Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 27: Visit 02

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Annie had just arrived home. Her mother was about to arrive and her father was working. As always, she headed toward her room to play the computer. Her friends were not online and to her disappointment, the 'G.o.d Aatrox' account was not online either.

But out of nowhere a notification appeared and caught her eye.

[Come join Clash, Join 4 more friends and feel what it's like to play professionally.]

That message piqued Annie's interest. Reading that she would need four friends she instantly thought of her three friends and the new boy in her cla.s.s at school.

A League match was pretty boring depending on who was on your team, and that was a common occurrence when some guy played with her and her friends, but with Ben, they didn't feel it. He treated them like people, and that's exactly what they wanted. No privileges or advantages, just being treated normally and having fun together.

While thinking about what the matches would look like, Annie texted Ben on his cell phone to see if he would be interested in playing on her team. But before the conversation could develop, her father came home and warned everyone that his friend would be coming with his family to visit them. Hearing this Annie was upset, but soon after she remembered seeing a friend of her father going to get Ben from high school and a small hope appeared in her heart that he will be the person to come today.

Often her father would call some business friends to come to dinner at their house, but he was almost always a boring man with a boring family and sometimes a son who kept trying to get her attention because of the beauty of the young redhead.

Annie was hoping the person visiting her was her friend, otherwise, it would be another boring night.

At least her father spoiled her a lot and when he saw that the guest's son was pestering her he made some lame excuse to end the meeting.

Today her father was hoping to be different. The friend he called was from the time he joined the army. The two met at the military camp and since young people always went out together to drink.

After the two formed their families, they had moved away from each other but two years ago he had found him again in a hospital in another city. According to his friend, his son had been in an accident and was in a coma. At first, he tried to cheer up his friend but seeing how much he loved his son, he wondered if something like this happened to his daughter, how would he react.

But to everyone's happiness, this weekend his friend had returned from the hospital and to his surprise with his eldest son. Anthony, Annie's father was very happy with the news and told his friend to bring his family to his house where they would have a celebration dinner for the boy's recovery.

In his imagination, he thought the boy would still be weak after being in a coma for three years, but contrary to his expectations, from the backseat of his friend's car, one of the cutest young men he ever saw came out. Glancing sideways, Anthony saw the surprise in his wife's gaze just as he was.

But what surprised Anthony most was the look on his daughter's face. Anthony knew how much Annie hated the meetings he scheduled because of the son of his business partners. Today he was hoping his friend's son wouldn't screw it up and that Annie wouldn't be mad at the boy.

But seeing the boy who got out of the car, who most likely could have been stamped on a magazine cover and seeing Annie's gaze in his direction. Anthony felt a sense of danger. For the first time in his life, Anthony really felt worried as a father. He knew his daughter was very pretty and would win the heart of any ordinary teenager easily but she never cared about anyone of the opposite s.e.x, so he let his guard down. But today Anthony remembered a father's greatest fear as he looked into his daughter's bright eyes.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Anthony decided to test this young son of his friend. After seeing the appearance of the boy with the long black hair, Anthony even forgot that he had been in a coma for three years.

Aatrox who was in the car watching the house was a little surprised but not so much. After all in his thousands of years of existence, he had visited countless palaces that would make this house look like a doghouse. But since every time he'd come to these palaces just to fight and kill, Aatrox didn't pay much attention to them. That is why this house of a mortal family caused him a slight surprise.

But what really surprised him was the people waiting at the door.

There was a black-haired man with a shaved beard and a bright smile waiting in front. Accompanied by a red-haired woman with beautiful facial features apparently his mother's age. And finally a face he was getting used to seeing, the high school G.o.ddess, Annie.

As Aatrox got out of the car, he helped his little brothers out and when he turned around, he could see different looks on the face of the family he was visiting.

Bruna standing beside him, seeing Annie instinctively squeezed Aatrox's hand harder as if trying to protect him from danger even though she really likes Annie.

Bryan thought people were beautiful but didn't have a second thought about it. He was only interested in knowing where he would play and if his older brother could play with them.

But one thing caught Aatrox's eye. He could feel the sharp aura leaking from the man's body beside Annie. This man was definitely a fighter, but the strange thing was that sometime after he got out of the car while helping his little brothers, the man's leaking aura had become stronger and is clearly being directed at him.

'What is happening?' Aatrox wondered as he felt the aura in the room.

Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 27: Visit 02

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