were cages bound on top of the Beetlemon. The cages emitted sounds of metal colliding as they swayed during the Beetlemon’s movements. Fully armed Gnomes and Orcs were sitting by the sides of the cages guarding. Inside the cages were various Underworld creatures.

Orcs, Gnomes, Goblins, c.o.c.kroach Men, Lizard Men, Sludge Monsters, and even… three Hamsters!

“Bro, could you slow down the Beetlemon. I can’t take the swaying. I’m vomiting!”

A Sludge Monster composed of soft mud leaned on the metal grills and slipped out. Then, he walked unsteadily to the guards and complained.

“Do you think you’re on holiday? You’re serving your sentence! You vile prisoner! You can count your blessings that you’re not being executed immediately! Have some grat.i.tude to society! Sc.u.m!”

A fully armored Orc yelled at the Sludge Monster, “Get lost! You sc.u.m!”

“That’s too much!” the three Hamsters shouted simultaneously. Then, a Hamster leaned on the metal bar and shouted, “He’s only an innocent Sludge Monster!”

“That’s right!”

“Can you spare me a sip of mucus?”

A Gnome who was lacking front teeth banged on the metal bars in front of the three Hamsters with a mace and shouted, “What’s the holler about? You incorrigible arsonist, if you make another noise, I’ll let you work the hamster wheel!”

The three Hamsters became pale.

The Sludge Monster looked gratefully at the three Hamsters and slowly slid back with an aggrieved face. He left a trail of sticky stuff on the ground as he went into the cage and cried pitifully.

“Ooo, ooo, it was unintentional when I swallowed the Giant…”


“Sit tight. We’re arriving!” the Orc driver shouted as he controlled the Beetlemon.

The Beetlemon ran rumbling through the main gate of the Colosseum. It contained the words “The Northern Underground World Gladiator Arena welcomes you.”

Noises of the rowdy creatures became clearer. Shouts, roars, and the bellows of wild beasts…

The three Hamsters hugged each other, their eyes opened wide as they swallowed hard.

The Gnome who was lacking one of his front teeth edged closer to the three Hamsters and gave a scary smile.

“Welcome to the Gladiator Arena!”

An Orc who was locked in a cage abruptly shouted, “No! Let me go! I’m innocent!”

The Gnome banged the Orc’s cage with his mace and said viciously, “What are you yelling about? I’ll send you to Bar 404 as a male prost.i.tute if you make another sound!

“I have bail money.”

“Stop the Beetlemon.” The Gnome hailed the Beetlemon and took the Magic Stone card from the Orc. Then he opened the cage and urged the Orc to come out.

“You may leave.”

Sherlock sat in front of the computer and typed furiously on the keyboard. Then he checked the screen carefully.

[“Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom” Update Log Version 0.16]

“‘Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom’ Version 0.16 Official Update:

Added a new area. The Ancient Ruins will be opened up after gamers have cleared the ruins of treasure.

Added new Beta functionality, Punishment System: An online game requires law!

Attacking others, stealing, and other actions that affect other gamers negatively are strictly prohibited within Eternal Kingdom. For details, please refer to the book “World Compendium of Criminal Law.” Gamers who flout the rules in Eternal Kingdom will have their account immediately frozen for a minimum of a day.

Do not steal merchandise from the shops in Eternal Kingdom, especially Lord Sherlock’s property. If the rule is flouted, the Beta Test account will be terminated.

Added new Beta functionality, Guild: Lord Sherlock has generously allowed his servants to create their own organizations.

Gamers can pay 100 silver coins to register their Guild at the Dungeon Core. The Guild must have at least ten members to be created.

The details regarding Guilds will be uploaded soon.

Added new Beta functionality, Guild Location: Lord Sherlock feels that the Dungeon is too noisy. He decided to lease out scarce land for the Guild Locations in order to alleviate overcrowding.

The Guild Locations have three categories.

Level 1 Guild Location: The s.p.a.ce provided is 100 square meters. It requires a one-time payment of 20,000 Reputation Points and 200 silver coins. Monthly rental is 10 silver coins. Meant for 10 to 100 members.

Level 2 Guild Location: The s.p.a.ce provided is 200 square meters. It requires a one-time payment of 50,000 Reputation Points and 500 silver coins. Monthly rental is 25 silver coins. Meant for 101 to 200 members.

Level 3 Guild Location: The s.p.a.ce provided is 300 square meters. It requires a one-time payment of 80,000 Reputation Points and 800 silver coins. Monthly rental is 40 silver coins. Meant for more than 201 members.

Currently, there are only Level 3 Guild Locations. After applying for a Guild Location, a monthly rental has to be paid. Guild Locations will be revoked if the rental is not paid.

Guild Locations can be upgraded or downgraded by a level.

Guild Location areas are not developed. Gamers have to excavate at designated locations. They have to clean, construct, and maintain the Guild Locations themselves. The same goes for relocating the Guild.

The building materials for the Guild Locations will not be free like in the case of the Living Quarters. Gamers have to pay for building materials.

The rules for building at the Guild Locations are the same as the Living Quarters.

Blueprints for building at the Guild Locations must be submitted. Gamers can decide on the building style and size within the perimeter of the Guild Location.

Lord Sherlock will provide free services for taking pictures with him at the Guild Locations. The services for an opening ceremony and speech will be charged accordingly.

The game producers do not accept complaints. Just do the requirements, and it is done.

Advanced notice of new Beta gameplay, Gladiator Arena: The Northern Underground World Gladiator Arena is the most famous arena in the north and is popular with the Underworld citizens.

There is a slight problem with the legality though.

Lord Sherlock decided to give the gamers a chance to prove themselves. He is currently negotiating with the tournament organizers.

Once the negotiation is completed, the gameplay will be officially online.

Added new BUG, Beetlemon train accident BUG: When gamers take the train, they may fall off the Beetlemon, causing death and maiming.

If gamers encounter such a BUG, do not panic as it is of no use.

The above-mentioned are the new updates. The game development team wishes the gamers an enjoyable experience.”

“How’s that? Will the announcement of Version 0.16 be popular?” Sherlock asked, looking pleased with his completed announcement.

“Indeed, it is so, Lord Sherlock,” Bru said earnestly.

Sherlock nodded. After checking it over, he published it.

Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 115 - Version 0.16 Update Log

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