The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 57: Trash Will Always Be Trash

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He Wanxin sighed and continued, "She's never liked me since we were kids and she's always been very ignorant and childish. I've never seen her without a boyfriend; one always follows another. We can't even remember how many she's had. In fact, I clearly remember, the day before her car accident, she was showing off her relations.h.i.+p with Yang Tianyou. I don't know how she woke up and suddenly turned into your wife."

As she spoke, He Wanxin laughed, "She's amazing. Even you were tricked by her."

Fang Zhihan looked at the woman and said in a dull tone, "Turn right up ahead."

His voice was calm and indifferent, but it had a dark and cold vibe to it.

What did he mean by 'turn right up ahead'?

He Wanxin looked at Fang Zhihan in confusion as her head spun. But, no matter how she thought about it, she couldn't figure out what his words meant.

Just as Yu Gangan stepped out of Zou Yuanquan's office, she heard the last few words of Fang Zhihan and He Wanxin's conversation.

As she glanced at the obsessed He Wanxin, she burst into laughter, "If you turn right up ahead, it's a doctor's office. He is saying you're crazy and you should go see a doctor."

When it came to cruel words, He Wanxin still couldn't compare to Fang Zhihan. His words were like the leaves of a willow tree; they could be shot out like lethal flying blades.

He Wanxin glared at her cousin angrily and yelled, "Yu Gangan!"

Yu Gangan rolled her eyes, "What? Did you think you'd become successful overnight just because you found a famous teacher? Haha, trash will always be trash no matter where it goes!"

In Yu Gangan's heart, Zou Yuanquan's skills were far from her grandfather's. After all, Zou Yuanquan was simply hyped up by the media.

Since her grandfather had already invested so much energy into He Wanxin and he still failed to teach her, Yu Gangan refused to believe that Zou Yuanquan would be able to succeed.

In fact, she began to question whether Zou Yuanquan was the one that taught He Wanxin about the morphine powder.

After Yu Gangan finished speaking, she turned to leave.

But, just as she took a couple of steps, she noticed He Wanxin shaking her head towards Fang Zhihan as though she was about to run up to him and cry about her suffering. So, she turned back, grabbed onto Fang Zhihan's hand and dragged him out with her.

No matter what, Fang Zhihan was technically her man, so she wasn't about to let He Wanxin seduce him.

Only after she left the hospital did she realize what she had done.

As though she had been struck by lightning, Yu Gangan immediately let go of Fang Zhihan's hand. She then approached him naturally, like nothing had happened, "Errr...thank you for back there. If not for you, I wouldn't have gotten in to see that man."

Technically speaking, this was the first time Yu Gangan had held a man's hand so intimately.

Fang Zhihan glanced down at his hands; there was a slight twinkle in his eyes.

When he looked back at Yu Gangan, he asked with deep meaning, "Did you get the answer you were looking for?"

"No," Yu Gangan shook her head. She had a feeling that Zou Yuanquan knew something that he wasn't telling her. But, he seemed to be avoiding her.

Yu Gangan fell into deep thought as she walked. When suddenly, she was held back by her wrist.

She immediately froze and turned in surprise to look at the man behind her. She wanted to retrieve her hand, but Fang Zhihan tightened his grip.

His dark eyes looked into hers as he said calmly, "Where are you going? My car is parked over here."

Yu Gangan looked at the direction that Fang Zhihan was referring to and saw his Jeep. "Oh," she replied, feeling a little fl.u.s.tered. "But...I'm not going home yet, I still need to see a patient."

"Get in the car."

"Are you driving me there?" Yu Gangan questioned.

This time, Fang Zhihan did not reply. Instead, he pulled her hand and nudged her into the Jeep.

The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 57: Trash Will Always Be Trash

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