The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 246 - Fang Zhihan's Angry

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Xia Chengzhou made a loud noise when he fell to the ground.

The loud bang woke Yu Gangan up suddenly. She immediately sat upright and the coat covering her body slid to the ground.

Yu Gangan picked up the coat and placed it on the chair beside her. She then looked in surprise at Xia Chengzhou who was sitting on the floor and Fang Zhihan who was standing tall in front of her.

The corridors of the hospital felt dark and eerie as the tall and cold black-coated man stood there with a powerful presence.

It was suffocating.

Yu Gangan, who just woke up, was still a little drowsy.

As she sat there stunned and confused, she asked, "What happened?"

Fang Zhihan turned his head slightly and glanced at Yu Gangan.

The next second, he turned around, walked to Yu Gangan's side, grabbed her wrist, and left.

He was domineering and strong.

The man strode so quickly that Yu Gangan had to practically jog to keep up with him.

They crossed through the hospital corridors and ended up in the parking lot. "What's wrong? What happened?" Yu Gangan couldn't help but ask.

Fang Zhihan glanced at her.

Yu Gangan hooked her lips and smiled in a friendly manner.

Seeing her bright smile and oblivious expression, Fang Zhihan's eyes darkened and his aura grew colder than the snow around him.

Yu Gangan noticed that his gaze remained cold and his expression worsened after she smiled.

She slowly retrieved her smile as a bitter cold covered her body like she was lying in an ice cellar.

The car began driving smoothly on the road,

The man had an extremely cold presence. Even though the heater was on in the car, it felt colder than the ice and snow on the outside. Fang Zhihan was like a walking air conditioner. In fact, he was the type that only had a cooling function.

Yu Gangan ma.s.saged her wrist. It had turned red from his grip.

She was completely puzzled.

Was Fang Zhihan angry?


A moment later, Yu Gangan realized the car was not heading back to the Chinese medicine a.s.sociation, nor to Fang Zhihan's home.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

Fang Zhihan didn't answer. Instead, he just gave her a cold look.

Yu Gangan was a little angry.

What was wrong with him? Did she do something sinful and unforgivable?

The car suddenly stopped. They were surrounded by white; the snow was endless. Not too far away, some men and women could be seen skiing in the distance.

Just as Yu Gangan was about to ask Fang Zhihan why he brought her there, Fang Zhihan stepped out of the car and his shoes squeaked across the snow.

He walked over to Yu Gangan's door and pulled her out without a word.

He then opened the rear door and tried to push her inside.

Yu Gangan resisted as she stared at him, "What are you doing? Aiya, my hand..."

Afraid that he used too much force and hurt Yu Gangan, Fang Zhihan suddenly let go and pressed her against the door.

Yu Gangan held her breath and looked at the man in surprise.

"You..." she blinked and her eyelashes fluttered like b.u.t.terfly wings, "what's wrong with you?"

He was too close to her. She couldn't even take a step. She tried to push him away, but he held down her arms and pressed against her body.

His handsome face moved close and his eyes looked deeply into hers.

Yu Gangan looked back at him nervously and swallowed hard, "You..."

Before she got to say a word, Fang Zhihan leaned forward and covered her mouth...

The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 246 - Fang Zhihan's Angry

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