Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 47: Radio

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Aatrox and his family got to the radio station's office and headed for the receptionist. "Good afternoon, my son has been called for the show that starts in a little while."

The receptionist watched them and when she looked at the handsome boy with long black hair, she smiled. "Good afternoon. I imagine you're Benjamin Grey, right? We were already waiting for you. The other guests are talking outside, but they're coming. Please accompany me, I'll take you to the dressing room, I don't think you'll need any makeup, but even so, they'll instruct you on the program's guidelines, so you won't get lost." She said as she led them to the dressing room.

"Makeup, but isn't this a radio show?" Bruna asked while holding Aatrox's hand.

"Many people have this doubt, it is because our station broadcasts the program in the form of video on our YouTube channel at the same time." The receptionist answered while looking at little Bruna.

While the children ate some fruit in the dressing room, the director came to talk to Aatrox. "Good afternoon, Benjamin, are you feeling comfortable?" He asked.

"I'm very well, thank you." Aatrox answered.

"For our program today, we plan..." They talked until it was almost time for the show to start.

Aatrox went with the director to the studio to record. When he came in, the other influencers were also there. Already sitting together preparing for the show.

Aatrox was organized to sit next to them on the benches that were reserved for the guests on the bench.

Seeing Aatrox arrive, the other digital influencers looked at him from head to toe and evaluated him. The first to react was a tall, blond, green-eyed young man. "Hi, you must be Benjamin Grey. I'm Jackson Allan, I watched your videos this week and I liked them a lot." He said as he stretched out his hand to Aatrox to shake.

"Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed it." Aatrox answered, even though he had no idea who he was.

"How many subscribers do you have?" A short boy with red hair and a slightly feminine face asked Aatrox. 

Aatrox was surprised that he asked, but he didn't mind and answered. "If I'm not mistaken, I have 5,000 on YouTube and 10,000 on Instagram." 

"Pff, you only have 5 thousand on YouTube? Pathetic." The boy with red hair stopped paying attention to Aatrox when he found out that he only had 5,000 registered.

Aatrox didn't understand, since for him 5,000 was already a lot of people.

When Jackson saw the confused look on Aatrox's face, he understood he probably didn't know why w.i.l.l.y was acting like this. Getting close to him, he whispered. "Don't worry, w.i.l.l.y has 100,000 registered and thinks no one with less than 50,000 is worthy of his attention. Actually, even we can't handle it normally."

Hearing this, Aatrox instantly understood that w.i.l.l.y was like a rich young master of his old world and stopped paying attention to him as well. Since for Aatrox, people like that were irrelevant.

Looking at the other two influencers. One of them was a girl with very beautiful Asian characteristics, but she seemed a little shy. The girl who was talking to her seemed to be a natural redhead, also very pretty. The two looked at him at the same time, the Asian woman waved at him with her red face dying of shame as the redhead opened a big smile and waved to him greeting him.

Aatrox opened a slight smile and waved back. If people treated him well, he'd treat them well too.

Anchor went into the studio and everyone sat down to start the show.

"h.e.l.lo, everyone tuned in to Young Pan! I'm your Anchor Emilio Sanders and welcome to our 3:00 pm show, today we have the ill.u.s.trious presence of..." He stopped to read the paper to find out who today's guests were. Reading who the guests were, his face showed a little displeasure that went unnoticed by everyone besides Aatrox. "We have the presence of Jackson Allan, w.i.l.l.y Wonder, Black Kimmy, Naomi Griffin and Benjamin Grey... All are digital influencers of YouTube. Good afternoon, everyone. "He said.

Before anyone could do anything, w.i.l.l.y quickly responded. "Good afternoon Emilio, good afternoon to the listeners, it's a great honor to be here at Young Pan."

The next one to answer was the redhead, Black Kimmy. "Good afternoon to the listeners, Emilio, and the staff."

Naomi said quietly by the microphone. "Good afternoon, everyone."

Jackson took advantage and answered. "Good afternoon, everybody."

Aatrox realized it was his turn and said by the microphone. "Good afternoon." With his usual distant voice.

As each one introduced himself, Emilio watched everyone to see if he recognized any and when he looked at Aatrox, the surprise appeared on his face. When everyone had finished introducing themselves, he looked at Aatrox and asked the first question. "I didn't expect to find a face I knew here. Benjamin Grey, can I call you Ben?"

"No problem." Aatrox answered without caring.

"Okay, Ben. This week, together with your school you posted a theater video that surprised the internet. The video is less than a week old and already in the millions of views. What do you have to say about that since you're the protagonist, the Swordsman?" He asked the only partic.i.p.ant he knew.

Seeing that the first question was being directed to the cute guy from the small channel, w.i.l.l.y couldn't help being angry, but he held on, since they were live. 

"Well, I'm very happy to be able to perform as the Swordsman and even happier to receive the support that the public is giving us all." Aatrox responded with a rare smile in public that made the women in the room, and those who were watching the broadcast gasp.

[Pebble_G.o.d: My G.o.d, I didn't know Swordsman would be on today's show!]

[HorizonCrown: Neither did I! I just thought they'd call some random youtubers from our city, I was just excited to see my Jackson on the radio, who knew I'd find my Swordsman there.]

[LordTouchMe: Does anyone know if the swordsman has a channel on YouTube?]

[Markv: I'll look now!]

[Espectador: Me too!]

Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 47: Radio

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