The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 316 - Is The Wedding Too Rushed?

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Song Chabai's idea was for Yu Gangan to seduce Fang Zhihan. When Yu Gangan heard this, she grabbed a piece of meat and stuffed it in Song Chabai's mouth. It was lucky that she had refused at the beginning.

What kind of stupid idea was this?

Then again, how reliable could history's most dirty-minded woman be?

But, that night, Yu Gangan had a dream.

In her dream, she was dressed in a set of s.e.xy pajamas and she was lying on Fang Zhihan's body, her voice pleasant like a spring breeze, "Fang Zhihan, do you like me?"

He stared at her, his eyes deep like the sea as he lifted her chin lightly and leaned over to kiss her on the lips.

It was pa.s.sionate, sweet and intoxicating.

Because of this dream, Yu Gangan did not dare to look into Fang Zhihan's eyes the next day due to extreme guilt.

She didn't care what others thought about love; for her, it was too fast. If she was to seduce Fang Zhihan, she might as well apply a few needles to control his body and make him pounce on top of her.

Where was her teacher at a time like this?

Her teacher was her life mentor. If her teacher was around, he would definitely teach her what to do.

After Lu Xuechen and Lin Jiayu decided to get married, they went straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau to receive their marriage certificate as quickly as possible.

Although they were just a couple in front of other people, it was only right to prepare for a marriage and follow all procedures.

After receiving their marriage certificate, they naturally had to take wedding photos and hold a wedding reception.

Lin Jiayu called Yu Gangan to help her choose a wedding dress.

Yu Gangan was shocked, "You are holding your wedding on the first day of next month? Isn't that too soon? There is less than half a month left. There are too many things to prepare. Won't it be too rushed?"

A faint smile appeared in Lin Jiayu's eyes, "Our marriage is just a formality, it doesn't matter if it's done early or late. There are professionals to do it. It's no rush."

Yu Gangan was shocked and didn't know what to say.

She was so casual and indifferent. How was she dealing with a life event?

She was practically holding a contract signing ceremony and celebrating their cooperation together.

Yu Gangan couldn't understand. She felt that this was completely opposing her values and outlook on life.

But, since they thought it was OK, it was better to get it done earlier. Otherwise, Lin Jiayu's stomach would begin to show in a couple of months.

Lin Jiayu pointed to a row of wedding dresses and asked, "Gangan, which one do you think is right for me?"

Yu Gangan's eyes were a blur. She thought they all looked good and had their own unique characteristics. "Why don't you try on the ones you like and pick the one that looks the best on you?" she suggested.

"OK, no problem."

Women always had a strange obsession with wedding dresses.

And trying on clothes was enjoyable no matter how tiring it was.

An hour pa.s.sed quickly. By the time Fang Zhihan and Lu Xuechen arrived, the two women were still struggling to pick a dress.

After trying everything, they discovered another dress that looked decent and Lin Jiayu went to try it on.

This wedding dress was elegant and simple in design, but it was the best and most suitable one for Lin Jiayu. Her exquisite figure and facial features paired with the elegant and luxurious wedding dress made her look gorgeous and dreamlike. When people looked at her, she was stunning.

"Wow! So beautiful!"

As Yu Gangan subconsciously exclaimed, she walked up to the woman, "Jiayu, pick this one. It's better than the previous ones and it is really suited to you."

As she spoke, she looked at Fang Zhihan and Lu Xuechen, "What do you guys think?"

The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 316 - Is The Wedding Too Rushed?

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