Demon Lord's Reincarnation 168 I'm The Uncle Of The Patriarch

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The man called Günter started cracking his knuckles as he approached Ren. He looked at Ren in pity, he was thinking that Ren shouldn't have come and tried to be a hero. Now he was going to get crippled and his woman will be mercilessly r*ped by Günter's b*stard of an employer. 

'Sorry, but orders are orders, I'll make it quick.' Günter didn't say this out loud since his employer would punish him. The people who were watching also felt pity for Ren. The man just wanted to do the right thing but he was going to be punished because of it. 

On the other hand, Some people actually thought Ren was stupid, why did he need to b.u.t.t in another person's business. Now he was going to get beaten half to death and his woman will be taken and defiled. 

When Günter was closing in Ren looked at him asked, "are you really going to do this?" 

"No hard feelings," Günter replied as he took a fighting stance. He then casually attacked Ren with a punch. Due to Ren emitting mana at the same level as an ordinary person and looking the way he did, Günter thought Ren was just a weakling that wanted to do the right thing. 

Ren then proceeded to casually evade Günter's punch. Günter was surprised but then he continued his attack and Ren continued to dodge. The people watching thought that Günter was playing with Ren unaware that it was Ren who was toying with Günter. 

"Günter, enough horsing around, it's getting boring and I need that woman right now!" 

"Yes, young master!" Günter hearing the young master getting irritated suddenly took a different stance. This time he was coating his whole body in mana. He was about to attack seriously but then he heard Ren's voice.

"Are you sure about this?" Hearing Ren's nonchalant tone made Günter aware that something was off about Ren. Still, he had no choice as it was an order by the young master. Günter with a speed greater than before attacked Ren, the people watching could only see Günter turn into a blur then appearing behind Ren and attacked. They all thought it was over for Ren, but then Günter who initiated an attack was the one who collapsed. 

Ren didn't even move an inch, he didn't even bother to look at Günter who had fallen. The people watching couldn't understand what was happening. The only person who saw Ren's move clearly was Silika. The two bodyguards with the young master of the Valier family also saw Ren move, but they couldn't see it all that well. All they saw was Ren's left hand slightly move and Günter fell. 

When the two saw what Ren did they finally came to a realization that the man in front of them was a master. The two then took out their weapons and shouted. 

"Young Master, you must get away from here!" The young master couldn't understand why his two bodyguards were acting this way. Sure Günter lost because of some mysterious circ.u.mstance, but that didn't really matter since he was the weakest of the three. The two bodyguards he had left, were Master ranked swordsmen, surely they won't suffer the same fate. 

While the young master was still confused as to why his subordinates were panicking Ren started walking forward. Seeing him casually approach him the young master who was still unaware of what kind of situation he was in, shouted at the two remaining bodyguards. 

"What are the two of you doing?! Kill this f*cking b*stard!" The young master was getting agitated as he saw Ren approaching him. 

The two master swordsmen had no more choice as they were about to draw their weapons, but before they could do anything they felt a ma.s.sive force hitting their chin and they blacked out. 

Seeing his three bodyguards at the ground unconscious the young master finally realized what kind of situation he was in, as he saw Ren approach him.

"Stop, don't come near me! I'm f*cking Simon Valier, I'm the next Earl! You cannot touch me!" Simon backed away and tripped landing on his b.u.t.tocks. 

"Not only did you looked at Silika in such a disgusting way, you even talked to her with your filthy mouth, but more than that because of you I wasn't able to enjoy a good fight. Killing you quickly isn't going to cut it. First I'm going to cut off your tongue for talking to Silika the way you did, next I'm going to cut off your genitals because of what you thought of doing to her. Then I'll take your eyes because of the look you gave her. Then finally I'm going to heal you and allow you to live the rest of your life with no tongue, no eyes, and no genitals." 

Hearing what Ren said made Simon shudder in fear. He even peed because of the terror he felt. 

"What's going on here?!" An old man alongside a group of fully armed men appeared before Ren was able to do anything to Simon. When Simon saw who arrived he felt a huge relief come over him. 

"Save me, Sir Kite!" Simon hurriedly ran towards the old man called Kite. The old man who held a stern expression looked at the surrounding area, he saw the three bodyguards on the ground and a half-naked woman at the side, and a G.o.ddess like beauty behind the man who seems to be the center of this incident. Based on Simon's personality, Kite could already guess what happened here. Still, it's surprising that the young man before him was able to take down Simon's bodyguards. 

'It doesn't matter, since no matter what I need to protect this brat.' Kite sighed as Simon hid behind him. 

"Who are you?" Kite asked Ren as he signaled the men he brought to surround Ren. 

"I should be asking you that? Why are you protecting that piece of sh*t?" Ren responded sounding a little bit more irritated. 

"I'm Kite Resteti the Uncle of the Marquis Lance Resteti." 

Ren was surprised to hear Kite's answer. 'So he was Lance's uncle but then why is he helping Simon the young master of the Valier family? Weren't the Restetis and the Valiers in a feud right now?'

Demon Lord's Reincarnation 168 I'm The Uncle Of The Patriarch

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