Becoming The Empress: Golden Finger Set Under My Bed 24: Attending The Banquet Together

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“It’s better to keep an eye on him. I am a regular at Anle Hall, but I never heard a physician called ‘Ye Chengzhi’. But it was very urgent at that time and you needed a physician for Nanny Liu right away. Although I had some concerns, I could do nothing, so I came with him together.”

“However, after seeing how he diagnosed Nanny Liu, I a.s.sume he is not that bad. Anyway, if you decide to employ him, you’d better look into his background and make a thorough investigation in case there comes some unexpected vexation.”

Xianxian said in such a sincere manner that An Rushuang could not help chuckling, “I know what you mean and I have sent someone to investigate him. You’ve being so long-winded. What about calling you Nanny Zhu?”

Hearing this, Zhu Xianxian also laughed out and hummed at her, “FineI almost forgot that you are the smartest among us three. I’m so worried about you and you are now making fun of me…”

Xianxian and Rushuang chatted all the way to the gate before Rushuang saw Xianxian off.

When An Rushuang was about to return to the Liuxi Pavilion, she met Mo Zhu who looked extremely concerned.

“Miss An, you are here!” said Mo Zhu out of breath. “Lord and Lady ask you to see them.”

Hearing this, An Rushuang felt a little surprised. It was already bright. They could not be asking her for breakfast as it was too late in the morning. So what else could it be? Thinking for a while, An Rushuang thought it must be related to “An Lingshan”.

In Qingfeng Pavilion, it was tranquil and elegant, free of the previous bustling, as if nothing had happened here.

The morning breeze was a little cool and wet. An Rushuang could not help holding herself tighter. At the doorsteps, she heard someone weeping inside.

Looking closer, An Rushuang saw An Lingshan kneeling on the ground. She was all in white and her body was trembling as she cried, which made her look like a withering white lotus, so fragile that almost everyone would feel pity on her.

What trouble was she making again?

Seeing this, An Rushuang slightly frowned at her before paying respect to Lord and Lady, “Dad, mum, good morning!”

Hearing her voice, the three all turned to her.

An Yipei was frowning and looked serious. No one knew what he was thinking about. He wove his hand and said, “There are only us here. Just skip the formalities. Come here. Lingshan, take a seat, too.”

Saying so, An Yipei pointed at the seat on the right and sighed, “I’m so sorry that I didn’t know how much you suffered these years until you told me. I owed you so much.”

Lady An sat beside, looking at An Rushuang with worries.

She knew An Yipei was a soft person. But she didn’t expect that An Lingshan was such a tough girl with a deceptive look that she insisted having a chat with Lord An. Lady An didn’t even have time to bring Rushuang here, and An Yipei was already making compromises after listening to that girl’s words.

An Yipei felt guilty and now he was planning to take Zhang to the An Family and look after her. Looking at An Lingshan, Lady An really could not judge whether she had been suffering too much or scheming too much.

An Lingshan looked up at An Rushuang with a shred of treacherous smile before she lowered her head quickly and turned back to her previous fragile look. Seeing this, An Rushuang couldn’t help frowning at her, but she quickly turned to Lord and Lady, “I wonder why dad and mum call me here?”

Thinking for a long while, An Yipei said, “Rushuang, I heard you are going to attend the Princess’s banquet tomorrow?”

Saying so, An Yipei looked into An Rushuang’s eyes.

Hearing his words, An Rushuang finally knew what it was all about, but she didn’t break it out. She pretended to be confused, “Yes, but I have just received some invitations and I did got the Princess’s. Dad, how did you know this?

Hearing Rushuang’s question, An Yipei was a little surprised and he looked at Lingshan who had been in the Changting Pavilion these days, how did she know about the flower banquet?

Seeing An Yipei’s inquiry sight, An Lingshan stood up immediately and paid respect, “Sister, I heard some ladies talking about this at Changting Pavilion. They said all ladies in the capital received invitations and I suppose sister must have received it as well. So I mentioned about this.”

An Lingshan said in such a naïve and calm manner. Apparently she had already thought out how to handle this question.

“True enough. My sister, you are really smart.” Said An Rushuang before turning to An Yipei.

Seeing this, An Yipei also smiled and said, “I’m glad to see you two having such a good relations.h.i.+p. Rushuang, take Lingshan to the banquet so that you two can be more familiar and also you can introduce her to the ladies in the capital.”

Not having heard An Rushuang’s reply, Lady An turned pale after hearing An Yipei’s words.

An Lingshan had not officially accepted by the An Family. How could she go outside and be introduced to other Ladies?! How disgraceful it is to the An Family!

“His lords.h.i.+p, you can’t…” said Lady An.

Hearing this, An Yipei frowned at her. Lady An was also stunned. Her hand was grabbed determinedly. Turning around, she saw An Rushuang standing beside her slightly shaking her head.

Becoming The Empress: Golden Finger Set Under My Bed 24: Attending The Banquet Together

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