The Sweetest Medicine 403 Put All One's Eggs In One Baske

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Yu Gangan turned around and saw the two men getting closer and closer to her. She suddenly felt like all hope was lost.

A woman's physical strength was inherently worse than a man's, not to mention, the physical fitness of these two men were higher than that of ordinary people.

Seeing that they were about to catch up to her, Yu Gangan gave up and stopped running.

She bent forward slightly and tried to catch her breath as she placed her hands on her hips. She then said to the two men, "Stop chasing, I'm not running anymore. I'll go with you..."

The two tall men thought they'd have to get violent.

Who knew she'd be so obedient.

This worked out for them. They could save some energy.

Yu Gangan huffed and puffed and said, "But, I'm honestly tired right now. Can you give me some time to catch my breath? Just a little bit and I'll go with you. I am very obedient and won't make things difficult for you."

The two men glanced at each other and understood with their eyes.

One of the men, who had a buzz cut, looked at Yu Gangan and warned fiercely, "If you dare to mess around with us, we will teach you a lesson."

The other slightly chubby man said, "As long as you're obedient, we will not make things difficult for you."

Yu Gangan looked at them and grinned, "I won't mess around, I won't. I can't even run anymore. Even if I catch my breath, I will still be no match for you, so there's no reason why I would put myself through hards.h.i.+p like that, right?"

The man with a buzz cut snorted coldly, "At least you're aware."

Yu Gangan then said, "It seems, the two of you aren't bad people. Since you're good people, why are you helping Jiang Baian? That Jiang Baian is such a stingy guy. He hasn't been paying his staff and he apparently owes a lot of money."

The chubby man subconsciously asked, "He owes a lot of money?"

Yu Gangan nodded with a serious expression, "That's right. Don't you know? A gentleman that's equally as handsome as the two of you came to threaten me on behalf of Jiang Baian. But, after he threatened me, he returned a few days later and took back his threat. I naturally asked him why and he told me Jiang Baian didn't pay him. He didn't even give a QR code to transfer money online. So, out of anger, he broke ties with Jiang Baian."

The chubby man was surprised, "Is that true?"

With a furious expression, Yu Gangan said, "Of course. Don't you think he's stingy too?"

After hearing Yu Gangan's response, the chubby man nodded his head in deep thought.

Yu Gangan sighed, "I'm simply warning you because you look like good people. The two of you must be careful and make sure he pays before you do anything for him."

The chubby man glanced at his friend, and his friend said coldly, "...If he dares to pay us any less than agreed, our boss will not let him go!"

"I'm afraid your boss may have been fooled by him too. Do you want to call your boss and check if Jiang Baian has paid yet?" Yu Gangan said with a frown.

The two men looked at each other.

They were actually considering it.

So, Yu Gangan added quickly, "My boyfriend is quite rich. If the two of you are unemployed in the future, you can go to look for him, he will find you a job. He's never late with wages; he's very generous. If you save his girlfriend, he will pay any amount to thank you."

The Sweetest Medicine 403 Put All One's Eggs In One Baske

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