Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 5: Memory

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Looking at the strange object in his hand, Aatrox was curious.

Some universes Aatrox visited had technologies thousands of times more advanced than this, but Aatrox always focused on war.

Now, on this planet and with a weak body, Aatrox has begun to study this "cellphone".

As Aatrox put his finger to the screen, a sign appeared for him to drag something. Dragging his finger on the screen it s.h.i.+fted. It had an image of a galaxy he had never visited.

He accidentally clicked on a camera icon. Glancing at the screen he saw a handsome, thin young man. His long black hair covered part of his face as his green eyes reflected the light from the screen.

The nurse was mesmerized looking at Benjamin curiously fiddling with his cell phone. His normally neutral face showed a hint of curiosity as he fiddled with the phone.

'He was 3 years disconnected from the world, it should be a surprise for him to see how much technology has advanced.' She thought.

While he was playing on the phone, Dr. Octavius ​​came into the room for an exam. Seeing that Benjamin was awake he was pleased.

"Good morning Benji, do you remember me?" He says in a quiet voice.

Aatrox took his eyes off his cell phone and looked at the doctor in the lab coat. Searching for Benjamin's memory traces, Aatrox only identified his face as known, but no information beyond that was found. "I'm sorry doctor, I know I know you, but I don't remember where." Aatrox says of course.

"Well, that's normal. We've met a few times. I'm friends with your father, Alex. You used to play with my son, Henry." Said the doctor while filling something in a clipboard and watching Aatrox.

Looking for Henry in Benjamin's memory, Aatrox found a face, but some things were blurred and he couldn't quite remember.

After a series of questions from Dr. Octavius, he left with a smile and went to talk to Alex and Amanda who had just arrived.

"Alex, Amanda, good morning. Benji seems to have lost some of his memories. This is considered normal for people who have been in a coma for a few years. We believe that with certain stimuli your memory, at least the important things will come back over time." Octavius ​​tells the couple outside the room.

"Well Otto, just waking him up is already extremely happy, don't worry. We'll help him remember everything he needs." Alex said with a smile as he hugged his wife Amanda.

"Now about your physique, I'll say I was more impressed than anything." Said Otto.

"As well?" Amanda question worried.

"When Benji first woke up, his body was extremely weak, he could not hold a gla.s.s of water by himself. Today when we took his exams, we saw that he had a 100% improvement in his old state. If was before, he could only exert 10% of the strength of a normal person, today his body can handle about 20%. He is still very weak, but if he keeps up with this steady rate of improvement, I think he could be discharged this week. " Said Otto with a smile.

"That's great! He must have inherited my genes for that kind of thing, you remember how good I was in high school soccer!" Alex says with a proud laugh.

Amanda and Otto look at him remembering that the only game he was not a reserve on the varsity team was a friendly match in which the team only used the reserves.

"Yes, yes, you were great, honey. Come on in, I'm crazy to talk to Benji." Said Amanda.

Entering the room she saw a handsome teenager lying on the bed. With one hand he held the cell phone they brought to him while with the other he took spoons from a hospital porridge.

Seeing more people entering the room Aatrox was curious and turned to look at them. Seeing that they were 'his parents', Aatrox forces a small smile without knowing how to react.

In the two days before Aatrox woke up, he had no time to stop and talk to his parents for a long time. He never had parents in his life, so it was a new feeling for him.

He felt two sets of eyes watching him but couldn't feel even a shred of hostile intent coming from them.

"Are you ok Benji?" Amanda asked after sitting beside him on the bed.

"Yes, I am, mother some things are still confusing to me. But I think it will be all right." Aatrox said an excuse not to remember much.

"It's okay, Otto told us this is normal. He said if you keep improving so fast maybe this week you could be discharged from the hospital." Amanda said as she held Benjamin's hands.

"That's great!" He says with a slight smile.

"Maybe you can even go back to school ..." Amanda said softly but loud enough for Aatrox to hear.

Hearing what she said, Aatrox felt a small part of his soul that he absorbed from Benjamin's despair. 'Don't worry boy, this time will be different!' Aatrox said mentally.

This time it will be Aatrox, the G.o.d-king facing these weak mortals. Even if I only restore a fraction of my power by then, I will make these mortals pay dearly for it.

If this world respects the rich, no problem, I will become richer than anyone in this country. If I, a G.o.d-King, cannot use my millennia of knowledge to subdue some mere mortals, I do not deserve my crown.

"Yes mom, I'm looking forward to it." Said Aatrox with a smile.

Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 5: Memory

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