Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 260 - Ground Hugging Demon

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Chapter 260: Ground Hugging Demon

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Dragonborn leaned behind the door and remained very silent.

The fighting outside started and became very violent. Then there were booming explosions. Perhaps it was that Gnome who hid the Bladder Bomb in his trousers.

After a while, it was quiet. Dragonborn didn’t dare to make his move. Only when the Mana-mist approached him did Dragonborn inhale deeply, push open the door, and dash out.

It was a brutal sight. There were two corpses and no survivors, but Dragonborn felt that something was wrong. He lifted his head and saw a creature on a lamp overhead. How did he end up there?

Dragonborn noticed the words “BurningChestHair” above the creature’s head. BurningChestHair leaped down with his dagger and stabbed at Dragonborn’s head.

Instinctively, Dragonborn lifted his s.h.i.+eld, which saved his life.

They collided and wrestled with each other.

Whether it was the real or game world, once they started wrestling, without the help of Mana, it was just a street brawl. This was when wrestling skills came into effect.

Dragonborn had learned wrestling before.

Dragonborn poked BurningChestHair’s nose and eyes. Though BurningChestHair didn’t learn wrestling, he knew about gangster brawling. After Dragonborn used unscrupulous methods, BurningChestHair followed suit.

There wasn’t much to appreciate about such fighting, but the damage was direct.

After a chilling tug of war, Dragonborn lost one of his ears and one of his eyes. Some of his fingers were fractured, and his body suffered numerous wounds, leading to profuse bleeding.

Dragonborn felt that he wasn’t going to live long, the loss of blood would kill him eventually. But it was alright, he was going to be the sole survivor. He was the winner!

Dragonborn didn’t remain happy for long. Suddenly, there was a “swoosh” sound, and he felt a chill running down his spine. An arrow was lodged in his back.

Dragonborn collapsed to the ground. In his field of vision, a Gnome in gray camouflage clothing walked out, holding a Bow and carrying a small bag.


Dragonborn only said one last word before he fell quietly to the ground.

In the huge arena, the spectators stood up and cheered wildly for the victor. He had relied on lying and then shooting an arrow in the back of his opponent to win. He received the compliments and cheering of the spectators as he enjoyed the glorious moment of being the sole survivor!

“Sherlock, Sherlock, you’re amazing!” The Arena Boss, Poison Skin, looked excitedly at Lord Sherlock as he held the Uranium stick in his mouth. He said, “If this continues, within a few months, the arena will be fully booked. There may even be long queues outside the arena. This is all because of you, Lord Sherlock! When the live stream research is completed, even more creatures will be able to watch the Gladiator Fights!”

“It’s my honor to obtain your appreciation. The research process is slow, and there are many magical materials to prepare…”

Sherlock stopped for a while, and Poison Skin said, “Lord Sherlock, don’t worry, the Northern Gladiator Arena has decided to fully invest in your research. There will be a large sum of money arriving in your account. Don’t worry, it’s not laundered money. It has been successfully laundered. I mean, there is no problem with the money.”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. They were very pleased.

TinyMeatball sat in his office while he recalled what he saw during the tournament.

It was very brutal and violent, but according to the organizer, it was all Mana with special effects. All the Gladiators were safe.

But TinyMeatball didn’t understand how Mana Skills could be so powerful. He considered carefully and discovered a crucial point, which was—Mana Skills were developing very fast, and there were more and more talents. The future of the Underworld looked very promising.

Though it was a rosy future, the investigation of Eternal Kingdom’s creatures was a heavy burden and a long process.

“w.a.n.g, w.a.n.g, w.a.n.g! w.a.n.g, w.a.n.g, w.a.n.g!”

A gamer was imitating the barking of a dog in front of a grotesque, ugly, and revolting h.e.l.l Hound.

The h.e.l.l Hound was called a Mutated Houndhead Beast in the game. It was the result of Brainiac’s usage of Mana to mutate the Houndhead Man eggs. The hatched creature had low intelligence but was extremely obedient. The creature was supposed to be a “cute” mutated Houndhead Man.

The gamers didn’t know about this, they only knew that the creature looked like a h.e.l.l Hound.

After owning them as pets, the gamers wished to interact with them. Though they were ugly.

These h.e.l.l Hounds would only chase after the gamers and shout, “Sha—” and “Diao—”. They didn’t know anything else.

And they ate a lot.

The gamers wished they were more like dogs. They discovered one with more intelligence, and he could use the Underworld language. That gamer taught his h.e.l.l Hound pet some fun words.

Like the barking of a dog, “w.a.n.g, w.a.n.g”.

Brainiac walked past the gamers. Behind him were Sherlock and the bespectacled Eggface, who had resumed his secretary role.

The three of them arrived at Brainiac’s Burial Hall, which had been cleared of gamers by Bru. It was now mainly used for research. Bru was now responsible for reviving the gamers, and Brainiac was no longer responsible for healing the gamers.

However, 100 gamers were arranged periodically for Brainiac to conduct his research.

“Lord Sherlock, please take a look.” Brainiac pointed at a large box device and said, “This is the magical video switching experimental device created according to your specifications.”

“That large?”

Sherlock was taken aback by the size of the magical device.

“Because there are many Mana Formations, Runes, and Mana infused components that will allow you to switch to any video at any location. This magical device has to be charged periodically, and it can be used anytime.”

“To create this device, how much does it cost?” Sherlock asked.

“Excluding the repeated costs of testing, it’s about 3,000 Magic Stones.”

Sherlock shook his head and said, “No, we have to reduce the cost, find cheaper materials and simpler Mana Formations. The size has to be reduced. It’s currently too large.”

“I understand.” Brainiac nodded. He hesitated before saying, “Lord Sherlock, I have a request.”

“What is it?”

“Can I join the management of the Adventurer’s Guild? I’m very interested in the sociology research of your citizens,” Brainiac said.

Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 260 - Ground Hugging Demon

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