The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 402

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Published at 30th of March 2020 01:50:10 AM
Chapter 402

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He s.h.i.+gui lost his usual cla.s.s and calmness, replacing it with anxiety and worry . He then turned to Yu Gangan and whispered, "Brat, run when you get the chance . "

Yu Gangan furrowed her brows, "Teacher, I can't leave you on your own . "

"He won't do anything to me because I have evidence of his crimes in my hands . But, you are different . That's why you should run quickly, call the police, and find someone to save me . "

Their conversation was so quiet that only the two of them could hear it .

He s.h.i.+gui pulled Yu Gangan behind him and watched as Jiang Baian approached, "If you have a problem, then target me, don't involve the innocent . "

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Jiang Baian glanced at Yu Gangan, "Innocent?!"

Jiang Baian laughed in ridicule and looked back at He s.h.i.+gui, "I already warned you, I tried talking to you, and I gave you several opportunities to stop opposing me, but you refused to listen and insisted on going against me . If that's the case, then don't blame me for being cruel!"

Yu Gangan looked at the man in shock, unable to predict what he wanted to do, "Jiang Baian, you've really gone crazy . . . Do you know what you're doing?"

"I've been forced into a dead end . If you want to kill me, then I will kill you first!" Jiang Baian said crazily with anger . His considerably handsome face was so twisted at that moment that he was barely recognizable .

With a wave of his hands, he yelled, "Grab them both . "

As long as he had Yu Gangan in his hands, he was sure that Fang Zhihan would listen to him .

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The moment his words fell, the big men accompanying him immediately rushed over to He s.h.i.+gui and Yu Gangan .

Yu Gangan took two steps back, her face filled with panic and anger, "Jiang Baian, this is illegal, if you do something to us, you won't be able to escape . "

He s.h.i.+gui said quietly as he lowered his eyes, "There's no point saying this to him, he's already sick and incurable . "

In urgency, he kicked the man to his left and yelled, "Run!!"

When in danger, there was no time to hesitate, so as soon as He s.h.i.+gui pushed Yu Gangan forward, she immediately started running straight ahead .

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She desperately ran, hoping to find someone to help .

When Jiang Baian saw Yu Gangan run, he shouted like a fierce red-eyed beast, "Don't let her get away . Hurry and catch her!"

Immediately, two men chased after Yu Gangan .

He s.h.i.+gui was quick and nimble as he ran up to intercept them and tangled himself with the two men .

"You want to run?! Neither of you can run . " Jiang Baian angrily ordered the two men to go after Yu Gangan again .

He then picked up a pole and hit He s.h.i.+gui .

He s.h.i.+gui stumbled forward a little, almost losing his balance before another man ran over and threw a punch towards him . He s.h.i.+gui turned sideways and evaded just in time .

But, there were too many of them . He could evade one but not another, so he was eventually kicked onto the floor . . .

Yu Gangan continued to run desperately forward, taking the advantage to distance herself as much as possible . This road was very remote . Yu Gangan used all her strength to run, hoping to find someone or something to save her and her teacher .

But, there was no one to help her and her phone was in her handbag which was still in the car, so she couldn't call for help either .

What could she do now?

How could she save her and her teacher?

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The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 402

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