The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 248 - What To Do When Moved?

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The couple returned to the car and Fang Zhihan pulled out a towel to wipe Yu Gangan's hair.

They had been too indulgent under the winter moon. She was afraid of the cold and easily fell sick so she had to hurry home for a hot shower and some ginger tea.

Yu Gangan huddled up in the seat without a word as her cheeks flushed red.

Her body was wrapped tightly with his jacket which still carried traces of his warmth.

It was like she was wrapped in his embrace and she was inexplicably moved by it. As she sat in the car, her body felt light as though she was floating on top of a cloud.

They weren't far from Fang Zhihan's villa.

The car arrived outside within 30 minutes.

Yu Gangan was so cold that her legs felt weak. As soon as she stepped out of the car, she almost fell. Luckily, Fang Zhihan grabbed onto her.

He then lifted her in his arms horizontally.

To prevent herself from slipping, Yu Gangan immediately wrapped her arms around his neck.

Her cheeks turned red and she held her breath, too afraid to make a move. Her heart thumped like thunder and her heart rate was a mess. Apart from staying quiet, she couldn't make any reaction.

After they entered the villa, Fang Zhihan grabbed a towel and bathrobe and handed them to her, "Hurry and have a hot bath."

Yu Gangan stretched out her hand to accept the items and quietly headed into the bathroom.

The heated water washed away the coldness on her body. Yu Gangan felt warm and her mind began to think clearly again. She remembered the kiss they shared in the snow and her cheeks subconsciously turned red.

Why did Fang Zhihan kiss her?

Did he really like her?

But, what did he like about her?

Yu Gangan wanted to ask him, but she was too afraid.

Her heart felt strange like a feather was tickling it. It felt inexplicably uncomfortable, but slightly refres.h.i.+ng at the same time.

After her bath, Yu Gangan stepped out and walked into the living room just as Fang Zhihan came out of the other bathroom.

The two of them wore matching bathrobes...Yu Gangan subconsciously froze. Why did these matching bathrobes look like something worn by couples?!!

When Fang Zhihan saw Yu Gangan, he waved his hand, "Come here."

He didn't have any ginger tea so he poured himself some hot water and made Yu Gangan a mug of warm milk.

Yu Gangan sat down opposite him and grabbed the mug. As she drank the milk, she snuck a glance at Fang Zhihan. The man's dark eyes were staring at her.

Like a thief, she immediately retrieved her gaze and focused on drinking the milk.

Oh G.o.d, her heart raced. They used to interact casually, but she suddenly felt embarra.s.sed about everything.

Fang Zhihan's lips twitched and a slight look of amus.e.m.e.nt appeared in his eyes.

After drinking the milk, Yu Gangan ran off to her room and closed the door tightly, afraid that Fang Zhihan would enter.

That man was too bad.

In the past, she had heard Song Chabai say that a first kiss during the first snow was especially beautiful and romantic. She even said that the three key elements to a date in a Korean drama were snow, fried chicken and ramen.

It seemed, the atmosphere was really quite good.

For once, she didn't feel suffocated by the snow around her.

But, he never confessed to her. He simply kissed her forcefully out of the blue. No matter how she thought about it, did that mean he liked her and they were dating?

Yu Gangan rolled around in bed, unable to sleep.

She felt as though the kiss in the snow was one grotesque dream.

But, the dominant man seemed to leave behind some warmth on her lips that she could still feel whenever she closed her eyes.

After rolling in bed for quite some time, Yu Gangan finally pulled out her phone and sent Song Chabai a message.

The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 248 - What To Do When Moved?

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