The Sweetest Medicine 341 A Gift For Fang Zhihan

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The fresh, simple, and warm restaurant was comfortable.

Inside a small, comfortable room, the black marble and crystal chandeliers complemented each other well, making it look particularly grand and luxurious.

There were 3 days left until Lin Jiayu and Lu Xuechen's wedding. Back when Lin Jiayu agreed to the contract marriage, she was confident that she wouldn't be affected by it. But, as the date of the ceremony neared, she suddenly felt a little lost and wanted to run away.

Yu Gangan laughed gently and explained the situation to Lin Jiayu, "You have a fear of marriage."

"I'm simply having a contract marriage, why would I be afraid of that?"

Yu Gangan comforted her friend, "It may be a fake marriage, but the two of you are actually getting married and starting your own family. Besides, the elders don't know the truth. So, it's hard to avoid the formalities and traditions related to weddings. It's only normal to be a little stressed. Once the stress builds up too much, you are bound to feel scared and unsettled, and you may want to run away and avoid the situation. Don't worry, everything will be better once the wedding is over."

Yu Gangan put down her chopsticks and wiped her mouth with a napkin. She then asked, "Are you staying in Beijing after the wedding or returning to Baiyang City?"

Lin Jiayu shook her head, "I don't think I'll be returning temporarily. Are you returning with Fang Zhihan as soon as everything is over?"

Of course, Yu Gangan was returning to Baiyang City immediately.

But, it was an uncertainty whether Fang Zhihan would return with her.

"I don't think we'll be returning together...He still has something to do..." Elder Jiang had handed Jiang Corporation to Fang Zhihan, so it was expected that he would be very busy.

"Then, do you want to stay in Beijing for a few more days?"

Yu Gangan rejected this thought without hesitation.

She had already been in Beijing for a month. Even though Nanzhen Street was getting knocked down, it was still business as usual for Yueming Hall until that day.

After their meal, Yu Gangan and Lin Jiayu visited the shopping mall next door.

As they pa.s.sed by a flags.h.i.+p store, Lin Jiayu pulled Yu Gangan inside and they walked over to the menswear section. At that moment, Yu Gangan's gaze fell on a tie.

The tie looked mature, trustworthy,, and vintage, but it still had a touch of modern style. As soon as Yu Gangan saw it, she immediately thought it suited Fang Zhihan.

A shop a.s.sistant walked over and said with a smile, "h.e.l.lo, this tie is a limited edition design."

Lin Jiayu looked at Yu Gangan and asked, "Are you planning to buy a tie for your husband?"

It was true that Yu Gangan wanted to buy it for Fang Zhihan and thank him for letting her stay at his place. She also thought the tie would look extraordinarily charming on someone as handsome as him.

But, she had never bought a tie for a man before and wasn't sure if it would suit him. So, she asked Lin Jiayu, "Do you think this is suitable?"

Lin Jiayu tilted her head and examined the tie, "Both the style and color are very suitable as a gift."

"Then, help me wrap it up!"

Only after she said this, did Yu Gangan remember the words 'limited edition'. In a panic, she quickly asked, "How much does it cost?"

The shop a.s.sistant smiled and replied, "6888 Yuan."

Over 6000 for a tie?!! Yu Gangan was shocked. Wasn't that too expensive?!!

Since it was a gift for her husband and she thought it was expensive, it didn't make sense for Lin Jiayu to help her pay it, so she said, "Why don't we have a look at a few others?"

After all, Yu Gangan wasn't there to specifically pick out a gift for Fang Zhihan, she simply thought the tie suited him and decided to buy it for him.

The Sweetest Medicine 341 A Gift For Fang Zhihan

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