The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 376

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Chapter 376: Master Handsome Is Back (1)

Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

The corner of Yu Gangan's eyes were red as she looked at him in a daze.

Why did he tell her that he liked her at a time like this? Yu Gangan was a little fl.u.s.tered, anxious and her mouth was dry. She moved her throat a little and wanted to say something, but she didn't know what to say.

The room fell into silence.

Yu Gangan lowered her eyes for a long time before she said, “My grandfather actually adopted me. At that time, I was seriously ill and it took a long time to cure me. I was in bad health when I was young and grandfather was busy with the clinic, so my teacher took care of me most of the time. My Master Handsome was a particularly gentle person. He taught me how to be grateful, how to remain brave in dire situations, and how to face the future calmly…”

As Yu Gangan spoke, her eyes turned red.

Her voice also became emotional.

“Master Handsome is my father and life coach. I remember he told me that a doctor should be benevolent. That's why I believe he isn't the person that killed your father,” Yu Gangan defended her teacher.

The tall man's eyes fell on her and he replied gently, “The police will investigate everything in detail and prove whether he did it or not.”

Yu Gangan looked deeply into Fang Zhihan's eyes. His eyes were dark and his expression was serious.

She moved her lips and asked, “Then, do you think my teacher is the culprit behind your father's death?”

This question made Fang Zhihan fall silent for a while.

After a bit of consideration, he replied, “I trust that our legal system will find the killer.”

This wasn't a real answer but Yu Gangan knew what the answer was.

She let out a gentle laugh, “I have no way of proving that my teacher isn't a killer because we are different, but in my heart, I am certain that he's not.”

Fang Zhihan: “…”

Yu Gangan took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and said, “We..we aren't suitable for each other.”

Fang Zhihan did not look pleased. His long arms pulled her into his embrace domineeringly and he stared at her face, “Whether we're suitable or not, it's my call!”

His tone did not allow for objection.

His att.i.tude was strong.

Yu Gangan used all her strength to push him away. “Fang Zhihan, I have no way of forcing you to believe what I do. After all, he is my teacher – the teacher that I know – not your teacher nor someone you know. I can't force you to believe that he didn't kill your father because your father is a victim. But, if we are to be together, then this is a problem that we have to face. So, before my Master Handsome returns, it is honestly unsuitable for us to be together,” Yu Gangan said loudly.

Only G.o.d knew how much strength it took for her to say these words.

Before she got a chance to be pa.s.sionately in love, she was already breaking up pitifully. Who said she was a lucky charm and who said luck followed her from a young age?

At that moment, her phone suddenly rang.

The ringtone was a song from the ballad singer, Aska Yang. His delicate and husky voice began to sing: 'How much time, length, and pain before you hear the words he hasn't spoken. Your strength is like a lie; it is but a disguise…'

The sad melody matched the situation.

Tears dripped onto the floor.

Yu Gangan began to cry.

She held back her sadness and walked over to pick up her phone.

“Miss Yu Gangan, this is Zhou Zhou. Mr. He s.h.i.+gui is at the police station…”

When the woman's voice sounded from the other end, Yu Gangan was a little shocked. Her eyes suddenly enlarged and her breathing became unstable as she asked emotionally, “What did you say? Is my teacher back?!!”

The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 376

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