The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 169 - My Prodigal Woman

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A trace of envy suddenly crept into the disdain and ridicule that Qiao Pan'er felt towards Yu Gangan.

If Yu Gangan was friends with Lin Jiayu and had connections with the Su Family and the Yu Family, how was she supposed to go up against her in the future?

Her deathly glare fell on Yu Gangan and remained there until the celebrations began. At that time, Lin Jiayu and Su Zijing left and Yu Gangan went to sit beside a man in a quiet corner.

Qiao Pan'er had seen that man twice before.

The first time she saw him, they were at Century Royal and she thought he was Lin Jiayu's toyboy.

The second time she saw him, they were at Yueming Hall, and judging by the way he interacted with Yu Gangan, they seemed really close.

Was he Yu Gangan's man?!

Did Yu Gangan say that no one could steal something that belonged to her?

Qiao Pan'er sneered. What about a man?

Could she steal him away?

Ever since Fang Zhihan entered the ballroom, he had been sitting in the quiet corner.

The man was handsome and intimidating like a G.o.d. Even though the black suit on his body was simple, he had a n.o.ble and refined presence, but his vibe was colder than the snow on a winter's day. Thus, no one dared to disturb him.

Yu Gangan was the first to sit by his side, "Why have you been sitting here all this time?"

"It's quiet."

"If you don't like events like this, why did you come?"

"Who told me to be your family?"

Yu Gangan was speechless as she curled her lips with doubt.

The man's eyes fell on her lips. She had forgotten the kiss they shared when she was drunk and he did not tell her about it. What would she do if he told her?

It didn't matter if she didn't think about being with him in the past; the future was the most important.

He wanted her future; he wanted her to stay by his side forever.

At that moment, a waiter walked over and handed Yu Gangan a small box, "Dr. Yu, this is a gift from President Lin."

Yu Gangan received the box and held onto it with deep thought.

What was it?

She was both curious and surprised. Slowly, she opened up the box and discovered a stack of business cards inside. Most importantly, they were jade business cards inlaid with gold. The smooth jade was exquisite and translucent, and the gold was dazzling, making the cards elegant, luxurious, and

Back when Yu Gangan received a business card from President Lin, she had curiously bit into it to see if it was real gold.

At that time, President Lin generously offered to gift her a box of cards.

Yu Gangan thought it was just a pa.s.sing comment. Who knew he would actually gift it to her?

Yu Gangan's eyes lit up as she scanned the card like an infrared scanner.

She turned to look at Fang Zhihan and asked happily, "Do you think this is real gold and jade?"

Fang Zhihan's lips curved slightly with amus.e.m.e.nt and replied, "Yes."

"I'm rich!" How much money were these cards worth?

"Do you like them?"


"I'll gift you a few more boxes," Fang Zhihan offered generously.


Yu Gangan's eyes curved as she smiled, "But, when I think about it, jade is hard to sell. If you plan to buy me any, make sure they are all gold. That way I can melt it and sell it for a lot of money."

This time, Fang Zhihan was speechless.

He hooked his arm around her neck and said seriously beside her ear, "You prodigal woman! I won't let you manage my finances in the future."

Yu Gangan's forehead creased, "..."

These cards were bad for her reputation. It was better to melt them than to hand them out. Didn't he understand that?

As for managing his finances, he had already lived in her apartment for so long without paying a cent. What finances did he have?

But, just as she was about to ridicule him, a shrill and whiny suddenly resounded beside her ear, "Hey there, good looking, would you like to dance?"

Yu Gangan looked up and saw Qiao Pan'er. Her gaze was enchanting and seductive as she stared directly at Fang Zhihan like she was trying to melt him with her eyes.

Was she interested in Fang Zhihan?

The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 169 - My Prodigal Woman

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