Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 17 - Special Mission

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Chapter 17: Special Mission

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Life connoisseur gamer? Sightseer?

Sherlock was curious about these two new terms. Bru explained and Sherlock understood immediately that the gamer was a peace-loving person who was pa.s.sionate in farming and forging—activities that were non-violent. And, the gamer was a scenery lover too.

Sherlock looked at the excavated tunnels, the piles of Diamond Seam and Simba’s forged weapons and tools that were piling up outside the Blacksmith Shop like discarded metal. What scenery was there to see?

Sherlock had no intention to interfere with his servant’s activities. As long as they were contributing to the Dungeon’s development, he was supportive of their fighting, farming and forging. Even if they were not contributing, he was nonchalant as the gamers were not paid salary. The gamer was planting flowers. In the future, the gamer could cultivate medicinal herbs with the little Fairy. Whether the little Fairy was willing to work for him, Sherlock was not worried as he had a lot of time on his hands.

As the gamers had only just started training, acquiring the basic combat skills to survive in the Spiders’ Lair would require a few more days. Sherlock put aside these trivial matters and started planning for the Dungeon.

The only building in the Dungeon was the Dungeon Core Main Hall which was already built when he bought it. Outside the Main Hall was the Blacksmith Shop. The western excavated s.p.a.ce was used for food storage. The southern excavated s.p.a.ce was used for flower beds and farms while the eastern excavation s.p.a.ce was used for the Training Ground. The excavation of the hundred Goblins’ Group Rest Chambers was still in progress. It would take some time to complete.

Sherlock had to purchase the furniture for the Rest Chambers. The double-decker beds would cost quite a bit. The 500 Magic Stones in Sherlock’s card were to be used for buying this furniture.

The Dungeon was well into its development and was a step closer to Sherlock’s grand vision of the Devil King’s Dungeon!

While Sherlock was planning for the new areas of the Dungeon, the gamers were being pushed beyond their limits as the training was too tough!

Moroes was capable as he was a legendary and tough gladiator when he was young. Though the tournament that he had partic.i.p.ated in was of the lowest category, it was more than sufficient for training the Goblins.

Moroes obtained a Short Sword and armor from Simba before practising with a few gamers. They were not Moroes’ match and were badly beaten. Even the courageous Arthur was defeated and stomped under Moroes’ feet. Moroes commented, “You are the worst trainees that I have ever trained!”

This was not an insult but the truth. Moroes had not had Goblins as trainees before. Though he had been mentally prepared and had not expected much from the Goblins, the Goblins were so bad that they could not be described as poor. Even if the Goblins were not skilled, at least they could grab a sword, close their eyes and slash.

These gamers could not even grasp their swords firmly, and most importantly, they could not even slash accurately!

Moroes pitted two gamers against each other with weapons. The two gamers wielded their weapons and slashed with metal clanging sounds, but the swords were not aimed at the body. Rather, they were aiming at each other’s swords, which missed the point of fighting. Moroes thought they were the exception and called up more gamers to fight, but the result was the same. Except for a few gamers who aimed at the opponent’s critical areas, most gamers did not know where to stab.

In actual combat, if they did not know where to stab, it would be disastrous!

“Haven’t you used a sword before? Haven’t you slashed at your opponents before?” Moroes looked at the gamers and could not believe that none of them had actual combat experience.

Someone came forward and said, “Trainer! We are novices and have only been here for a few days. This is our first time having combat training!”

“I haven’t slashed a Goblin before, but we have slashed Spiders before!”

“Yes, yes, we have fought against Spiders before!”

Moroes was piqued. So they had combat experience with Spiders. What was the result?

The gamers narrated their expedition into the Spiders’ Lair. It was a ma.s.sacre. Though they had fought with the Spiders, they had been terrified and had not dared to open their eyes. Instead, they had wildly slashed around with their swords. Those that had hit their targets were simply lucky.

Moroes understood once he heard the gamers’ narration. Their expedition was a butchering session by the Spiders. Moroes did not understand why Lord Sherlock had sent them as meals to the Spiders, but he knew his mission was to train them into warriors. Since the gamers were so timid, they could not be qualified warriors!

Moroes understood the fact that besides teaching them fighting techniques, sword poses and basic swordplay, he had to use actual combat situations to hone their fighting skills in order to train them into warriors within a month.

Moroes did not want to lose his job. He had only a month’s probation. If he could not train the gamers into warriors, how could he prove his worth to Lord Sherlock? The twenty Magic Stones salary was only available here. There would not be a second Dungeon training Goblins in combat as Goblins were meant for hard labor!

To train them in a month required extreme measures like actual combat! Though the gamers could hone their techniques in one-on-one sparring, the progress would be slow. They had to experience dangerous live combat to improve quickly!

For example, they needed to fight a live Underground Spider! Moroes decided to bring them into the Spiders’ Lair to capture a lone Spider. In the Gladiator’s Arena, it had been a common method to condition the gladiators. Those who had survived the rigorous live combat sessions became excellent warriors!

Moroes informed Sherlock regarding his plan. Sherlock agreed immediately but required sufficient safety measures.

“Lord Sherlock! Don’t worry, I won’t let your servants sacrifice themselves!” Moroes said solemnly.

“No, I’m referring to your safety. If you meet with danger, take care of yourself. Don’t worry about the Goblins,” Sherlock said.

Moroes did not expect Sherlock to be that concerned about him and so nonchalant about the Goblins’ safety. He was extremely touched.

The first thing to do was to control the Underground Spider. There was no time to make a large cage or gladiator ring, but Simba could make a large chain. Sherlock intended to make a trip to the Spiders’ Lair and bring back a lone Spider. Before he made his move, Moroes volunteered valiantly and said, “Dungeon Lord! Give this mission to me! As the Goblin’s head trainer, I have to prove my worth! It’s also a form of training for the Goblins!”

Sherlock saw Moroes’ determination and nodded. It was a good opportunity to test Moroes’ worth. If he could not bring back an Underground Spider, he would not be worth twenty Magic Stones per month.

After obtaining approval from Sherlock, Moroes returned to the Training Ground and informed the gamers regarding the capture of a Spider. He asked, “Who’s willing to go with me? I want the bravest Goblins!”

Moroes had expected only a few to volunteer as Goblins were timid by nature and would not take risks! But then, all the gamers raised up their hands and shouted, “Me! Choose me!”

“Holy cow! There’s indeed a hidden mission! I should have been more proactive in the training just now!”

Moroes was dumbstruck. These Goblins… are they not afraid of death?

Moroes was impressed by their bravery, but he could not bring all of them. Too many Goblins would attract a horde of Spiders. Moroes only intended to bring ten Goblins. He selected the best Goblins based on their training performance.

Sherlock pondered over the fact that these gamers were combat novices. He announced a mission to the selected gamers via Bru.

[Special Mission: New Trainer’s Training Tool

Mission Summary: Skills Trainer Moroes has decided to capture a live Underground Spider as a training tool. It is a great honor to have been selected! Moroes will lead you to mission completion.

Mission Reward: Selected gamers will receive free a Short Sword and armor. After completion of the mission, each Goblin will receive a hundred bronze coins.

Dungeon Reputation Reward: 500 points.

Note: If Moroes perishes before returning to the Dungeon, the mission will fail. As long as Moroes is alive, there is no time limit, and the mission may be repeated.]

As Moroes was going to lead the gamers out under the envious gaze of other gamers, the selected Goblins looked at him in unison.

“Trainer! You better not die! If there’s danger, just run!” NotWearingPants shouted as he grabbed Moroes’ hand as though he was begging him.

Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 17 - Special Mission

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