Becoming The Empress: Golden Finger Set Under My Bed 23: Seeking Medicine For Young General

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An Rushuang turned to Hong Yu and told her, “Please make sure someone is here to look after Nanny Liu.”

With her tearful eyes, Hong Yu responded in a crispy voice, “Rest a.s.sured, my lady. I’ll handle everything.”

An Rushuang and Zhu Xianxian left the West room and went directly to the pavilion.

The layout of the Liuxi Pavilion was supremely elegant. The stream flowed on the rockery like small waterfall, connected with a rippling lotus pool on which stood an arch bridge.

The layout was very much like the scene in Mohe where residents harmoniously lived along the waterway.

After they were seated, Xianxian asked, “Why are you in such a rush? What happened on earth?”

Blinking her eyes, An Rushuang said after thinking a long while, “You’ve been living in the capital for several years. Do you know there is a young general based in the north of Mohe?”

General? Young general?

Hearing Rushuang’s words, Xianxian was slightly stunned and said, “There are some high officials’ sons who went to the north of Mohe. But you know that, they were just to make up the number rather than make actual contributions. As for general, I’m afraid only your elder brother and the eldest son of Grand commandant enjoy some fame in the battlefield.”

Saying so, Xianxian asked, “Do you know his name?”

“I suppose he is named Yun Ran and he’s about to reach twenty.”

Hearing this, Xianxian shook her head determinedly, “No. There is no such a young general, and I haven't heard of a young general surnamed Yun. Where did you know him?”

Xianxian couldn’t help feeling worried, thinking that Rushuang might have been deceived by someone with ulterior motives since she just arrived at the capital. Although it was prosperous and bustling here, the capital was also the dirtiest place in the world.

Seeing that Xianxian stopped smiling and turned serious, An Rushuang knew that Xianxian was worried about her. Then she tried to comfort her, "No, I don't know him. It’s not like what you thought. I happened to hear his name from a storyteller when having a rest in a tea shop during the spring outing. The storyteller was talking about General Yun Ran and I quite admire him, so I am asking you about him."

Hearing this, Xianxian took a sigh of relief and raised her pretty eyebrows, “Really?”

An Rushuang hummed at her and turned her back on Xianxian, “Believe it or not, it’s up to you.”

Saying so, An Rushuang lowered her head and took a sip of the hot tea guiltily.

An Rushuang did met a storyteller in the tea shop, but he was talking about the s.h.i.+ Jin, nicknamed Dragon, a character in the novel, who had nothing to do with that young general.

“Look at you, what a short-tempered girl! Fine, I can forgive you this time, but Rushaung…”

Zhu Xianxian looked at her seriously and said, “It’s ok to say anything in front of me. But bear in mind that never talk these things to others. Your reputation as a fair lady may get ruined because of a nonexistent man.”

Only family members would warn her about these issues sincerely.

Looking up to the concerned Xianxian, An Rushuang warmly smiled at her, “I know what you mean, otherwise I wouldn’t tell you about it.”

Suddenly, An Rushuang hit her forehead and realized that she was busy talking about these irrelevant matters and forgot the most important thing.

An Rushuang had intended to ask about what medicine could cure the scar on Major General’s face. But she had no idea who he was, so she asked Xianxian first.

She really did not expect Xianxian could keep nagging her, and she even forgot her original intention.

An Rushuang asked, “Several days ago, a friend of mine injured his face. It was a serious knife wound. Do you know how to deal with that?”

As long as it was not life-threatening injury, he would always ignore it and care for others who were injured in the battle. That was why An Rushuang could even see b.l.o.o.d.y flesh on his face. If the wound was left untreated or got even worse, his handsome face would be ruined.

Anyway, the general had helped her several times. Therefore, An Rushuang should help him in return.

Hearing Rushuang’s words, Xianxian’s face turned white. She took a breath in and asked surprisingly, “Oh, my G.o.d. Who is so vicious? How could someone hurt others’ faces by knives?” Saying so, she had already forgotten about “Yun Ran”.

In order to back up her previous lies, An Rushuang said, “He is a distant relative of my friend. He had a fight with his neighbors, and he does not have money or medicines to deal with the scars in the small village. He is now asking me for medicines…”

“Ok, I got that. I’ll ask my father. I can give you the prescription tomorrow. If you want it immediately, I can ask Dingxiang to bring it to you today.”

Xianxian was considerate. Although she studied medicines, she had no experience of diagnosis. Physicians should always know the exact details of patients before prescribing medicines. If Xianxian gave out a prescription by only listening to Rushuang’s several words, there might be some deviations. Therefore, it was better to consult her father.

Thinking about this, An Rushang nodded, “It’s really urgent, so please do give me today. Excuse me for causing the trouble for you.”

Hearing her words, Zhu Xianxian slightly chuckled and said, “We are close friends. I’d like to help you. Just stay at home and I’ll let Dingxiang bring the prescription to you as soon as possible.”

Saying so, Xianxian stood up and walked out. She turned back and said seriously to Rushuang, “Also, pay attention to Ye Chengzhi.”

Becoming The Empress: Golden Finger Set Under My Bed 23: Seeking Medicine For Young General

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