Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 153 - Murmurs of the Ancient Gods

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Chapter 153: Murmurs of the Ancient G.o.ds

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The gamers of Eternal Kingdom warmly welcomed Peasant, Sylvanas, BurningChestHair, NotWearingPants, and Arthur back to the Dungeon.

As for Sherlock, Eggface, Brainiac, and Evelynn, the gamers only surrounded them but didn’t ask them any questions.

Because they knew if they wanted to know first-hand information, it was best to ask the five gamers.

“How was it? What happened at the Winterfell meeting?”

“Gosh, we saw a Huge Dragon! Wait for our screenshots on the forum!”

“Why didn’t the game officials release the Plot Animation? We want to watch it too!”

Sherlock brought Evelynn, Brainiac, and Eggface back to the Dungeon Core Main Hall.

When Sherlock sat in the chair, Eggface noticed Sherlock’s solemn face. He asked Brainiac softly, “What’s the Ancient G.o.ds about? The name sounds cool!”

Brainiac turned his head to look at Eggface as he said, “The compulsory educational textbooks mentioned that before. They are the Ancient G.o.ds that ruled the Underworld and Surface World. One hundred thousand years ago, they were defeated by the Underworld led by the superior Devils and other New G.o.ds. Haven’t you taken compulsory education?”

“Dragon of the Void and Master of Dark Flames does not need an education!” Eggface said.

“All of you may leave.” Sherlock supported his forehead with his hands as he spoke in a low, frightening voice.

Brainiac bowed to Sherlock before leaving.

Evelynn pinched her finger nervously as she looked at the worried face of Sherlock and left. As a useless Succubus, she was unable to help Sherlock.

Eggface brewed a cup of b.l.o.o.d.y chrysanthemum tea and sighed. Then he wobbled his fat body using his short rear legs and walked to Sherlock’s side. He put the b.l.o.o.d.y chrysanthemum tea beside Sherlock and pulled out a chair.

Sherlock leaned his forehead on his palm and extended the other hand out as he said, “Thank you.”

His hand grasped at the empty air.

“Goo loo, goo loo.” Sherlock lifted his head and saw Eggface sit down and finish the tea all by himself.

“Ha… the tea is very nice. Do you have more? I finished the last cup.” Eggface put down the teacup and looked at Sherlock.

“Aren’t you playing the game in which the undead dodges the hammer? I’m going to watch you play.”

“Get lost,” Sherlock said as he pointed at the door.

“Sherlock’s not in a good mood. I can understand since the Ancient G.o.ds are troublesome. After I awakened, I didn’t hear anyone mention the Ancient G.o.ds and thought they were extinct. I heard they were being sealed tens of thousands of years ago,” Bru said.

“If Lord Sherlock’s worried about the Underworld losing to the Ancient G.o.ds of the Void, why don’t we submit to the Ancient G.o.ds? The otherworld’s gamers are in harmony with the Ancient G.o.ds. Most of the gamers were fans and believers of the Ancient G.o.ds.”

“Why do I have to submit to Ancient G.o.ds who were obsolete for tens of thousands of years?” Sherlock lifted his head and sighed.

“I’m not bothered by the Ancient G.o.ds. I’m…”

“What’s that? If Lord Sherlock isn’t bothered by the Ancient G.o.ds, then what’s bothering you?” Bru asked, bewildered.

“I made a calculation. I suddenly realized I made a grave mistake.” Sherlock spread out his hands and said seriously, “I tried all sorts of ways to keep Eggface, but after seeing his dad leave him without hesitation, I had a realization. There are no benefits in keeping Eggface.”

Sherlock asked, “Can Eggface partic.i.p.ate in mining?”

“With his lack of endurance, it’s impossible.”

“Can he fight Magical Beasts?”

“Eggface has difficulty dealing with a three-figure number of Large Lizards. He will most likely be crushed by Magical Beasts within a second.”

“Can he help me earn Magic Stones?”

“If we exclude selling Eggface, it’s not possible for him to earn Magic Stones.”

Sherlock smacked the table and said, “That Eggface finished all my b.l.o.o.d.y chrysanthemum tea! With his voracious appet.i.te, he’ll finish all my stockpiled meat. I’ll have to spend Magic Stones to feed him. Besides making use of him to increase the Mana Skills usage and create the Houndhead Man race, I don’t gain any benefits. Only the gamers gain from him.”

“Why don’t we sell Eggface? Before that, we’ll prepare tens of thousands of Houndhead Man potions,” Bru suggested. “That will help to recoup our losses.”

“Your suggestion is good, but after the threats made by the Huge Dragon, who will dare to buy Eggface from me?” Sherlock countered with a question. He stood up and placed his hands behind his back and pondered.

“Eggface has to work, but not as a secretary. Besides eating, drinking, and idling in the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, he’s disturbing my research in computer games. If he’s not working to show his value, it’s better that I send him home.”

Sherlock paced around the room and thought for a while. Then he returned to the computer and started typing, “Ad Hoc Patch: New Mana Skills Trainer NPC—Eggface.”

“Lord Sherlock, you’re correct, but I feel that instead of putting our attention on Eggface, we should focus on the problem of the Murmurs of the Ancient G.o.ds.”

Sherlock pondered for a while and picked up the report from Beast. The contents were the same as Onionhead had discussed at the Dungeon Lord Meeting.

“Ancient Ruins No. 85 Archaeology Records: Murmurs of the Ancient G.o.ds”

“According to the latest information, due to the damage caused by the Huge Dragon, the Rune Mana Formation at Ancient Ruins No. 85 was thrown into chaos. It caused the time and s.p.a.ce of an unknown location to connect with Ancient Ruins No. 85. The original Ancient Ruins No.85 has become the bridge connecting them.

The aggravating factor is that our experienced investigators discovered the Murmurs of the Ancient G.o.ds from the torn time and s.p.a.ce dimension!

The most frightening thing is that believers of the Ancient G.o.ds and the Void creatures pa.s.sed through the torn time and s.p.a.ce dimension and appeared in the vicinity of Ancient Ruins No. 85!

If we don’t act quickly, countless believers of the Ancient G.o.ds will appear at a location that is five days journey from Winterfell.

We have to occupy Ancient Ruins No. 85 and fix the torn time and s.p.a.ce dimension!”

“Bru, what do you think?” Sherlock asked.

“Lord Sherlock, I feel it’s a big crisis. We have to either submit to the Ancient G.o.ds or resist the Ancient G.o.ds with all our might. We have to submit to them before Winterfell is lost,” Bru said seriously.

“We’ll forget about submitting to the Ancient G.o.ds. The believers of the Ancient G.o.ds treated Devils like their eternal foes,” Sherlock said. “This is a great opportunity for us—a new large Instance Dungeon!”

“Lord Sherlock’s suggestion is great! Let me refine it, Lord Sherlock. If we let the gamers partic.i.p.ate in the battle, it should be called a Battle Campaign Scenario, which is a more suitable term,” Bru said fervently.

“I’m okay with it as it’s only a term,” Sherlock said indifferently.

“Is Lord Sherlock preparing to join in the battle?”

“Of course. There are plenty of benefits, so why not? Even if I do very little, by just appearing at the battlefield, won’t it add to the gamers’ fun? I can also earn from selling standard equipment to the gamers. I’m starting to get excited about the Ancient G.o.ds.” Sherlock typed furiously on the keyboard.

“It’s time to publish a new version update.”

Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 153 - Murmurs of the Ancient Gods

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