Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 154 - Version 0.2 Update Log

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Chapter 154: Version 0.2 Update Log

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the Winterfell Black Shop Hotel.

Fully armed Orcs who were holding s.h.i.+elds and Crossbows charged into the hotel.

They subdued the boss of the hotel within a split second.

Another team of Orcs charged up the stairs, while yet another five Orcs guarded the Underground Rapid Tunnel.

“Quick! The sixth floor! The informant said the poor female students are on the sixth floor!” an Orc said to his team members. Then a group of Orcs charged up the stairs.

In a room on the sixth floor of the Black Shop Hotel, the occupants were not aware that they had been targeted by the Winterfell Garrison Guards.

“Professor Bacon, this knowledge is pretty new to me. I haven’t encountered it before~”

“Professor Bacon, give me more. My family background is poor. I didn’t have the chance to learn a lot of knowledge.”

“Professor Bacon~”

“Good, I’ll teach, I’ll teach.”

A few Orcs had surrounded the room. They gave hand gestures and eye signals to each other.

An Orc extended his three fingers—three, two, one!

Another Orc turned his body, lifted his leg, and kicked.


The room door was kicked open, and numerous Crossbows were aimed inside the room.

“n.o.body moves! Hands above your head and squat on the ground!”


“Shut up! Don’t say a word!”

“Captain! We found the evidence! ‘Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Mana,’ ‘Self Spiritual Cultivation,’ and ‘How to become a moral Specter.’ They are all Spiritual related materials!”

An Orc walked in and looked through the books. He gazed at a Skeleton in a long robe and a few subdued Orcs and Gnomes.

“Captain! These are female students with poor backgrounds. This Lich is Specter College’s Professor, Professor Bacon. This is his work permit. We caught them red-handed. They are having a tutoring session on Spiritual knowledge!”

“Professor Bacon.” The Orc Garrison Guard Captain looked at Bacon and said, “You’ve flouted the regulation that disallows the teaching of Spiritual Mana to living creatures. The Merchant Alliance is arresting you according to the related regulation. You may appeal for your rights, but every word that you say will not be heard! Bring them away! All of them!”

The Garrison Guards brought Bacon out but were stopped by the Orc Captain, who asked, “Wait, who gave you the information on these female students? Who asked you to teach them?”

Professor Bacon kept quiet as he had unspeakable reasons.

“If you talk, I’ll consider setting you free!”

“I, Professor Bacon, value integrity. Lord Sherlock treated me very well and directed me to teach these female students. Even if you smash my old skull, I’ll not betray the Eternal Kingdom Dungeon Lord Sherlock!”

“Take him away!”

Sherlock sat in the Dungeon Lord Main Hall with a new copy of “Winterfell Daily Digest.” Who knew where the newspaper came from?

Sherlock didn’t mind reading a free newspaper.

He worked on the announcement of the new version update and was feeling physically and mentally tired. He wanted to read the newspaper to relax.

He browsed through the useless advertis.e.m.e.nts and found a piece of news:

“Specter College Academic Department Director, Professor Bacon, taught Orcs and Gnomes Spiritual knowledge and was arrested by the Winterfell Garrison Guards.”

“Next is our reporter’s interviews on this matter:

Reporter: Greetings, Professor Bacon. You are a renowned Professor in the Spiritual Realm. Why did you do such a thing?

Bacon: Can you censor my picture? Make the testimony more formal.

Reporter: Okay.

Bacon, censored: I only wish to let more creatures understand Spiritual Mana. I don’t mean any harm. As for the Merchant Alliance’s regulation, I’m not very sure. I am innocent.

Reporter: Thank you, Professor Bacon, for accepting our interview. I will interview the Garrison Guard Captain. Greetings, Captain.

Captain: Greetings, Reporter.

Reporter: Who instigated Bacon, ah no, it’s Bacon (censored) Professor?

Captain: According to our investigation, the mastermind is Eternal Kingdom Dungeon Lord Sherlock. Currently, we have not confirmed whether Sherlock is closely related to Specter College. As Specter College is a representative of the Spiritual Realm, it is vastly different from the living world. Tens of thousands of years ago, the Spiritual Realm was also part of the Chaos Ancient G.o.ds faction. According to recent rumors, we are led to suspect that there are hidden secrets.

Reporter: The Captain is saying that the Spiritual Realm may lead to the second Spiritual Calamity and that Dungeon Lord Sherlock is the mastermind?

Captain: You said that, not me. If you write nonsense, I will sue you for libel. You cannot add words to mine. (Black smudging and struck off)

Reporter: Good, thank you, Captain. We have concluded the report.”

Sherlock was in deep thought.

“Oho. The Merchant Alliance’s impression of you is taking a beating. Why don’t we submit to the Ancient G.o.ds?” said Bru.

“Will the Merchant Alliance believe this kind of low standard media report? I don’t actually believe in the report,” Sherlock said casually.

“I didn’t expect Professor Bacon to help those poor female students…” Bru said.

“What are you thinking? Didn’t he say that he was helping poor female students?” Sherlock asked bewilderedly.

“No, perhaps I’ve been in the otherworld for too long. I’ll see connotations when hearing words. I was mistaken about Professor Bacon,” Bru said earnestly. “Sorry, Professor Bacon.”

A door knock was heard from outside.

“Come in.”

Brainiac opened the door and walked in.

“Lord Sherlock.” Brainiac bowed to Sherlock and said, “Have you read the Winterfell Daily Digest?”

“Is this the copy?” Sherlock pa.s.sed him the newspaper.

“Thank you, Lord Sherlock.” Brainiac bowed to Sherlock before leaving.

“Isn’t there a problem with giving Brainiac the newspaper? If he learns that Bacon has been arrested, he’ll apply for leave! Apply for leave!” Bru said worriedly.

“I knew such terrible things would happen,” Sherlock said. “I have my considerations. Only with big sacrifices will I obtain large rewards.”

“Lord Sherlock… your sacrifices are too much. I hope that you’re right,” Bru said sadly.

“Enough, it’s not necessary to make me feel good. I’ll publish this new update log,” Sherlock said as he clicked and published it.

[“Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom” Update Log Version 0.2]

“‘Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom’ Version 0.2 Official Update:

Winterfell is facing an unprecedented crisis from the Void Legion, Murmurs of the Ancient G.o.ds. It will bring out countless Void creatures and the followers of the Ancient G.o.ds, who have only one objective—to destroy the entire Underworld!

Citizens of Eternal Kingdom, the Underworld’s heroes! It is time for you to save the world!

Added new Battle Campaign Scenario, Murmurs of the Ancient G.o.ds: Gamers may receive numerous scenarios. I will publish the details in the game. Please look out for it.

Added new NPC—Mana Skills Trainer, Eggface: Besides being the Houndhead Man reincarnation NPC and Lord Sherlock’s secretary, Eggface is also a Mana Skills Trainer. Gamers can seek Mana Skills from Eggface. Learn as much as you can, though they may not be useful.

Added new BUG, Prohibited Food: Due to Eggface’s voracious appet.i.te, from today onwards, gamers are not allowed to add meat to their meals. They can only consume clay.

Added new Long Duration Mission, Hungry Eggface: Food is running out. Eggface requires more Spider Meat and Large Lizard Meat. If Eggface is hungry, the power source of the Houndhead Man will be cut and Mana Skills Training will end. Use all ways and means to feed Eggface. Note: Eggface does not feed on intelligent creatures.

I’ll leave a wild card. If you discover new content or a BUG, add them yourself.”

Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 154 - Version 0.2 Update Log

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