Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 24: First Episode

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In a secluded inn, a pretty red-haired young woman was cleaning the tables while talking to some regular customers.

Suddenly, the inn door opened. A group of men came in, talking and laughing out loud. After sitting at a table, the men looked around and saw the waitress clearing the table. Their eyes lit up.

"Hey cutie, why don't you come here and have a drink with us. I'll pay your daily wage and even give you a bonus if your mouth satisfies me." one of the men gruffly said as his friends laughed, hearing what he said.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not interested, dear customers." The pretty red-haired waitress said.

During the conversation, a swordsman, with long black hair and a straw hat covering his face, entered the inn. His hand glued to his sword the entire time, the swordsman used his remaining hand and pulled a seat at the counter to sit down.

Seeing the man enter the inn, the waitress was a little surprised but quickly resumed her work.

"Dude's, look at that guy's sword. I think it will make a really good replacement in place of my old sword, what do you think?" Said one of the troublemakers.

"I think so too dude, let's ask him 'nicely'. Then we can take this waitress and take her to our base on the mountain." Laughed a little fat man.

That said the group of four stood up and headed for the swordsman sitting at the counter who was drinking his sake.

"Hey buddy, my brother here really liked your sword, why don't you sell it to us for two bronze coins?" Said a man with a smug look on his face, thinking the man would be intimidated and give up his sword for two bronze coins.

"Not interested." The swordsman said as he continued drinking his sake without even turning to look at the men.

"That was not a request." Said one of the men as he put his hand on the swordsman's shoulder.

"You have three seconds to get that dirty hand off my shoulder." The swordsman gripped his sword's scabbard, preparing to move.

"What are you going to do if I don't take it off?" Asked the man who was squeezing the swordsman's shoulder.

After three seconds the swordsman turned around and without taking his sword out of its scabbard, hit the man's head. The movement was so fast that none of the four were able to react.

Grabbing the man who collapsed on the floor, the three men ran outside of the inn, vowing that they would get their revenge.

As the swordsman turned to drink his sake again, he felt a cold blade a few millimeters from his throat. Looking at who was holding the dagger, he saw the waitress.

"Who sent you here?" Someone asked as held the dagger to the swordsman's neck.

Feeling the cold feeling in his neck, the swordsman turned to see who could approach him with a blade before his senses warned him. To his surprise, the young waitress was emitting a cold aura and a small intention to kill while holding her dagger.

"I'm your father's friend, I came to help." Said the swordsman.

"Aaaand cuuuut !! That was perfect !!" Roberta said as she went on stage and looked at the students who were acting. "You guys were amazing! I had written this story a while ago and never had a chance to see it being acted out. You captured exactly what I was imagining." Said Roberta.

Annie, who was still holding the rubber blade at Aatrox's neck, moved it away.

"Have you acted before?". She asked as she looked at him.

Hearing Annie's question, Roberta also looked at Aatrox curiously. These students acting skills were so amazing that they could be called perfect. If she wasn't the one who wrote the script, she would have thought that he really was a swordsman.

"I never studied theater or anything similar before." Aatrox answered the perplexed girl, while he felt happy that he found something else fun to do in this world.

What they didn't know was that Aatrox really had lived and seen such situations before when he was reaching the top in his old world.

"What will she do with the recording?" Aatrox asked curiously. Before they started acting, Roberta had instructed one of the students to record the scene.

"She usually posts them on youtube and asks the school to put the video on the site as well to attract more students who might be interested in theater at school." Annie said as she shrugged as if it were a common occurrence.

"This time it's going to be different Annie. This play is a series, today was just the first episode. I expect to see you when we record the next episodes, Ben." Mrs. Roberta said as she came towards the duo.

Hearing this, Annie looked at Aatrox with a look of wonder as she waited to see a response.

"I thought it was fun, I wouldn't mind doing it again." Said Aatrox showing a rare little smile.

Seeing his small smile, the two women were stunned for a second and smiled instinctively shortly thereafter.

Glancing at his watch, Aatrox was surprised by the time and saw that everyone was packing their things to leave.

After changing his clothes and grabbing his backpack, Aatrox waited for Annie and the pair were leaving when they were interrupted by Kurt, the boy who was talking sh*t to him the day before, during his match with Thomas.

"What do you want, Kurt?" Annie asked, looking suspiciously at the Thomas follower.

"Thomas asked me to give you this," he said after handing Aatrox an envelope and leaving without saying anything else.

Looking curiously at the envelope, Aatrox recalled their bet on the 1v1 match. After opening the envelope he confirmed there was really a 15,000RP card inside.

"At least he kept his promise." Thought Aatrox.

What Aatrox and Annie didn't expect is that the video they just recorded, would explode on YouTube.

Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 24: First Episode

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