The Gods' Decree 216 Delilah

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"I relinquish my marker."

With Samson's words, the marker illuminated before transferring to Ava's arm.

"Smart fellow." She uttered with a smile but all Samson did in return was look at her hatefully.

After stripping them all of their markers Samson's squad was then untied, before being shooed on their way.

"I'll get you back for this!"

Samson yelled to Malnor while being helped to his feet by a squadmate.

"Sure you will."

Malnor with a laugh returned Samson's sentiments in kind. He then paid no more attention to the defeated Samson before signaling for the squad to move.

Staying in one position for a prolonged time was akin to auctioning their markers for sale. Who knew how many other squads were on their scent in the vicinity?

While charging through the trees, the newly formed squad felt quite accomplished. Ensuring to whisper in his transmitter Malnor believed there was a need to give credit where it was due.

"Cameron, you, my little friend are a genius. That plan was perfect and its execution flawless."

All the others too congratulated Cameron, and even Ava had encouraging words, 

"It was indeed brilliant, well done."

With their words, Cameron could only awkwardly smile. He wasn't use to getting such attention while in the squad.

Before with personalities such as Lovren, luke, and Niesha, he was always perceived as the quiet one. Then those two monsters joined the squad taking up all the spotlight. So he became tossed even further in the background.

Yet today they became surprised when he volunteered coming forth with a mean by which to score some easy markers.

This new-found confidence he had was due to some recent encouragement received.

He recalled the conversation he had with Taf while they drank sharing ideas on strategies in different scenarios. These were Taf's words, 

" You're clearly are quite brilliant, Cameron. Yet you choose to keep to yourself. At this moment you could be the squad's most valuable a.s.set. For a while you even had me feeling inferior."

Taf laughed as he drank before patting him on the back. He then continued, 

" Let others see your worth and jump at the chance for your voice to be heard. Because when you speak a wise man knows it is worth listening."

Taf didn't know this but his words were truly inspirational to the introvert who sought to rid himself of his former sh.e.l.l.

Having been ushered praises by the other members he then humbly responded, 

"It was nothing."

Previously they had visited the terrain and when Cameron saw it his eyes lit up in antic.i.p.ation. It was the perfect landscape to form a trap.

With the river to their back, it provided the ideal cover against any thoughts of enemy attacks from the rear.

All they then needed was for those blessed with the earth element to hurriedly dig multiple large pits.

Then next there was a need to gather the perfect big fish. Now how do you catch such prey? It's simply by serving up bate which they dare not refuse. 

Seeing the hour mark a mere few seconds away all eight members anxiously looked down on their markers.

Blue light meant they were safe, while red meant they were in danger of being eliminated falling within the bottom 30%.

Shortly after there was exhilarating relief as all markers still remained blue.


With the hour mark now reached footsteps could be heard exiting the forest. When seeing how many exited the numbers were indeed staggering.

It was not 3000 but perhaps 4500.

They hung their heads in shame noting how quickly they were able to arrive at the exit.

This was all due to them hardly making it into the nucleus of the forest which spanned thousands of acres.

It was not only the weaker disciples that exiting at such an early venture, but also some person with status to their name.

Some ranked upward of 500th, 375th, yet the most startling was seeing someone ranked 135th.


A boorish voice shouted in sheer surprise.

This was the last thing Samson wanted. So he had hung his head in shame like the others in a bit to blend among the populous.

Yet his fame was too far-reaching as there was by no means his face could be hidden.

When looking up he saw a group of ninth stages who evidently had yet made it into the forest.

Knowing it couldn't be avoided he then dejectedly made his way over to the group. In the group were a pair of twins bandaged and nearly wrapped like mummies.

They had large sabers on their backs and blood in their eyes. No one dared to look at them too long in fear of their retaliation.

A glimpse at them suggested you knew the reasons behind their scare. Which meant in their mind they were being incessantly ridiculed.

They were not the center of the group, however, as there were four others of equal or higher status. Yet none made it into the top one hundred.

"What do you want?" He asked evidently annoyed.

At this juncture, all he desired was to drown in his sorrows at one of the many drinking holes (Bars/Pub).

" Cheer up dare friend. I am sure it could have happened to any of us. It's tough going inside I presume. After all, look at your comrades."

 One of the members spoke with obvious sarcasm in his voice as he looked at the multiple seventh and eighth stages which exited.

A few coughs were heard from the group but Samson knew this was them holding in their laughter. They were truly mocking his plight.

" We will see how long you last Jacob. I had the unfortunate luck to be pounced upon by five ninth stages. I wonder how you would have faired?"

Samson's response caused a sudden halt in the m.u.f.fled laughter. They then because curious. Could it be possible that a fourth rank squad had entered at this juncture?

If that was the case it was truly worrying.

They were by no means able to fight a squad of such strength even though being fellow ninth stages and having the advantage of the additional man. The gap was far too wide.

It was by mutual benefits that they had formed a group while of such strength leaving their original squads.

Having been made on offer that was truly tantalizing by the Barker brothers. Whose family fortune was seemingly boundless.

Seeing how timid they became Samson smirked. He knew what they thought when he said those words.

He could perhaps use this to taunt them but perhaps their skill could be used in his bidding. His mind then formulated something far more sinister.

"Don't worry it's not a fourth Star squad. Just a few three-star squads combined. I got greedy after seeing the wealth they had gathered in that small period of time.

Thus I overplayed my hand and you have seen the result."

With his words, a gleam could be seen in the five's eyes. Which was exactly what Samson intended. Now it was time to make puppets for his revenge.

"Tell me about this squad." A blonde-haired man with bra.s.s knuckles questioned.

"They have mercilessly seized by their lonesome upward of two hundred markers." Samson exaggerated throwing a figure in the air.

"Two hundred?!" The man questioned as this did seem quite high for the period they have been in the forest.

" Yes. looked at the sheer number of those exiting. Do you presume all were simply defeated in their first bout?

No they had some accolades to their name before being mercilessly pounced upon someone or squad of greater strength."

Samson stopped for effect. When seeing their reaction were to his liking he once more continuing, 

" Inside this is how the game works and currently they are masters at it." He then ended by saying. 

The five became a bit fidgety as this was indeed enticing. However, they were paid an hefty sum for a particular mission.

"Tell me the name of the squads that formed this union?"

The one the most presence of the five curiosity got the best of him so he question. He dark his and quite muscular with brown hair. Perhaps on their mission, they might be able to gather these additional markers.

They too had hopes of entering the top one hundred of the rankings. Samson wasted no time spilling the name of the three squad captains.

"Ava, Malnor, and Malgrey."

As he spoke Samson noticed an evident glimmer when he said the last name. Why was that?

Before he knew it one of the Barker twins had him by the throat. With him being only ranked 135th while this Barker was 121st. The difference in strength was evident.

"Did you say Squad Malgrey?!" He squeezed as he questioned.

"Yes.., yes Malgrey!" Samson hurriedly replied.

"Was the one that calls himself Sir Mouse amongst them?" The other Barker twin also inquired. 

"Sir Mouse?!"

Samson wondered what this was all about. Yet in a flash, a bulb went off in his head recalling the one who upright trampled on both brothers.


Samson felt the handle of a saber mash down on his already injured foot.


He screamed which alert all around to the act. Yet when they saw who had inflicted the wounds they dared not linger with their eyes.

"Did I stutter dweeb?!

Evidently having quite the pent up anger the Barker brother uttered.

"No, he wasn't within the group."

With tears in his eyes, Samson hurriedly gave the answer required.

" Hiding I see. It seems there is a bonus on his head. Let's go hunting for a mouse. We might not be able to kill him, but let's have some fun." 

The dark skin man amongst the group laughed as he stood.

With his words, the others also took to their feet heading within the forest. 

Observing them leaving Samson who nursed his injured leg looked hatefully at the group. 

It seems it worked out better than he thought it would. With there being evident history between the groups his promised revenge is looking oh so sweeter.

He only hoped that the twins too would get a further beating. 


He spat blood on the ground while rubbing his throat as the p.a.w.ns could no longer be seen. Though in pain he was certain his would be both minor in comparison to Malnor and his friends. 

Unedited Version

To continued.

The Gods' Decree 216 Delilah

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