Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 144 - I'm Innocent

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Chapter 144: I’m Innocent

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

On the busy streets, neatly dressed Orcs, Gnomes, Werewolves, other creatures, and Winterfell citizens were waiting at the public Beetlemon stop for the late public Beetlemon.

Behind the Beetlemon stop was a Magic Stone bank, NeverReturnMoney.

At the bank entrance, a fully armored Orc guard was chatting happily with a female Orc bank employee. The female Orc looked disinterested.

“….the Sludge Monster said to me, ‘It’s not intentional that I ate your table.’ Hahaha. He ate my table. Hahaha, ha…” The Orc guard laughed, but the female Orc was emotionless. The Orc guard stopped laughing and asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Yes,” the female Orc replied quickly.

“Good… wait for a moment, those three…”

The Orc guard frowned as his hand reached for the sword at his waist. The female Orc took a glance and ran off immediately.

Three Hamsters with a mix of black and white fur wore shades as their claws grasped a large black bag. They stood at the side of the public Beetlemon stop, facing the bank. Their location had the most creatures pa.s.sing through.

A fat Hamster gestured to his two companions to get ready.

Behind him was a rounded Hamster who raised up his claws abruptly.

“Big Boss, can we eat after this heist?”

“Fat Otaku, you have other options besides eating. You should stand out and do something that you’ll not do for an entire life.”

The Big Boss Hamster turned his head and placed his claw on Fat Otaku’s shoulder.

The Hamster on the right surveyed the surroundings and said, “Big Boss, there are more creatures now. Shall we…”


Big Boss nodded and placed the black bag on the ground. He squatted down and used his meaty paw to take out an item from the bag—a black magical loudspeaker.

The two Hamsters behind him took out a guitar and piano from the bags.

Big Boss bent down and placed a big bowl in front.

“Deng, deng, deng~deng, deng, deng~”

Fat Otaku plucked the strings of the guitar, which produced notes belonging to the musical style of Western Cowboys.

“Dong, dong, dong, dong.”

Second Boss played the piano, which emitted deep moody music.

The two instruments repeated and complemented each other.

Big Boss inhaled, and his chest was puffed up. Then, he sang in a helium-voice, “Don’t ask me where I came from~My homeland is…”

“Sh*t! It sounds terrible!”

“D*mn! I’m going to vomit my dinner from last night!”

“Shall I give you money not to sing? Stop singing!”

Before long, the bowl in front of Big Boss was filled with rocks, soil, and worm skins.

Fat Otaku threw his guitar to the side and started eating the edible food on the ground.

A compa.s.sionate Succubus with canvas shoes and a slanted backpack walked over and placed a Magic Stone into the bowl.

“Though life’s difficult, you have to buck up!”

The three Hamsters gathered together. They opened their eyes widely as tears welled up.

“That’s the group! Catch them!”

“Don’t run!”

While the three Hamsters were moved by the Succubus’ gesture, a team of Winterfell Garrison Guards charged over.


The three Hamsters grabbed the Succubus, who gave a shrill scream. Then they fled together.

“Eh? Wait! Why am I running? I’m going to work!” the Succubus shouted in panic. She wanted to be rid of the Hamsters, but they had an unknown strength that she couldn’t throw off. She was being pulled along.

The three Hamsters and the Succubus ran into a blind alley as the Winterfell Garrison Guards charged over.

“Wait! We’re innocent! We just sang a song on the streets! Is that wrong?”

“Shut up! You’re a wanted arsonist! You have another jailbreak crime!”

“Big Boss! When did you become an arsonist? And a jailbreak too?”

“I’ve finished playing the guitar. Can we eat?”

“Shut up! Both of you! Both of you are guilty of arson and jailbreak too!”

“Wait, I’m just a Succubus pa.s.serby. I’m not related to them. I have to work!”

“Shut up! Do you think we’ll believe you without bail?”

“Board the Beetlemon! Bring them back!”

At the Winterfell Garrison Guard Station…

A lamp was pulled over, and the blinding magic light made Succubus Evelynn squint her eyes.

A Gnome Garrison guard sat opposite Evelynn. He slapped down a form on the table and said, “Female Bathroom Attendant of Winterfell Special Talent Center, Door Guard of Beyond Expensive Estate Sale Department, and Merchant Alliance Office Intern. The people whom you claimed know you didn’t vouch for your innocence! What do you say?”

“I… I don’t know the three Hamsters…”

Evelynn’s eyes were filled with tears as she looked on with grievances.

“Evelynn! How dare you say you don’t know them!” The Gnome slammed on the table and said, “You’ve called them three Hamsters!”

“But I was really rus.h.i.+ng to work. I saw them busker on the streets and felt that they were cute and pitiful, so I gave them a Magic Stone to encourage them. I really didn’t know they were wanted criminals.”

As Evelynn was about to continue to speak, she was interrupted by another slam on the table. The Gnome shouted, “Do you think that the Winterfell Garrison Guard will believe your nonsense?”

The Gnome continued yelling, “Is there anyone who can prove your innocence? Or bail you out? If there isn’t, I’ll p.r.o.nounce you guilty! We’ve prepared the verdict.”

“Wait, I haven’t gone through a trial.”

Evelynn was trying to defend herself when the Gnome slammed on the table and shouted, “What a joke! Contempt of the Garrison Guard, you’ll get a heavier sentence!”

“Wait, wait a moment! Let me think!” Evelynn was about to cry as she pondered. Then she quickly said, “Lord Sherlock! Yes, Lord Sherlock still owes me five Magic Stones. He can prove my innocence. No, he can bail me out!”

Sherlock sat in front of the computer as he controlled the Undead on the screen to execute an ultimate roll to evade the fatal blow of a Devil BOSS.

Because he was focusing on the computer, he didn’t notice a letter on the table.

Until he made a wrong maneuver and was crushed to death by the BOSS.


Sherlock lifted his head, closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and inhaled through the openings between his teeth.

“Lord Sherlock, take a rest before continuing your research. You have a letter that just arrived,” Bru said.

Sherlock pushed the computer aside and looked at the letter that contained the words “Mr. Sherlock—Winterfell Garrison Guards”.

“Since when did I have dealings with the Winterfell Garrison Guards?” Sherlock frowned. He was sure he didn’t know them.

“I don’t know. Did you empty the Ancient Ruins? I mean, were the gamers discovered when they emptied the Ancient Ruins?” Bru asked speculatively.

Sherlock shook his head and remained silent. He picked up the letter and started reading.

“Mr. Sherlock, Miss Evelynn indicated you as her bail guarantor. After receiving this letter, please proceed to the Winterfell Garrison Guard Station to apply for her bail. Remember to bring enough money for the bail—Winterfell Garrison Guard Station.”

Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 144 - I'm Innocent

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