The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 87: One Person In A Lifetime

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Yu Gangan laughed in ridicule, "He Wanxin, I sometimes wonder whether you keep walking down a path of stupidity because your *ss and your head was swapped at birth. You're amazing!!"

As she spoke, Yu Gangan raised a thumb at He Wanxin.

But, these words angered He Wanxin so much, she practically spewed blood. With extreme displeasure, she said, "Stop talking sh*t, Yu Gangan!"

Yu Gangan chuckled slightly, "I don't have anything to talk about with someone like you. Our values are completely different and we are from different worlds. Just like when it comes to sleeping with men: I plan to only sleep with one man in this lifetime, but, it seems, you plan to sleep with a variety of men to see who's better in bed. If I had the choice, I wouldn't talk to you at all."

He Wanxin clenched her fists; she was so tempted to hit someone. "Who wants to sleep with a variety of men to see who's better in bed...?"

"You!" Yu Gangan cut in as she looked at He Wanxin with ridicule. "Weren't you talking about selecting the person that's better in bed? Isn't that your selection criteria? People always judge others based on their own standards! You know what I'm talking about?"

He Wanxin's original intention was to vent her anger on Yu Gangan!

But, in the end, not only did she gain nothing from the situation, her heart almost exploded in anger.

Holding onto her chest, she yelled, "Yu Gangan, don't get ahead of yourself. Let me tell you, a cruel woman like you with a mouth as poisonous as a snake, should sit back and wait to be dumped by a man!"

Yu Gangan spread her palms in a haughty manner, "Sorry, no man can dump me. However, I've just dumped a man recently. His name is Yang Tianyou."

He Wanxin was so angry that she could no longer think before she spoke. "You dumped Tianyou? Tianyou's the one that would never be interested in a woman like you! If not for me, he wouldn't even take a glance at you."

Yu Gangan laughed, "It seems, your relations.h.i.+p with Tianyou is indeed not simple!"

"Of course..."

He Wanxin had a bad temper to begin with. So, as soon as Yu Gangan provoked her, she was immediately angered. At that moment, the words that almost slipped out of her mouth made her freeze.

In a panic, she quickly yelled, "Yu Gangan, don't try to trick me with your provocation, you sly wench."

As she spoke, she gave a cold humph and turned to leave.

But, Yu Gangan lowered her eyes and gave a cold laugh. She had felt for a long time that there was something strange about He Wanxin whenever she mentioned Yang Tianyou.

Ever since they were kids, He Wanxin had caused her trouble multiple times and even tricked her, but for the sake of her grandfather, she had never chased her cousin up on it. After all, He Wanxin was her grandfather's actual granddaughter, and without her grandfather, there would be no her.

But, He Wanxin was a sly character, she loved competing with Yu Gangan and often tried to trick her.

Unfortunately for her, she wasn't calculative enough. All she did was charge around recklessly with her emotions written on her face.

This time, for example, if she didn't have an unspeakable relations.h.i.+p with Yang Tianyou, she wouldn't have been so upset every time Yang Tianyou was mentioned; it was as if something she loved had been s.n.a.t.c.hed right out of her hands.

Yu Gangan looked away, but her eyes happened to fall upon the black-suited Fang Zhihan who was leaning casually against the wall with his arms crossed. When did he arrive?

"How long have you been here?" she asked.

If he arrived, why didn't he make a sound?

Fang Zhihan looked at Yu Gangan and slightly curved his lips, "I arrived when you said you were only sleeping with one man in this lifetime."

Yu Gangan broke out in a sweat as she felt her cheeks heat up.

The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 87: One Person In A Lifetime

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