The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 273 - The Jiang Family's Future Heir

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Zhong Haitang was thrown out of Baifang Pharmaceuticals onto the ground in an extremely embarra.s.sing manner.

He had always been savage, arrogant, and unruly, so everyone hated him and feared him.

As they watched the arrogant man being thrown out like a dead dog, they all cheered with satisfaction.

Zhong Haitang saw everyone's mockery and felt he had lost all face.

He stood up from the ground and yelled angrily, "You just wait! I won't let you have a happy ending."

Back in his sports car, Zhong Haitang called Jiang s.h.i.+sheng with his mobile phone.

"Brother-in-law, who is this new Vice President Fang? He is so arrogant!! He has no respect for you whatsoever. I didn't even do anything to him. I simply argued with him over a parking s.p.a.ce in the parking lot and he got physical. When I told him you were my brother-in-law, do you know what he said? He said, so what? The President is nothing compared to him and he doesn't like you. a.s.sistant Chen even helped him and threw me out!"

Zhong Haitang stirred the pot by talking a whole heap of angry nonsense.

After a short pause, he felt it wasn't enough, so he added, "Brother-in-law, that a.s.sistant Chen isn't a good thing. He doesn't respect you at all. Could these two be colluding to steal Jiang Corporation's money?"

He talked a whole heap of b*llsh*t, hoping that Jiang s.h.i.+sheng would fire Fang Zhihan.

Jiang s.h.i.+sheng frowned, "I know how Zhihan is like. If you didn't do anything wrong, he wouldn't have embarra.s.sed you. Since he asked you to leave Baifang Pharmaceuticals, then don't ever return."


Zhong Haitang never expected this result. In shock, he yelled, "Brother-in-law..."

But, Jiang s.h.i.+sheng had already hung up.

He threw the phone on the table in front of him and sighed.

Sitting opposite him, Jiang Baian asked, "Dad, what's wrong with Uncle?"

"What else? He was acting out of line at the office and even tried to pick on Zhihan this time. He deserved to be thrown out," Jiang s.h.i.+sheng replied.

Jiang Baian's face sank, "Did Fang Zhihan go to the office today?"

"He's already been back for one month. It's about time he goes to the office."

"Dad, Fang Zhihan already changed his surname to Fang. What right does he have to inherit the Jiang Family's business? Hasn't grandfather considered that Jiang Corporation is at this scale because of us? It's bad enough that he wanted to give the business to Big Uncle because you're the younger son, but now that he's pa.s.sed away, why should the business go to Jiang Han? This old fool..."

Before he finished speaking, Jiang s.h.i.+sheng threw a slap across his face.

Jiang s.h.i.+sheng pointed at Jiang Baian and yelled angrily, "What old fool? That is your grandfather! If you say something like that again, I'm going to beat you to death."

"Dad!" Jiang Baian covered his face in shock.

"You're older, you should be a good role model."

"Yes," Jiang Baian was forced to respond.

Jiang s.h.i.+sheng sighed helplessly, "I need to discuss business in Chicago in a few days. It is estimated that it will take more than a month. During this time, you need to get along with Zhihan, OK?"

Jiang Baian lowered his eyes innocently.

But, as soon as Jiang s.h.i.+sheng walked out, his gaze turned gloomy and cold. He clenched his fists tightly and humphed heavily.

Good brothers should show love and respect to each other.

But, this was impossible between him and Fang Zhihan.

The Jiang Family could only have one heir: him, Jiang Baian!

The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 273 - The Jiang Family's Future Heir

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