Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 210 - New Instance Dungeon

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Chapter 210: New Instance Dungeon

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Sherlock walked out of the meeting room, a few Lich Professors spoke with each other while they left.

“Sorry to impose on you, Lord Sherlock,” Professor Bacon said apologetically as he walked behind Sherlock.

“It’s nothing much. It’s what a contract partner should be doing to satisfy the contract.” Sherlock smiled and didn’t put the unhappy matters to heart.

“Professor RawVegetables didn’t make things difficult for you intentionally. She’s just pa.s.sionate about Specter College,” Professor Bacon said thoughtfully. “We have to amend the old agreement. Your suggestions are very good.”

“Is that my sole effort? It’s the result of our discussion,” Sherlock said. “I’ll have to trouble Professor Bacon again.”

Professor Bacon waved his hand in a matter-of-fact manner. He looked embarra.s.sed as he said, “No problem, but is that necessary? Aiya, I haven’t acted for many months, and I feel a bit awkward. What’s my name again?”

“Ba.Mannoroth.Con. Do you need to read the script, Professor Bacon?” Sherlock said as he took out a script.

“Ah, there’s a script? Let me take a look. It has been a few months, I almost forgot everything,” Bacon said gratefully as he took the script and examined it.

“Oh… that’s how it goes… I’m the Ba.Mannoroth.Con of the Void Legion. Haha, this is embarra.s.sing. It feels like acting.”

“No problem. Just relax, Professor Bacon.”

Bacon nodded, and they talked for a while before proceeding to the Teleport Portal at the Training Grounds. Eggface was following behind Sherlock, holding his empty journal in his left hand and a box of b.l.o.o.d.y chrysanthemum tea in his right hand.

The b.l.o.o.d.y chrysanthemum tea was a gift to Sherlock.

Sherlock would like Bacon to act in a new Plot.

The previous Specter College Instance Dungeon was created from a Plot. Since there was going to be a new Instance Dungeon, there would be a new Plot. Otherwise, the gamers would make a big fuss.

That was Bru’s suggestion.

The two of them were discussing things enthusiastically when they arrived at the Specter College Training Grounds.

There were tens of gamers who were gathered there. They were very well equipped, full of energy, and strapped with numerous Bladder Bombs. They were even shouting.

“Calling for a leader to challenge Specter College! Four members are ready and lacking a leader. If you want to complete a mission and gain Reputation Points, equipment, and coins, join us! Hurry before the position is taken up!”

“Forming a team of five based on ROLL loot distribution. We have a Magician and two seasoned warriors. We just need two more members. If you bring your own Bladder Bombs, there will be extra incentives!”

“Selling equipment! Selling equipment!”

“Anybody want to buy traps? Self-made traps! Extremely effective, I guarantee that the BOSS won’t be standing!”

The Training Grounds were bustling with activity. Some gamers were shouting, entering the Instance Dungeon, or waiting for members to join. Professor Bacon was very familiar with the scene, and he didn’t have any issues.

Bacon looked through the script again and nodded at Sherlock as he said, “Lord Sherlock, I’m ready. Let’s begin.”

Sherlock nodded his head and walked to the Teleport Portal. Then he used Mana to create lighting effects to imply that he had walked out of the portal. He also removed his invisibility.

The gamers were enticed by Sherlock’s sudden appearance and flocked to Sherlock noisily. Some gamers went back via the Teleport Portals to inform other gamers.

Sherlock walked forward as he said, “Is this Specter College? Warriors, you have done well! I feel that you have greatly weakened the power of the Specter College.”

Sherlock exerted his dominant aura to restrain the gamers.

“It’s time that we launch an attack against Specter College.” When Sherlock’s voice faded, special lighting effects appeared in front of him. A black-robed Professor Bacon or Ba.Mannoroth.Con walked out of the lighting effects.

“Sherlock, I should have known it was you, the Dungeon Lord of Eternal Kingdom.”

Ba.Mannoroth.Con pointed his skeleton finger at Sherlock and said, “You’ll lose. The Void Legion is invincible!”

“Your end is close! Ba.Mannoroth.Con!” Sherlock shouted and extended his wings as he charged at Bacon. White Mana exploded from his hands. Like a slam dunk pose, Sherlock slammed on the head of Professor Bacon.

But Professor Bacon raised both his hands that were acc.u.mulating gray Mana.

Two opposing Mana collided and exploded with huge shockwaves that sent the gamers reeling.

The Mana special effects created brilliant lighting, leaving the gamers in awe!

As the gamers were restrained, they were unable to speak.

Sherlock and Bacon separated, and Bacon waved his cloak and said, “Sherlock, you can’t stop me. Do you think the power of the Void Legion has been weakened? Don’t be naive! We’re prepared. Meet your doom! The first is Eternal Kingdom…”

After speaking, Bacon gradually vanished.

“What? They have a new source of power? We have to obtain new information! Warriors, continue to weaken the Spirit Legion. I have to go back and activate the Non-Existing Intelligence Organization to counter the impending crisis.”

Sherlock disappeared from sight.

The gamers were no longer restrained, and they started speaking hysterically.

“Gosh, what’s that? Is the Instance Dungeon updating?”

“What happened? A Plot Animation just occurred?”

“The game has always been unpredictable.”

“Thank goodness, I’m here. Otherwise, I would have missed the Plot Animation.”

“The official website will upload previous videos. Don’t you know that?”

“Since when is that new function updated?”

“Like before, we have been deceived by the trashy Plot Animation. I must admit that the special effects are good.”

While the gamers were chatting, Sherlock bade farewell to Professor Bacon. He left the Training Grounds with Eggface and went to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. He accessed the computer and published an update on the forum. It was the Training Grounds Instance Dungeon update!

Eggface brewed a cup of b.l.o.o.d.y chrysanthemum tea for Sherlock and himself, then he sat excitedly beside Sherlock to watch him.

Eggface was thrilled by the actions of Sherlock and Bacon. He said, “With his frail appearance, I didn’t expect him to be part of the Void Legion!”

“I, King of the Dark Flames, will not allow the Void Legion to invade Eternal Kingdom!”

Sherlock ignored the comments of Eggface.

Eggface didn’t speak to himself for long. He sat quietly and watched Sherlock edit the new announcement.

[New update to Specter College Instance Dungeon for 15-member team—”Lich Arrival”]

Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 210 - New Instance Dungeon

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