Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 20: Disciple

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[Pandemonium: My G.o.d, G.o.d Aatrox. I thought you had a chance against him, but by the time he picked Fiora I had already accepted your defeat, but who would think that you would learn so fast and bait him to his death hahaha!]

[15Pasties: I just entered this live stream and what do I come across but an Aatrox doing a 6 auto-attack combo and teaching a lesson to this fiora? G.o.d Aatrox, please accept me as your disciple! I'm Gold 3 but I have a lot of potential!]

"But I'm Silver 1." Said Aatrox softly.

[15Pastries: What?!? What do you mean a high-end Aatrox is still in Silver?]

Going to the end game lobby, Aatrox only found silence. "Good game." He said in his usual cold voice.

"I must admit, I didn't expect a Silver to play so well. 15,000 RP is nothing, tomorrow Kurt will hand it over to you at school. But don't think you're better than me, I wasn't even using my main. I'm sure if I had gone with my Main I would have won! " Said Thomas clearly trying to justify his loss.

"Congratulations G.o.d Aatrox!" Said Annie very excited as she left the chatroom and invited him to a lobby. "Even if you lost I would still play with you. But seeing that you were excited about the match I didn't want to disturb you." She said in a low voice with a little embarra.s.sment.

Aatrox remembers watching her raise her hand to try and stop him and Thomas from arguing at school, now he understood why she gave up. And seeing her remember to not call him by name since he was live streaming, left him touched by the consideration she had.

"Now that my friends are already online I will call them to play with us." Annie said happily as she invited some of her friends into the lobby.

The people who entered had their rank ranging from Gold 2 to Diamond 2. When hearing them talk, Aatrox realized why Thomas wanted his place on the team. Everyone she called had one thing in common, they were all girls.

It made no difference to him, Aatrox just wanted to play. But for Thomas, finding a girl-only group was something he could only wish for.

"h.e.l.lo? Annie? Who is your friend?" Said a girl with a slightly worried voice.

"Hi girls, don't worry, he's not one of them." Said Annie.

"Phew, I was getting worried." Said the same girl now more relaxed.

"One of them? What do you mean?" Aatrox asked curiously.

"So it's usually that when we meet a boy in League, he's almost always a has ulterior motives. During our conversation today I was surprised that I couldn't feel any hint of ulterior motives coming from you." Said Annie a little embarra.s.sed.

"That's true, there are some who want to buy us skins and stuff. I definitely hate them!" Said a girl with a voice that sounded very cute and looked younger than the others.

"The problem is that there are many self-serving girls who accept this kind of person, in the end, the minority tarnishes the reputation of the majority." Said another girl in the group.

"Well, let me introduce you all. Girls, this is G.o.d Aatrox, a boy I met at my school." Said Annie.

"Hmm, Annie who ignores all the boys at school called a boy to play? Suspicious ..." Said the girl in a cute voice. "I am Fire Fairy, a pleasure to meet you G.o.d Aatrox."

"We'll investigate this later Hehe." Said the Diamond 2 girl. "Anyway, I'm s.h.i.+ny Berry, nice to meet you G.o.d Aatrox."

"I'm Kami ..." Said the Gold 2 girl who apparently is very shy.

"I'm G.o.d Aatrox, but you can call me Aatrox." Said Aatrox.

The group played until midnight, at first the girls were afraid of Aatrox, but seeing that he said little and did not want to draw attention as the other guys who played with them made them happy.

When Aatrox left the group saying they had to do something, the girls immediately started bombarding Annie with questions.

"Annie !!! Well tell us the truth, why did you invite him? Is our Annie in love?" Said s.h.i.+ny Berry.

"In-In Love ??" Kami asked, her face dyed red of shame.

"Calm down! I met him today, I just thought he was cool. No big deal." Said Annie softly.

"Hmm, is he handsome?" Asked Fire Fairy.

"Definitely mean, until he's cute." Said Annie

"Hmm, you have to bring him to visit us later!" Said Fire Fairy excited.

"Alright, I'll ask him later." Said Annie half defeated, but happy to see the girls willing to see other people. Only Annie really knew what her friends were like since her friends didn't hang out with other people often.

Aatrox had closed his live stream and was sitting on his bed getting ready to cultivate. Now that Aatrox had reached the rank of a Knight, it was easier for him to feel the mana in the environment.

If he could do that simply at the Knight level, maybe there really are other cultivators in this world? But maybe they don't cultivate like him ... Aatrox read in some books that in England there was a person called merlin who used magic with a wand. I don't know if this is just fiction, but maybe in the future, I will find out.

Sensing the energy entering his body at a rapid rate, Aatrox could also feel his body improving just as quickly. He had not yet tested his strength by picking up something extremely heavy, maybe he would do it later. But looking at his body, Aatrox was sure he was at least four times as strong as a normal human, but he was not yet the strongest person in the world, even among mortals, after all, there were mortals who could pull trucks. or airplanes, he definitely couldn't do that yet.

As Aatrox cultivated, A little crown appeared above his head, glowing and growing larger.

Soon the sun would rise and Aatrox would go to his first day of school.

Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 20: Disciple

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