Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 39: What Is Your Class?

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Aatrox wouldn't let himself be hit by James's punch, so before the punch connected with his face, Aatrox charged his arm muscles with a little more energy and quickly grabbed James's hand to counteract the attack.

James was surprised that Aatrox had held a relatively strong attack from him and before sending a second attack, he observed Aatrox again. Seeing that Aatrox had no intention of retaliating, James backed off a little and diminished his battle intent, after all, they were still in high school. He could lie when someone witnessed him punching Aatrox, but if someone saw him wearing something else that caused more damage, he might not be able to get away with it, as Aatrox could so easily hold his medium attack.

"What you want? Why did you attack me? "James asked.

"I just want to talk, and now that you've seen what I want to talk about, I suggest we go somewhere more secluded." Aatrox said while still maintaining his usual calm.

James understood that talking about cultivation in a public place could occur in some disasters. Then James led Aatrox to a secluded corner of the schoolyard. Since they were both cultivators, they could feel if someone approach.

"Are you a Fighter too? You don't look like a Wizard. " James asked before Aatrox could say anything.

"Fighter? Wizard? I don't know what you're talking about. "Aatrox answered genuinely confused.

James looked at Aatrox's confused expression and was also surprised. There was no way any American grower didn't know the cla.s.ses ... unless he wasn't an American. "Where did you learn your technique?" James asked.

"You didn't answer my question." Aatrox didn't answer and went back to the question he'd asked earlier.

"Okay, here in America, we divide our cultivation methods into different cla.s.ses. Each cla.s.s has a different type of skill to learn. Already in England, they developed more magic with wands, there are even some schools of magic there. As for Asia, we only hear that there are some cultivators who train something different, but I don't know the details. Some other places train in different ways and have different systems. "James answered as if it were public knowledge.

Aatrox hearing this thought it seemed interesting. Apparently in America people trained like an RPG, in England Aatrox had read something about wand magic that had piqued his interest, but what really caught his eye was when James talked about Asia.

In the ancient world of Aatrox, it was common for people from different places to use the same energy in different ways. An example of this is cultivators who used instruments such as weapons, cultivators who used technologies mixed with Energy, each using a different method of the same energy. For him, it was normal that on earth people also used different methods to use energy. What struck him was that from what James said, there may be more cultivators than he expected.

As Aatrox thought, James also watched Aatrox's actions. From what he was demonstrating, he was completely oblivious to the basic knowledge of the Magic world. From the way he used the energy in their previous trade, James supposed Aatrox was a Fighter, like him. Since he had used Energy to make the hand more powerful. If he were a wizard he could have conjured a fireball or something.

Realizing that Aatrox did not answer his question from where he had learned his technique, James did not insist on the subject, since people usually have secrets. "So why did you come to talk to me?"

Aatrox realized that he had fallen into deep thought to understand the structure of this world and was ignoring James. With an apologetic look, Aatrox answered him. "In fact, you're the first outsider I meet who also cultivates. I thought it wouldn't hurt to befriend others like me. "Aatrox said, surprised to take the initiative to make friends with someone.

James did not expect that answer. From what Aatrox had said, he probably only had contact with his teacher and perhaps other students, without contact with other unknown cultivators. A little quieter, but still with his guard raised, James grinned and reached for Aatrox. To demonstrate that this time a real handshake really happened.

Aatrox saw his hand outstretched and also reached out, grasping it. "I was curious about what you said to basketball players," Aatrox said.

James remembered to comment and replied. "In fact, I believe you guessed correctly, I play magic basketball. I have some friends who are also cultivators and by some predefined rules, we play basketball between ourselves using our powers at will. "James replied with a proud smile. He believes that there is no other place in the world where young and talented growers like them use a sport to practice and have fun. Since the society of cultivators and wizards has always been a tiny minority even in England.

"And what would that be like?" Aatrox asked curiously since the only game he has played so far is G.o.d's Arena.

"We have some rules so you don't turn into a rampant mess, but any day I can call you to play with us since always one of my friends is traveling or secluded in cultivation, you can plug some hole," James replied a little. proud and more open-minded, seeing that Aatrox became interested in the game he and his friends 'invented'.

"Okay, let's exchange contact on the phone. Soon the cla.s.s will start again, after cla.s.s I'll have a piece to record, we can talk after that. "Aatrox answered while taking the phone from the pocket.

"Then I forgot that you are now the star and probably the high school poster boy. Anything I come up with during the theater recording, as I'm also curious about what Episode 2 will look like. "James laughed as he added Aatrox to his own phone.

Aatrox heard what he said and rolled his eyes. After the two said goodbye, Aatrox attended cla.s.ses normally and was heading toward the theater preparing to record Episode 2, but when he opened the door of the Theater, what he saw surprised him.

Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 39: What Is Your Class?

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