The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 386

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Chapter 386: My Naughty Girl (4)

Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi

Yu Gangan stared at the hand that Fang Zhihan was holding onto and reciprocated.

There was a saying, ‘To live or to die, together or apart, we promise to remain hand-in-hand, until the day we die.' This old and firm promise was just a romantic and beautiful fairytale, but, she still wanted to hold his hand through all difficulties and remain hand-in-hand through all moments of sweetness and bitterness.

Fang Zhihan smiled dotingly as he watched Yu Gangan return to the apartment.

Only when he saw her wave to him from her bedroom window did he finally look away and drive off.

But, as he drove, his gaze started to turn cold. He turned on his Bluetooth headset and made a phone call, “What's the situation with Jiang Baian?”

“Jiang Baian is with Qiao Pan'er at the moment. He s.h.i.+gui's return has thrown them into a complete panic. They're desperately trying to sell Anhe's shares for the lowest price.”

“Continue to keep an eye on them.”

Jiang Baian had a dark cloud above his head at that moment.

The usually handsome young man hadn't bathed for several days and he looked even more disheveled than He s.h.i.+gui.

Anhe Health had caused him to make such a huge loss that he was going crazy. Yet, just as he finally managed to protect Anhe Health, He s.h.i.+gui returned.

Things just kept getting worse!

How could someone that was obviously dead come back alive?

In the past few days, Jiang Baian had been so angry that he didn't know how many mobile phones he had smashed.

But, Qiao Pan'er was even more panicked than him. “What do we do now? He s.h.i.+gui's back. Did he recognize Cao Jian before he pushed him into the sea? Can we trust Cao Jian? Will he expose us?” Qiao Pan'er asked anxiously.

Cao Jian was the general manager of Anhe Health.

Jiang Baian looked at her coldly, “Why are you panicking? If he recognized him, he would have already told the police and Cao Jian would have already been arrested. Since the police hasn't come, then it must mean he didn't recognize the person that pushed him.”

Qiao Pan'er: “…”

[If you're not panicking, then why did you smash so many phones?]

Jiang Baian paced back and forth and said, “Aren't you familiar with Yu Gangan? Why don't you test her and see if He s.h.i.+gui knows anything?”

Qiao Pan'er subconsciously declined, “You know the situation between us. I'm not really familiar with her. We have always opposed each other. How will I get any information from her? We might as well get Cao Jian to ask.”

Jiang Baian disagreed, “Cao Jian can't go. If He s.h.i.+gui can't remember who pushed him and he sees Cao Jian, his memory might be triggered and we'd be screwed.”

Seeing the situation, Qiao Pan'er had no choice but to try herself.

Qiao Pan'er was in a panic.

She felt uneasy. He s.h.i.+gui was clearly dead. How did he come back alive?

If Anhe Health closed down and this matter was announced, would the Qiao Family's hospitals also go to ruins?!

[He s.h.i.+gui. He s.h.i.+gui.]

[Why aren't you dead?!]

Meanwhile, Yu Gangan felt like she was floating on cloud nine.

She brushed her finger across her lips as she blushed. She was in love. She and Fang Zhihan were together. What made her even happier was the fact that her teacher had returned.


She said this word softly and it sounded pleasant to her ear like a wind chime.

Yu Gangan tossed around in bed, too excited to sleep.

So, she picked up her phone and sent Fang Zhihan a message with the word she was just saying to herself: ‘boyfriend'.

But, Fang Zhihan quickly replied: ‘husband'.

Yu Gangan looked down and suddenly exploded into a burst of silly laughter.

The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 386

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