My Rebellious Vicious Concubine Chapter 12: The Villain Sues His Victim Before He Himself Is Prosecuted

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 "Nangong Ning, it is none of my business about the things between you and your cousin Nangong Qingyao. But it is you who ruined my detoxification in the pool. So you are to be responsible for that!"

"Regent, it is me who saved you by transferring the toxins from your body to my body! That is with my own life for your life! Please let your hand go, for I couldn't … breathe now."

Jun Qianye lets go of his hand, only to give her jaw a hard pinch instead.

With her neck free from his clutching hand, Nangong Ning takes in a breath of fresh air, but the next minute, she gives a hiss in pain.

"You saved my life? That's the debt you own me! I'll let you go this time, but you had better remember what I have told you and think before you act!"

  "What do you mean?"

Nangong Ning couldn't understand what Jun Qianye says, which seems to her as if he is threatening her and gives her a warning. But before she could figure out what his purpose is in his saying, she feels her body is lifted up and thrown out horizontally.

Only then does she realize that they were on the roof of a house a moment ago and she herself was in the arms of Jun Qianye all the while.

But now Jun Qianye throws her off the roof without hesitation.

What an abnormal man he is!

Nangong Ning feels she is doomed to die this time!

Suddenly, her rapid dropping body comes to a halt, and a familiar body smell instantly covers her whole body as if it fills every cell of her body as well.

She gasps.

Turning her eyes, she meets a pair of cold eyes, as dark as the deep night.

This man, after throwing her off the roof, comes down at an incredible speed to catch her before she drops on the ground.

What a tremendous speed he has!

What a tough body he has!

All this makes her hair stand on end and her scalp tingle, which is not enough to describe what she feels at the moment. All at once she understands clearly what Jun Qianye threatens or warns just now is not a casual comment. She will be dead if something goes wrong.

On thinking of that, she replies in a haste, "Yes, Regent. I will."

Jun Qianye just gives a snort without any further enquiring. Helping her to her feet, he says loudly, "Take her back, Crown Prince."

Jun Zixuan takes a deep breath secretly before he steps out of the room. With his hands clasped, he makes a bow to Jun Qianye, then he waves his hand and several of his guards come over to stand on both sides of Nangong Ning, ready to take her.

Mr. Zong is so worried on seeing this that he runs out, saying loudly, "Your Highness, No, no! Miss Nangong is too weak to be taken away in such a manner, for her detoxification has just been finished but she still has one toxin left in her body. She could not endure being taken in such a way."

Jun Zixuan frowns.

He comes here to look for Nangong Ning for the purpose of catching her, not inviting her. What does that old man Zong mean?

But the old man Zong is Jun Qianye's man.

Seeing that Jun Zixuan does not say anything, Mr. Zong turns to Jun Qianye, saying, "My Lord, you see …"

Jun Qianyet says in a cold voice, "Take her back nicely."

No matter how unwilling Jun Zinxuan is, he has to conceal his real feeling but replies, "Yes, my uncle Regent!"

In the end, Nangong Ning is carried away in a sedan chair.

Watching them go away, Weichu asks with worries, "My Lord, shall we send someone to follow secretly…?"

"No need," says Jun Qianye.

No need? Weichu feels he has difficulty in following his Lord's thought today. He turns to look at Mr. Zong, who seems to have something to say, but the Lord has left with his hands clasped behind his back.

"My Lord, there is still some toxin in your body. Please wait for me to…" says Mr. Zong behind Jun Qianye.

Now Nangong Ning is sitting in the sedan chair with Jun Zixuan following on one side. Looking at him, Nangong Ning asks directly after a few times of hesitation:

"Prince, when will you give me 'the gra.s.s of the nether world'? "

"What?" Jun Zixuan feels it is the most preposterous thing he has ever heard! He turns his head, looking at Nangong Ning coldly, saying, "Don't you really think that you can escape being punished for insulting the Crown Prince because you have Jun Qianye as your patron?"

With her sinking face, Nangong Ning asks back, "What is your intention?"

"It should have been the wedding day for you and me today. But you were bold enough to escape the marriage and sent you cousin Nangong Qingyao to marry me instead, which is a great insult to me!" says Jun Zixuan, who is so annoyed by the thought that Nangong Ning hooks up with Jun Qianye, not to mention her escape from the marriage. What a d.a.m.ned woman she is!  

As we know, ever since he came to the Regent's Mansion, he has been nursing a grievance. 

  "What?" says Nangong Ning in astonishment.

  "Me? Escape marriage? Me? Insult you the Crown Prince? Me? Dare enough?

The saying is true in the case of Nangong Ninge that the villain sues his victim before he himself is prosecuted!

Seeing that Nangong Ning is too stunned to speak, Jun Zixuan shouts angrily, "Get off the sedan chair, and walk on your own feet!"

Nangong Ning thinks on her feet this time and says, "It is the Regent who asks you to take me nicely. Now you ask me to get off the sedan chair. Is it your decision?"

Now she sees clearly what position Regent Jun Qianye has in the State of Dongli. Even the Crown Prince dare not offend him.

Now that she is from the Regent's Mansion, it is a very good umbrella that she cannot do without.

Sure enough, it works! With his face changed, Jun Zixuan gives a dirty look at Nangong Ning and says to his men hatefully, "Move faster, you d.a.m.ned men!"

Due to the trouble Jun Zixuan deliberately makes on the way, Nangong Ning feels as if all her limbs were out of joint when they arrive at the gate of the Imperial Palace.

Then a cold voice comes from Jun Zixuan, saying, "Nangong Ning, the door of the Palace should have been closed by the time now. So you have to kneel here until the next morning comes."

My Rebellious Vicious Concubine Chapter 12: The Villain Sues His Victim Before He Himself Is Prosecuted

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