The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 168 - Face Slap: Papapa!

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Yu Gangan looked at Qiao Pan'er and noticed the provocation in her eyes.

But, Lin Jiayu's expression changed a little as she said to the women, "Miss Yu Gangan is my guest."

"Jiayu, don't forget what happened with your ex-boyfriend."

"Even if she cured your illness, hasn't your debt been paid after you gave her money? Open your eyes and see through her mask. Don't be tricked by her!"

Lin Jiayu furrowed her brows and said coldly, "The celebrations are starting soon. You should return to your seat."

As she shooed the women away, Lin Jiayu looked apologetically at Yu Gangan.

But, Yu Gangan looked back at Lin Jiayu and revealed a slight smile, gesturing that she didn't care, "I know that not all heirs and heiresses are like this. It's just a shame that some are brainless enough to misunderstand."

Finally, Qiao Pan'er spoke up and said with mockery, "Some people may change for the better, but they will never become a king even if they wear the king's robes."

"Jiayu, who is this n.o.body that you invited," someone asked from the side.

Yu Gangan ignored this person as she looked at Qiao Pan'er and sneered, "No matter how much time and whether I'm wearing the king's robes or old clothes, my clinic will still be mine, not someone else's."

She understood that the other women were influenced by Qiao Pan'er to come over, but some people didn't even know what was happening, nor did they know they were being used.

Lin Jiayu was furious, "If you think my friend is a n.o.body, then why did you come? Please leave!"

Qiao Pan'er didn't expect Lin Jiayu to offend them because of Yu Gangan so she began to boil with rage. But, just as she was about to say something, a quiet voice called out, "Gangan."

Yu Gangan turned towards the voice and saw a couple approach her hand-in-hand. Amidst the glamour of the ballroom, the woman walked over dressed in a pale yellow gown. Her hair was tied up in an elegant and refined manner and the man beside her was handsome and confident, while his gold-framed made him look introverted yet smart.

Yu Gangan smiled slightly and called out in a gentle voice, "Sister Su."

Su Zijing held onto Yu Gangan's hand and introduced her to the man beside her, "This is my husband, Yu Wenzhe. Wenzhe, this is Gangan who I mentioned to you before."

Yu Wenzhe shook hands gently with Yu Gangan and said thankfully, "I've heard about you from my wife. Thank you so much."

"No need to be polite, Mr. Yu, I simply did what I could."

"If you don't mind, you can call me brother-in-law from now on."

"OK, brother-in-law."


All the socialites that were ridiculing Yu Gangan earlier were now frozen in shock.

Wasn't she just a small-time doctor that helped Lin Jiayu?

How was she suddenly Su Zijing's sister?

It didn't matter if she was a cousin or a G.o.dsister, it was obvious that Su Zijing held her in high esteem and they had a really good relations.h.i.+p.

At this time, the celebration officially started and some spotlights began to light up. The heiresses standing around Yu Gangan immediately found an excuse to leave and dispersed.

Qiao Pan'er burned up in anger as her face turned pale.

How did Yu Gangan know Su Zijing?

Su Zijing's family was famous in the Beijing business world. Although she married Yu Wenzhe based on family relations, everyone knew that they were a loving couple with a strong relations.h.i.+p.

Qiao Pan'er felt herself fill up with anger and hatred.

She had seen Su Zijing many times, but she was always arrogant and distant towards her. No matter what she said to her, she couldn't get close to her. It was like she wasn't worthy of being her friend.

Yet, Su Zijing was so close to Yu Gangan.

The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 168 - Face Slap: Papapa!

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