Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 250 - All of You Can Be Like Me

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Chapter 250: All of You Can Be Like Me

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At the Main Hall to the entrance of the Specter College Instance Dungeon, the gamers were counting down to the opening of the Instance Dungeon.

While the gamers were preparing for the Instance Dungeon, the Specter College candidates were also doing their preparations. Compared to the gamers, who only had to prepare their physical condition, equipment, and traps, the candidates had more things to prepare.

No. 1: Examination notes.

The current notes had developed from about 10 sheets to a booklet of 50 pages. If they were willing to pay more, there was a cover with the Black Armored Goblin, golden fringes, and a bone bookmark.

No. 2: Find four team members and prepare a large number of servants.

The Level A examination was supposed to be more difficult. Though the Eternal Kingdom combatants could be replenished in an unlimited fas.h.i.+on, the restrictions placed on the candidates were also greatly reduced. They were allowed to use Skeleton Magicians, who wielded Mana. The Skeleton Soldiers weren’t limited to the basic levels. They could utilize the most powerful Skeletons.

The main point was that the five-member team was allowed to have a maximum of 5 BOSSES per candidate. A normal candidate was allowed to summon 40 to 50 Skeleton Soldiers in addition to 5 BOSSES.

The graduation criteria had become simpler. If the candidates were able to defend themselves for 24 hours, they would have succeeded.

As such, many candidates chose the Level A examination, as they couldn’t see how they could succeed in the Level B examination.

No. 3: Designing the graduation examination.

The graduating candidates had to design their own examination! They had to design the details of the Plot according to the allocated examination ground. They were responsible for the placement of the Skeleton Soldiers, the appearance of the BOSSES, the design of special effects, and dialogue.

The candidates didn’t understand why they had to do that. They heard that it was a requirement in the agreement between Specter College and Eternal Kingdom. The aim was to cultivate the design skills of the candidates.

Though it was unconventional, the rules had been set. They had to follow the rules if they wanted to graduate from the Level A examination.

The first three points were enough to make the candidates extremely busy, especially points two and three.

Candidate 59865 was a student who chose the Level A examination because he felt it was easier for him to graduate. The more crucial point was that his parents had watched a promotional video, “Success at the starting point”, made by Specter College.

The video was produced by the Eternal Kingdom Publicity Department. The actors were a group of Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men who had green symbols above their heads and the famous genius Brainiac.

The content of the video was as follows:

“I’m Brainiac. I’m waiting in the most powerful Dungeon, Eternal Kingdom, for you,” the emotionless Lich said as he stood in front of a Large Furnace.

With the Large Furnace as the background, a Gnome leaped from it and screamed, “Leap of Faith!” He jumped right into the molten liquid metal.

Then the shot changed to a scene with a Blacksmith Professor and his apprentices. The Blackiron Dwarf shouted to hundreds of his apprentices, “You have to remember that you’re the strongest citizens of the Dungeon. If your Blacksmithing isn’t up to par, don’t disgrace Eternal Kingdom, kill yourself!”

Then the camera showed numerous half-naked apprentices jumping into the Large Furnace.

“We have the most stringent criteria and the most ruthless management. We are the strongest Dungeon, Eternal Kingdom!”

Brainiac expounded the strength of Eternal Kingdom in a ten-minute introduction.

It included the Dragon-killing Gladiator Moroes, the Carpenter Mufasa with his excellent culinary skills, and the ex-Winterfell Business Unit supervisor, Beast, whose back showed the Wors.h.i.+ping Chapel that was filled with Sacred Light. However, it only appeared for a second before it was covered by some mosaic and a caption that read, “Military Secret”.

There was also the howling secretary who was a small Black Dragon, the terrifying Great White Goose, Blackhand, a conservative and shy Succubus, and the Mana Engineer Yoda.

After all the employees of Eternal Kingdom were introduced, Brainiac came up with a concluding sentence:

“Do you wish to have such an impressive job like us? Do you wish to work with such insane colleagues? Do you wish to have an unlimited future? There’s no overtime, and my salary increases daily! What are you waiting for?”

Brainiac extended his hand and said, “Hurry and take part in Specter College’s Level A graduation examination! You can succeed like me!”

That was the end of the promotional video.

The promotional video was very nicely done. After candidate 59865 finished watching the video, his whole family supported him in taking the Level A examination.

Then it was a tense month of planning and preparation.

Candidate 59865 found four other candidates, and they designed a comprehensive plotline. The five of them deployed 300 monsters and 20 powerful BOSSES, with three of the BOSSES being Skeleton Magicians.

Even if there were 15 combatants from Eternal Kingdom, the number of monsters to be killed was overwhelming. If all the BOSSES weren’t killed, then they would graduate.

Candidate 59865 was confident, and he entered the examination ground with his companions.

The examination ground was newly constructed, and the scent of renovation still lingered in the air. There was no problem holding the examination at this location.

The five candidates revised their plan.

“When they enter, act according to the opening scene. Candidate 85945, you’re in charge of creating background effects.”

“I’ll take charge of the background music.”

“For the final BOSS, show his face and cast some Mana with ruthless dialogue, then return the BOSS to his final location.”

“Humph, pathetic Underworld inhabitants, don’t think of fighting the terrifying Void Legion. You are looking for your own death!”

“Wait, didn’t we say not to use the looking for death dialogue? Didn’t a lot of our seniors use that dialogue?”

“Aiya, it’s only a graduation examination, we’re not shooting a drama. Just say something to tide over. The main point is to protect our BOSSES.”

“Good, I understand.”

“What about the rest…”

While the five candidates were still discussing and allocating work responsibilities, the gamers had walked into the Instance Dungeon the moment it was opened…

Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 250 - All of You Can Be Like Me

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