Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 3: I Couldn't Control Myself

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The bedroom door was closed, Alex looked at Amanda while Amanda looked back. As they took a deep breath, they watched the nurse say something.

"Can you hear me?" She said.

Confused Alex looked through the door gla.s.s and saw Benjamin with his eyes open. He felt the grip of his hand tighten. Glancing sideways he saw Amanda crying again. He had already lost count of how many times they had begun to cry at the thought of his son who could wake up at any moment.

The kids didn't understand what was going on, but by their parents' smile it seemed like a good thing.

They were trying to hold on so as not to scare their son who had just woken up at the sight of them crying, but before they could do anything, Bruna and Bryan opened the door to look at what was happening.

When the door opened, Benjamin looked at them. All the fear, frustration, worry all went away when they saw their son looking at them curiously.

Aatrox looked at the crying couple in the doorway and remembered Benjamin's parents he saw in their memories.

Unbeknownst to him, a single tear trickled from his left eye.

"Dad, mom ..." He said softly.

These words seemed distant and yet so close. Aatrox lived millennia alone but in those 14 years of memory he saw made him closer to these people than he has ever been to anyone else. Just for the feeling ...

Aatrox said very quietly, but the room was so quiet that his parents listened.

"Son!" They said as his mother ran to hug him and his father had been holding the children's hands.

Aatrox, The G.o.d-King of War, the only contact on his body he felt was blades and blows from his opponents. Feeling her mother's hug on her weak chest was painful but extremely comforting.

"Watch out Amanda, his body is still very weak." Dr. Octavius ​​told her with concern.

Hearing this, Amanda let go of her hug and began to look for any injuries she might have caused to Benjamin. Thank G.o.d his body was weak but intact.

"I'm sorry I couldn't control myself." She said with a guilty laugh.

"h.e.l.lo." Aatrox said with a slight smile at the corner of his mouth.

"Hi son, we miss you so much." Alex said with a smile.

Aatrox looked at his father and saw two frightened heads behind him. The memories in his head went on like a movie where he only remembers the essentials. Even though he had a much more potent Eidetic memory than mortals, he received the information through his soul. Benjamin didn't remember many details, especially after spending 3 years in a coma, so Aatrox only remembered the things that Benjamin lived with. Unfortunately after the children were born, Benjamin had already distanced himself because of bullying, his memory of his siblings is very vague.

A G.o.d-King who never had parents, never even dreamed of having brothers, looking at the little mortals behind Alex, Aatrox felt curious.

Seeing Benjamin's gaze on them, Bruna and Bryan hid behind Alex's legs.

Seeing this, Alex laughed and said. "See kids, didn't I say your brother would be awake? Why don't you say hi?"

Bruna looked at Bryan with a little fear, seeing her confirmation as they both step out from behind Alex's legs and tell her brother. "Hi brother." With their red cheeks and low voice.

"Hahaha ..." Seeing this Aatrox finds their cuteness funny and laughs. He didn't know how to act around children, so he just answered the basics. "Hi children."

Seeing Benjamin chuckling, Bruna and Bryan are embarra.s.sed, but hearing him answer them they are happy and come closer to the bed.

As they got closer, they started asking several questions, things like "Are you like Sleeping Beauty?" "How come you slept so much?" "..."

After a flood of questions, Aatrox managed to let go more. He still couldn't play games and some questions he had no idea of ​​the answer. He didn't even know who Sleeping Beauty was, but he did his best not to disappoint these two little mortals bound to him by blood.

When Aatrox was feeling his eyes heavy, he heard the man in the white coat say. "Alright guys, let's leave some time for Benji to rest. He's already been awake for a few minutes, his body must be asking for a rest."

'I need to get this body back and cultivate again. According to Benjamin's memoirs, there are no cultivators in this world, but he was just a boy of 14 years before the accident. You never know what a society's underworld looks like, no matter what galaxy it is in. ' Aatrox thought just before bed.

Seeing Benjamin sleep, Alex and Amanda were a little worried, but seeing Dr. Octavius's face they were calm. "It's okay, over the next few days he'll be adjusting his body so he can stay up more hours every day until he becomes his normal self again".

Hearing this they were very happy. After talking to Dr. Octavius ​​for a while, the couple went to a nearby hotel. The hospital that was far from the city they live in. To ensure the best for their child, they sought the best national hospital and left him hospitalized for 3 years. The money spent in this hospital could support an average family for at least 6 years, even though they had some financial difficulties in those years, Alex and Amanda never questioned getting their child out of the hospital, it shows how much they loved him.

The next day Aatrox woke up and found himself alone in the bedroom looking out the window, it seemed to be morning.

'Now that I am alone I can study the path I will follow on cultivation.' Aatrox thought as he searched for his techniques in his memory.

Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 3: I Couldn't Control Myself

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