Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 48: Comment's War

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"Well, many people were surprised by his performance and his appearance. But watching you now, it seems that you also have this calm atmosphere around you, like the swordsman himself. Do you think that's you being the Swordsman, or the Swordsman being you?" Emilio asked curiously. One day, after work, he came home and saw his daughter watching an episode of a series on YouTube. He had always worked with radio and television, he thought that these YouTube series were only for children with a bad performance. But when he started paying attention to his daughter's tablet, Emilio couldn't help but be surprised. It sounded very interesting. Now that he had realized that the actor of the protagonist of the series was on his show, he couldn't let the opportunity pa.s.s him by.

"Actually, some people have already asked me that, but anyone who knew me before I acted like the Swordsman knows that I am like that. It turned out that when the school theater teacher saw me, she thought I would fit in perfectly with what she imagined of the Swordsman and here we are haha." Aatrox answered with a slight laugh. He enjoyed talking to someone who liked his work.

"Ahem..." w.i.l.l.y interrupted their conversation because he thought he hadn't been given much face and was sick of the Anchor just paying attention to the guy with the small channel.

Emilio didn't like being interrupted when the conversation was starting to get interesting, but since he was live, Emilio decided to give a little face to the other guests and started asking questions to the others. But he decided to leave w.i.l.l.y last.

"Well, Jackson Allen, one of the largest channels in the country, how many subscribers do you have currently?" Emilio asked.

"Don't talk like that, Emilio, there are still many channels bigger than mine out there. The last time I looked at my channel I had 1.2 million subscribers." Jackson replied as if it were something natural.

Aatrox heard that and was surprised. By the humility Jackson showed, he didn't think his channel was that big. Looking at w.i.l.l.y, Aatrox couldn't help but let a little laugh of debauchery slip away.

Listening to that little laugh w.i.l.l.y looked at him and understood why Aatrox had that little laugh. He was angry, but he still ignored Aatrox.

Emilio talked to Jackson and even though the boy was humble and good people, he could not compare to Aatrox, as Jackson recorded video of Vlogs, which Emilio found very uninteresting, he could not keep many conversations with him so he started to talk to the other guests.

Black Kimmy recorded videos playing games, and Naomi Griffin recorded a music video, where she usually sang covers of popular songs.

Aatrox listening to this became curious, as he also recorded videos like this, maybe they could record something together, just for fun.

When it was w.i.l.l.y's turn, Emilio retracted his smile and asked rudely. "And you, w.i.l.l.y, do what?"

w.i.l.l.y pretended not to notice the treatment he was receiving and responded normally. "Thanks for asking Emilio, I record videos about my life. About the things I buy, the cars I drive, that sort of thing. Its all about expensive things."

When Aatrox and Emilio who did not know him heard this, they could not help but show a face of repulsion. This kid probably just knew how to spend money and wanted attention.

Emilio didn't pay much attention to him and called for a break. The break would last 2 minutes, which the partic.i.p.ants would use to drink water or talk about something that could not be said live.

w.i.l.l.y looked angrily at Aatrox and continued sitting in place as he moved his cell phone answering some fans.

Aatrox got up and went to see Naomi. When she saw him coming towards her, Naomi, who was already shy, couldn't help but blush with shame. "H-Hi Swordsman... I mean, Benjamin." She blushed, even more, when she called him as his character was known.

Aatrox hearing this can't help but smile. "Hey, Naomi. I heard that you also record covers of songs." He said.

"Y-Yes, I like singing a lot, when I sing, I feel all my embarra.s.sment disappear." She says it very quietly.

"That's good! I also recorded some covers, what do you think about us talking more later?" Aatrox asked.

"S-Sure, think we can do something together... sure, if you're interested." She asked.

Aatrox readily agreed. 

"Can I partic.i.p.ate?" Black Kimmy asked.

"Of course! The more people, the better." Aatrox answered her without worrying.

Jackson who was close to them hearing Kimmy ask can't help but ask. "Can I partic.i.p.ate too?"

Aatrox was surprised that he wanted to partic.i.p.ate, since he had such a big channel, but because he was a quiet guy, Aatrox didn't refuse him. 

Naomi was grateful to Kimmy partic.i.p.ate with her, since she would probably faint of shame if she were alone, but now that her friend would also partic.i.p.ate in the conversation after the program, she was more relaxed.

w.i.l.l.y was looking at them talking and also wanted to partic.i.p.ate, so he could advertise his channel on the others' channel. But seeing that everyone was asking Benjamin, he wouldn't leave pride aside to ask him to partic.i.p.ate as well.

When the program went back on air, the camera quickly showed as the 4 influencers laughed a little before separating to sit each in their seats. 

When the spectators saw that, they couldn't help but comment.

[Havenson: Wait a second, is it just me or was the Swordsman laughing with Naomi?]

[ClaudioDouglas: Didn't you see his channel? He also records covers of songs, just like Naomi. Maybe they're planning to record together?]

[Rellik_Snoe: But Jackson and Kimmy were laughing with them, too. It would be nice if the four of them would record something together.]

[daoistlone: Yeess! I'd also love to see Swordsman in a video with Naomi, Jackson and Kimmy.]

[ClayRayne: w.i.l.l.y can stay out, we don't care. LOL]

[Rellik_Snoe: No, I hope they don't even talk to w.i.l.l.y.]

[TarIk: Who are you to criticize my w.i.l.l.y for this stranger? He only recorded one successful video and you already think he's better than w.i.l.l.y? NEVER!]

[hopelessdude: Pathetic, you like this poor guy who only looks like him. He can only dream of one day being as good as my w.i.l.l.y.]

[TriggeredEmperor: Shut up, you w.i.l.l.y garbage fanboys.]

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Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 48: Comment's War

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