Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 41: That's Really Him!

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When Aatrox had first entered the theater, he had been startled. The last time he came to record, the audience was completely empty. This time it was the other way around. The school theater could fit about 200 people. Looking over, Aatrox could see that at least half were busy. For the theater group, the astonishment was even greater, as they only performed for this amount of people at festivals, and often the audience paid no attention to them and waited for the talent show to begin. This time everyone could see that the audience was really interested and eager for what was to come.

When Aatrox arrived backstage, he was amused to see the face of his stage mates. Annie was apparently ok, but the other actor who would be a major in this episode was very nervous. He was 17, just like Aatrox and Annie, but his beard made him look older. When Roberta was planning the script, she realized that this student would fit perfectly into the role she was thinking for the female leader's father, Jack.

Aatrox was excited by the time they were going to stage. Today he would have a funny dialogue with 'Jack', plus some romantic cues. Since they only received the script of what they would have to record after recording the previous chapter, Aatrox was also curious as to how the story would develop.

After the recording, Aatrox and the other actors thanked the audience for their applause and returned to the backstage. During the thanks, Aatrox saw James among the audience cheering him on his feet. From the smile on his face, he probably liked the play.

[Random Spectator 1: My G.o.d, the experience of watching in person is very good!]

[Random Spectator 2: Yeah! I've never been to a theater before other than Stand Up Comedy shows, but my G.o.d, if everyone is good like this, I'll have to give up a little time to watch more.]

[Random Spectator 3: I don't believe it, did you see when the swordsman smiled? I couldn't think of anything else after that smile of his. My heart sped up a few dozen BPM.]

[Random Spectator 4: I know! I can't even remember his name. The only thing I could think of was that smile. I finally confirmed that he was Benjamin Gray from the videos singing on youtube.]

[Random Spectator 3: I think Jack had called him Nick. I don't believe the same person who sings those songs in such a beautiful way, looking so good also performed so well. Also, did you see the new song he released?]

[Random Spectator 4: Has he released another song? I need to listen.]

[Random Spectator 3: You won't regret it, I don't know what he did, but he sang much better than in the other song. He looks like he's gone from an amateur to a person who sings for years in just one video.]

"The play was amazing! You rocked as usual! "Roberta came complimenting them from afar as she hugged each actor. She had already thanked the technical team, now only the actors were missing.

"I still can't believe you've never studied theater before, Ben." Annie said sighing still dressed in the waitress outfit.

"I really didn't do it, but I could have done it, it really is a lot of fun to act." Aatrox said with a rare smile in public, pleased.

"Benjamin, did you record another song?!?!" Asked Roberta shouting excited after receiving a message on her cell phone.

"How do you know?" He asked with a surprised look.

"What would be weird is if I didn't know. During your performance, I kept getting messages and listened to people in the audience commenting on you and asking if you are the Swordsman. "She said.

Aatrox hearing this was curious to see if the song he posted yesterday was succeeding. Opening the youtube application on his mobile phone, Aatrox went to look at the views of both his videos.

The first video, where he sang the cover of 'I Want It That Way' hit 60,000 views. Aatrox was very pleased, after all, it was the first song he had ever sung. The second video grew larger than expected, even though it was published yesterday, the video where he sang 'Here Without You' had reached the 40,000 view mark.

Even though the video has fewer views than the first, the number of views it received on the first day was several times higher than 'I Want it That Way'. Aatrox didn't stop to read the comments, as he was still in the theater.

The people who attended said goodbye and Aatrox returned home. Arriving home he had not found anyone. Walking further inside, Aatrox saw his mother in the kitchen talking on the phone, after waving to her he went up looking for the twins.

Aatrox looked in their room and saw no one, looked in his parents' room and also found no one, looking in his own room he saw a scene that made him have to hold back his laughter.

He doesn't know how they got it, but the two twins were sitting, sharing Aatrox's computer chair while watching a video trying to repeat what they learned from their little hands.

In the video, a teenage girl taught viewers how to make hand signals from an anime Jutsu they watched. Aatrox stood behind them and watched. The hand signals she taught were basically useless, if the kids could make a fireball from this Jutsu Astrox would be surprised with them.

But against all expectations, after Bryan made a series of hand signals at a speed difficult for the average person to see as he put his hand around his mouth and blew, a small spark came out of his mouth, startling the three of them that were in the room.

Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 41: That's Really Him!

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