The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 167 - He Is Family

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A cold look flashed across Fang Zhihan's eyes. After Yu Gangan got into the car, he tapped his long slender finger on her forehead and said, "Didn't your invitation ask you to bring family?"

Yu Gangan covered her sore forehead and mumbled to Fang Zhihan, "You're not family..."

But, as soon as Fang Zhihan sat in the car, she immediately shut up. She happened to be lacking a driver.

The car sped through the streets and quickly arrived at the venue of Lin Guofeng's party: Lin Corp Hotel.

By the time the couple arrived, a lot of people had already gathered inside the glamorous ballroom. Yu Gangan had a quick look and noticed many of Baiyang City's business elites, artists and socialites.

Naturally, she also saw Qiao Pan'er.

At that very moment, she was standing with Lin Jiayu and a few other socialite heiresses. Yu Gangan didn't know what they were talking about, but Qiao Pan'er did not look pleased and Lin Jiayu had her usual cold expression.

As soon as she saw Yu Gangan, she immediately ran over to her, "You're here."


"You should say that to my father," she said as she dragged Yu Gangan over to her father and mother.

As soon as Lin Guofeng saw Yu Gangan, he immediately revealed a big smile, "h.e.l.lo, Dr. Yu."

Meanwhile, Mrs. Lin hugged Yu Gangan warmly and said, "I'm extremely thankful to you. I heard from my husband that Jiayu would still be hiding at home if not for you."

Yu Gangan was a little surprised.

She didn't expect Mrs. Lin to be so friendly, so she was a little fl.u.s.tered. With a shy smile, she said, "You're being too polite. I did what I should."

Mrs. Lin and Lin Jiayu looked very similar, so it was hard to imagine that Baiyang City's deputy mayor was a gentle and elegant beauty.

After exchanging a few words, Lin Guofeng had to do host duties and went to greet the other guests with his wife. So, he pa.s.sed Yu Gangan back to Lin Jiayu and left.

But, before he left, he mentioned that he had a gift for Yu Gangan.

Yu Gangan looked at Lin Jiayu curiously and asked, "What is it?"

Lin Jiayu shook her head, gesturing that she didn't know, "Why are you on your own? Where's your husband?"

Just as Yu Gangan was about to say that her husband was right beside her, she realized the man had disappeared.


They definitely walked in together. Where did he go?

While all this was happening, Qiao Pan'er had been watching Yu Gangan from the moment she walked in. She observed the way that she was greeted warmly by President Lin and Mrs. Lin and it turned her heart icy cold while it burned with anger.

This clash of fire and ice made her heart ache painfully.

Who did Yu Gangan think she was? Why did the Lin Family treat her so warmly?

What was so good about treating one mere illness?

Judging by their closeness, she was sure that Lin Jiayu helped Yu Gangan with the issue at Yueming Hall, otherwise, how did Yu Gangan turn the tables and become known as the most beautiful doctor of Chinese medicine?

This woman sure had face.

At that moment, Qiao Pan'er remembered the way she was 'humiliated' during both her visits to Yueming Hall and felt extremely frustrated.

So, she gathered a few close socialites and led them over to Yu Gangan and Lin Jiayu.

"Well, isn't that our trending doctor of Chinese medicine?"

"People these days. They think they can fly up the ranks by curing a simple illness."

News about the Qiao Family and this female doctor was already brought to light, so everyone knew about the grudge between Qiao Pan'er and Yu Gangan.

Thus, without hesitation, they immediately knew who to side with.

Even though they smiled to Lin Jiayu out of respect, their every word contained a sense of ridicule.

The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 167 - He Is Family

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