The Sweetest Medicine 384 My Naughty Girl 2

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"I suspect Jiang Bai'an was the one who pushed my teacher into the sea. I also suspect Jiang Bai'an killed your father. Would you like to investigate it?"


Why did he only respond with this one word, and why were his eyes icy cold?

Yu Gangan's smile slowly stiffened. She suddenly felt that running down so enthusiastically wasn't such a good idea.

This man had clearly said that he liked her.

He said he liked it when she hugged him and called him husband one second, then ran away the next.

He said he liked it when she focused on checking pulses and the way she sat there quietly, but seemed to glow.

He said he liked it when she blushed and was embarra.s.sed, while she tried to act serious, mature, and experienced.

Now that he was so cold, how was that considered as liking her?

As expected, if one was to trust men, then they might as well believe that ghosts exist.

Yu Gangan curled her lips, "Why did you tell me to come down here?"

"Weren't you the one that called me?"

"Yes, I called. I just wanted to tell you that my teacher didn't kill your father. Now that I've told you, there's nothing else I want to say. I'm going to go," Yu Gangan said before she pushed open the car door and left.

Her expression was decisive without any hesitation.

At that moment, the man gripped onto her wrist, tugged gently and wrapped her in his embrace, "You're going to go? How can you go when you haven't put on your jacket?"

With a gasp, Yu Gangan's body froze. She leaned into Fang Zhihan's arms, lifted her head and looked into his icy cold eyes.

He hooked onto her neck, trapped her in his arms and said, "Do you want to leave after saying a few words? You've been accompanying your teacher all day, yet you haven't complained a word. Do you not want to see me and stay with me that badly? I won't let you have your way!!"

The angry Yu Gangan stared at him. When she understood what he was trying to say, she suddenly started laughing.

"Hahahaha..." her laugh was crisp and pleasant like pearls dropping on a jade plate.

It turned out, his coldness was due to jealousy; he was jealous of her teacher.

What was there to be jealous about?

Her teacher was like her father!

Fang Zhihan remained expressionless, his eyes cold as ice. "Don't laugh," he warned.

If she didn't see his reddish ears, Yu Gangan would have really been frightened by him. But, it seemed, he was only angry because he was embarra.s.sed.

She responded obediently with an, "En," blinked her eyes, and said with deep meaning, "I didn't eat lemon today, but why do I sense some sourness?"

Before she finished speaking, Fang Zhihan pressed her firmly against the seat.

"You..." the woman's red lips opened slightly as she stared at him with her misty eyes.

Fang Zhihan's eyes turned darker in the night.

As soon as one word left Yu Gangan's mouth, an overwhelming kiss lowered strongly onto her lips.

He aggressively pried her teeth apart and forced himself into her mouth, rubbing against her lips, and knocking against her teeth, as the temperature in the car instantly rose.

Yu Gangan felt her body go numb as she lost all strength. After the kiss ended, she gasped for air, but Fang Zhihan suddenly buried his head into her neck.

"Ouch!" Yu Gangan felt a tinge of pain coming from her neck. She subconsciously pushed Fang Zhihan away and glared at him, "What are you doing?"

Why was he suddenly biting her?

He lowered his forehead to meet hers, their breaths blended and his eyes focused on her. There was no pain in her eyes. In a deep and gentle voice, he said, "I want to eat you up..."

How dare the brat laugh at him.

Yu Gangan: "..."

He always teased her in such a direct way.

The Sweetest Medicine 384 My Naughty Girl 2

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