Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 31: Backstreet Aatrox

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"Here, I think it's out of tune and the strings must be old, but it's still usable," Amanda said as she held the black guitar she had found in the bas.e.m.e.nt.

Aatrox looked at the instrument and held it curiously. It was a black guitar, his eyesight improved, cracks in the strings could be seen, but none had broken. Strumming the strings Aatrox's curiosity peaked, He just wanted to fight in his old life, but now he wanted to do other things, and playing this instrument seems like a lot of fun.

"Son, since you got interested in the guitar, how about I recommend you a song for you to try to learn to play?" Amanda saw an opportunity to teach him about love and couldn't pa.s.s up.

"Sure, let's go to my room, you show me which song is on the computer." Aatrox said absently as he watched the fascinating guitar.

"Hear, I listened to this song a lot when you were your siblings' age," Amanda said as she put a song to play on youtube.

An acoustic guitar riff played in the background while what appeared to be a band took turns singing.

" Now I can see that we've fallen apart

From the way that it used to be, Yeah

No matter the distance

I want you to know

That deep down inside of me

You are my fire

The one desire

You are

You are, You are, You are ...

Don't wanna hear you

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, y -and- eah )

Ain't nothin ' but a heartache

Ain't nothin ' but a mistake

( Don't wanna hear you say )

I never wanna hear you say

I want it that way

Yeah-eah-eah. "

Aatrox listened to Backstreet Boys and found it interesting. It was very different from the song he had heard in the car yesterday. Closing his eyes, Aatrox began to pay attention to the sound of the guitar playing in the background and with the little, he learned on his way over the guitar strings as he went upstairs, Aatrox began trying to strum the music on the guitar.

At first, only strange and nonsense sounds were coming out, Amanda seeing her son trying to play the music was fun, but said nothing, even though she knew it would be almost impossible for him to play the music the first time he heard it. But as the music progressed, the noises that were coming out were making more and more sense. When the song ended, the noises produced by the guitar remained bad, but not as unbearable as in the beginning.

Knowing this was the first time Benjamin had ever played a guitar, Amanda was amazed. She knew very well that not even Alex could learn to play a song that way after so many years without playing, much less her son who had never tried.

'Maybe he has talent?' Amanda thought excitedly.

"Brother, this is very strange." Bryan said with a frown.

"Yes, I still need to improve. But in a few days, I'll play a really cool song for you, okay? "Aatrox said a little embarra.s.sed to play so badly.

"OK!! You're going to play a lot of songs for us to sing with you, brother! "Said Bruna excitedly.

"Since your brother is so busy, let's let him practice some kids. How about we go to buy some new strings for him? "Amanda said with a smile as she led the kids into the living room leaving Aatrox alone in the room.

"We will! Maybe brother will play guitar better with the new strings we buy, "said Bryan excitedly.

Being left alone in the room, Aatrox played Play again and strummed the guitar again.

Entering home after work, Alex heard the sound of a guitar being played in one of the rooms and was curious to check after finding no one at home.

Arriving in the bedroom, Alex saw his son, Benjamin sitting in concentration holding the old guitar he used to play. 'Amanda must have given it to him.' He thought.

Alex didn't knock and stood listening to Benjamin's ring. Sounding like some Backstreet Boys song, Alex paid attention to the Riff and saw that although some notes were a little wrong, overall it was doing well, maybe a layperson didn't even realize the mistakes. Alex realized that Benjamin was not singing while playing. 'Maybe he doesn't like to sing? Hm, how about I encourage you? ' Alex smiled after having an idea.

When Benjamin started playing the song again, Alex entered the room and began singing along with the song.

" You are my fire

The one desire

Believe when I say

I want it that way

But we are two worlds apart

Can't reach to your heart

When you say

That I want it that way. "

Benjamin looked at him in surprise and Alex hinted at his son accompanying him while singing the song. Benjamin remembered the lyrics and began singing along with his father.

Unbeknownst to both of them, shortly before Alex came into the room to sing with Aatrox, Amanda had arrived and started recording with her cell phone, since Aatrox started playing until the end of the song where they both sang together with a smile on their face. , everything was recorded by Amanda.

"Very good! Have you been learning to play the guitar since you woke up from the accident, son? "Alex asked with a satisfied smile.

"No, I started learning today a few hours ago." Aatrox said.

"What?! Did you start learning today?!?!?! "Alex asked, startled. When he had begun to learn to play the guitar, to finally play a song well, it took several weeks. To sing and play at the same time were a few more weeks of training.

"True, he said he wanted to experiment with what it is like to play an instrument and I gave him your guitar to try. We even went out to buy new strings. "Amanda said as she raised her hand holding the bundle of new strings to change on the guitar. "Although I know he had talent, I didn't think he was going to learn just in those few hours I went out with the kids."

"My brother is amazing!" Bryan said with bright eyes.

"Yes! No one is smarter than my brother. "Bruna said as she ran to hug Aatrox.

"I took the opportunity to record you singing, why don't you put it on youtube for me, Benjamin? That way I'll be able to send the link for my friends to see. "Amanda said with a smile as she watched Alex's slightly embarra.s.sed face.

"Alright, give me your cell phone." Aatrox replied thinking it normal. He had not yet learned to use mana while playing but was pleased with the current progress.

What Aatrox didn't expect was that some people would relate voice and hair to a certain swordsman who was on trending topics because of a certain play.

Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 31: Backstreet Aatrox

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